Chapter 269: Back Again?

“My biggest regret is that I did not have sex with my wives!” Cheng Yu reminisced about his women as he spoke.

“You have wives?” Tian Xue was shocked as she inquired.

“I’m so out of the ordinary, elegant and romantic. How can I not have any wives?” After interacting for so long, if Cheng Yu was still unable to tell that Tian Xue was interested in him, he would truly be an idiot. But he didn’t have much inclination towards her feelings. By telling her this, he wanted her to help her withdraw her feelings for him.

“But you said that you came from the Secular World. Could it be that you are married to a Secular World woman?” When Tian Xue heard that Cheng Yu had a wife, she felt that her world had collapsed. Originally, when she found out Cheng Yu’s address, she was still very excited since she could go to look for him. But she never imagined that Cheng Yu already had a wife at home!

“So what if she’s a Secular World woman?” Cheng Yu voiced out his disagreement.

“But you are a cultivator,” Tian Xue seemed to see a hope in the situation and felt that she still stood a chance.

“So what? Is there a regulation that says that a cultivator can’t marry a Secular World woman?”

“Secular women have a short lifespan. At most, they can only live up to a hundred years. Furthermore, their beauty will age very quickly. How could you possibly attain happiness?” Tian Xue spoke earnestly. Women’s beauty aged very quickly. But it was not the case for women cultivators. Once they entered Golden Core Realm, their beauty would no longer age as all of this was on the basis of their desire. But for secular woman, not only do they age very quickly, their lifespans are also very short. After a couple decades, their scalps will be filled with gray hairs. Cheng Yu would still have his usual elegant young master look. How could they possibly attain happiness?

“You do not need to worry about this. With me around, they will accompany me forever,” How could Cheng Yu not think of such an issue before? It was also because of this that Cheng Yu was putting in so much effort in raising his strength.

“They? What do you mean?” Suddenly, Tian Xue took notice of Cheng Yu’s wording. Could it be that this brat did not have only a single wife?

“I did not say that I only have one wife,” Cheng Yu did not bother to conceal anything and was hinting to her that he was a fickle person. By doing so, it would be easier to make Tian Xue lose her feelings for him.

“You…you…how can you be so fickle-minded?” Although in the Cultivation World, having mistresses wasn’t uncommon, Tian Xue had always been a conservative woman and had always believed in true love.

“It isn’t my fault for being fickle-minded. My wives are all so pretty, so how can I let someone else snatch them? Therefore, I will work harder to improve myself than to let other men take them away,” Cheng Yu spoke righteously.

“There are millions of pretty women in the world. Don’t tell me you want them all?” Tian Xue disapproved of Cheng Yu’s attitude towards romance. Most importantly, wasn’t she pretty? Why didn’t he show her any attention? Could it be that he was looking down on her?

“That’s why I had woken myself up to the reality! I would no longer be moved by other girls. And I would not give up on those I have now. As for those which I have yet to attain, I would not be bothered by them.”

“You…hmph!” Tian Xue was angered. So that was how she got excluded by him!

“For a period of time, I had thought that I’m someone the heavens had bestowed on earth to save those pretty ladies, but later on, I found out that I’m wrong. There’s too many pretty ladies in the world and I alone couldn’t possibly save them all. Therefore, I have no choice but to give up on those who I have yet to get acquainted with. You have to know that when I made this decision, my heart was actually in pain,” Cheng Yu placed his hand on his chest and spoke sorrowfully.

“You…you are just shameless, immoral and scummy! I hate you!” Tian Xue was angered to the point of her body trembling. She stood up and gave Cheng Yu a ruthless kick before running to a corner.

“Aish! Seems like I’m wrong. Being so handsome, eye-catching and attractive, I shouldn’t have made that decision. I can only hope that in my next life, love will no longer be so restrictive. This way, I would not need to hurt so many ladies,” Cheng Yu stared at the drawings on the ceiling, letting out his helplessness in the situation.

“Senior Brother, aren’t the two of you clicking very well? Why is my Senior Sister getting angry again?” At this moment, Tian Xing came over to ask.

“Aish! Tian Xing, me being this kind of eye-catching person, there’s a lot of suffering that you don’t know of. For you to have grown like this, I can only say that it’s one of the most successful things you have ever achieved in life. Being able to dodge so much suffering!” Cheng Yu stared at the drawings on the ceiling blankly. Suddenly, his eyes brightened up as if he had noticed something. He sat up, patting Tian Xing’s shoulder as he spoke regretfully.

“…” Black lines appeared on Tian Xing’s forehead. He looked at Cheng Yu walking towards the altar and was able to understand the underlying meaning behind Cheng Yu’s words. He rubbed his face, could it be that his appearance is that ugly?

“Oi! Senior Brother, what do you mean?” Tian Xing was still unable to believe the meaning behind it. He followed behind Cheng Yu as he shouted.

“Wait until you have grown older and you will understand,” Cheng Yu did not have the mood to continue talking nonsense with him. Firstly, he circled around the side palace once, as if he was counting something. After that, he counted the drawings before taking out the Blue-Heart key and inserting it into the keyhole in the middle. The drawings on the altar lit up. But if one were to inspect it closely, there were five different areas within the drawings: north, south, east, west and central. And in every area, there was a core. But outside of this core, it was surrounded with thirteen different weird symbols.

The other drawings lit up, but the thirteen symbols outside of the five cores were still not lit. Cheng Yu felt that the secret to this passage lied on these thirteen symbols. Cheng Yu counted all the decorations and goods in the palace. The only thing he could find that was related to these thirteen symbols were the thirteen blue spiritual lamps on the wall. Therefore, Cheng Yu speculated that these thirteen symbols symbolized the thirteen small lamps. Cheng Yu flew towards one of the small lamps. He touched the lamp’s body before turning it. The lamp turned 180 degrees before coming to a stop. It was at this moment that one of the symbols actually lit up. However, Cheng Yu didn’t manage to see it because the drawings’ radiance had covered up the symbol’s radiance.

However, Cheng Yu did not bother to see any changes to the symbols, but continued to turn all the other small lamps. Tian Xue and Tian Xing had already taken notice of Cheng Yu’s actions. When they saw his strange actions, they turned even more confused. Just when Cheng Yu had finished turning all the small laps, the thirteen symbols at the bottom core had all lit up.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” It was at this moment that the eight passages closed leaving behind the rightmost passage open.

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“It’s that!” Cheng Yu was delighted by the change in the situation. With a flip, he returned to the altar. He finally saw the bottom thirteen symbols had all lit up.

“Senior Brother, is this the passage to the treasury? It’s truly mystical. How did you discover it?” Tian Xing reacted as he spoke in joy.

“Be more observant, learn to analyze and be less gossipy. By then, you will be able to achieve what I just did,” Cheng Yu glanced at Tian Xing in disdain as he spoke.

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“Heh heh…” Tian Xing laughed nervously without speaking any longer.

“Let’s go!” Cheng Yu looked at Tian Xue and noticed her eyes were red and puffy, making it seem like she had just cried. Cheng Yu sighed in his heart, but he didn’t say anything about it. Once she had gotten over it, it would be fine. In any case, his days in the Cultivation World were numbered. Once a period of time had passed, she would gradually forget about him. Cheng Yu drew them into the Mountain River Diagram. Once again, he controlled the Jewel Cauldron, charging into the last passage.

Inside the Mountain River Diagram, the mood was filled with awkwardness. No one talked. Tian Xing looked at the both of them and was unsure of what to say!

“I say…”

“Shut up!”

“Shut up!” Tian Xing had just opened his mouth as Cheng Yu and Tian Xue yelled at him at the same time.

“Er…” Tian Xing was speechless. The two of them were truly well coordinated. No matter how he saw it, they looked like a couple. But in reality, they were not. Without a choice, he chose to just shut his mouth. Although Cheng Yu was fixing his gaze at the situation happening along the passage, his heart was actually filled with confusion. If it was in the past, as long as it was a pretty lady, Cheng Yu would never refuse their feelings. But when he had parted with the few women to come to the Cultivation World, the reluctance the women had caused him to feel guilty towards them. None of them knew of each other’s existence and Cheng Yu had no idea how to handle such a matter. He only knew that no matter what happened, he mustn’t hurt them. With that in mind, how could he possibly dare to accept anyone he sees? Wouldn’t he be betraying the trust the women had in him?

After interacting with Tian Xue for so long, the two of them would quarrel and fight occasionally. They had started to develop feelings for each other. In addition, Cheng Yu was born as a fickle-minded person. For him to give up on a pretty lady was actually a hard decision for him.

“Ex…” An hour later, Tian Xing spotted the exit. Just when he was about to cry out in excitement, he seemed to have thought of something as he covered his mouth with both his hands and stared at his companions. The Jewel Cauldron sped up flying towards the exit. The trio came out from the Jewel Cauldron, they were dumbstruck by the situation again.

“Senior Brother, we seem to have returned!” Seeing the similar palace, Tian Xing was utterly disappointed. Originally, he was about to welcome the treasures with both his hands, but unexpectedly they returned to their starting point. Could they really not find their way out?

“Shouldn’t be. This should be the second palace,” At the start, Cheng Yu was also doubtful. But when he saw the drawings above him, an idea came into his mind. There should be at least five similar palaces.

“Really? But from what I see, this is exactly the same as the palace we came from!” Tian Xing was still unconvinced. He had yet to spot the differences between the current and the previous palace. At least to the him, they both looked the same.

“As to whether they are similar or not, once we try it out, wouldn’t we know?” Cheng Yu walked towards the altar in the middle. Looking at how the drawings on the altar were still the same, Cheng Yu was stuck in a dilemma. If his speculation was right, then the symbols that lit up this time shouldn’t be the same.

Cheng Yu was also very nervous as he inserted the Blue-Heart key into the keyhole in the middle. He was also afraid that he had returned to the starting point. If the symbol that lit up were to be the same, Cheng Yu had no idea if he would still had the confidence to face the upcoming test. When the Blue-Heart key was inserted into the keyhole, the drawings on the altar lit up. Only the thirteen symbols outside of the five areas were not.

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