Chapter 268: Biggest Regret?

Inside a strange passage, a big cauldron was still flying continuously.

“Senior Sister, now that we have gotten rid of all those monkeys, there shouldn’t be anymore appearing in half an hour, right?” Tian Xing looked at Cheng Yu sitting at the side recovering, he questioned Tian Xue worriedly. Although he didn’t join the battle, after witnessing so many Golden Core Realm demonic beasts, he could feel his scalp getting numb. If it wasn’t because of the destructiveness in Cheng Yu’s strength, they would have long turned into dregs.

“Not sure. Hopefully Cheng Yu is correct. In another half an hour, we should be able to see the exit. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to handle so many of those demonic beasts,” Tian Xue glanced at Cheng Yu as she spoke. Although Cheng Yu was very strong, his ultimate move couldn’t be utilized repeatedly. Furthermore, if there was still another wave, it would 50 of them. Thinking about it could already caused them to feel their blood turning cold. They could only hope for Cheng Yu to recover earlier.

“Must be exit! Not demonic beast! Must be exit! Not demonic beast!” As the time continued ticking, Tian Xing stared at the passage ahead of him attentively while his mouth continued to chant. Tian Xue felt the situation was very funny. If this would work, would they still need to wait until now? They would have exited. At this current moment, she was also very nervous. She stared at the passage attentively, hoping that there would really be an exit and not anymore demonic beasts.

“Look! Light! Exit! It’s the exit! It’s really the exit!” Suddenly, the nervousness in Tian Xing’s eyes disappeared as he pointed at the light ahead in delight.

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“Shh…!” Tian Xue placed her finger on her mouth, hissing softly. She pointed at Cheng Yu, indicating not to disturb his rest. Since the exit had appeared, it meant that they were no longer in danger. It was better for them to not disturb Cheng Yu while he was recuperating. Tian Xing reacted by nodding his head as he covered his mouth. Looking at the exit getting bigger, he got more excited. While in his heart, his admiration of Cheng Yu grew even greater. If it wasn’t because Cheng Yu was able to point out the strangeness promptly, if they were to continue until there were hundreds of demonic beasts, even if there was Cheng Yu, they would not have any chance of success.

“Ah! Ramming, ramming! It’s gonna ram into the wall!” They had only thought of allowing Cheng Yu to recover his strength and had forgotten that the Jewel Cauldron was still under Cheng Yu’s control. Seeing the Jewel Cauldron had already exited, with the big altar appearing before them, Tian Xing immediately started shouting anxiously. Just when Tian Xing had covered both his eyes as the cauldron was about to ram into the altar, the Jewel Cauldron came to a stop.

“Alright. Let’s head out!” Tian Xing waited for awhile and felt that there was no impact, so he lowered his head. He saw Cheng Yu walking over as he patted his head.

“Heh heh! Senior Brother, your have woken up. We almost ran into the altar,” Tian Xing heaved a sigh of relief as he rubbed his head and smiled. He followed Cheng Yu and exited from the Jewel Cauldron.

“Senior Sister, luck doesn’t seem to be in our favor. Seems like we have to fly for another round,” When the trio exited from the Jewel Cauldron, they saw that they had arrived before the side palace again, so Tian Xing voiced out his helplessness.

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple. Look, what’s that?” Cheng Yu pointed at the passage behind him and said.

“What, what? Isn’t that the passage we came from?” Tian Xing spoke in confusion. He couldn’t understand what Cheng Yu was implying. Tian Xue also glanced at Cheng Yu in confusion.

“Do you still remember which passage we chose in our first attempt?” Cheng Yu spoke nonchalantly. As expected, the passages were not that simple.

“Ah? Isn’t that the passage we entered the first time? Why did we exited from there? That’s to say these passages aren’t one for entering and one for exiting?” Tian Xing looked at the position. It was the middle passage!

“Seems like we are in trouble,” Cheng Yu felt that the situation was giving him a headache. This was truly too complicated.

“Then what should we do now? We no longer move from here? But this way, we wouldn’t be able to get out!” Tian Xing commented gloomily.

“Not sure. From the experience we have gotten, these passages could be an entrance or an exit. That’s to say we will have to go through everyone of them,” Cheng Yu narrated.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s start! Now that we went through two of them, even if our luck was at the bottom, at most we can just go through the other seven. My god! If we have to use four to five hours for every passage, then just by continuously entering all the passages, we would need at least three days!” Tian Xing counted with his fingers, feeling that he was about to turn mad.

“Hehe! I’m just afraid that even if we pass all the passages, we still haven’t located the correct passage,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Senior Brother. What time is it? Why are you still joking? Quickly think of an idea!” Tian Xing felt that he could no longer tolerate Cheng Yu’s joke. The situation had already turned dire and Cheng Yu still seemed so nonchalant about the situation.

“What kind of solution can I have? If I have a solution, I would have already implemented it. Would I still wait until now?” It wasn’t because Cheng Yu didn’t pay any heed to it, but because he truly couldn’t find a solution to it. Besides, his laughter wasn’t a joking laughter, but a bitter smile.

“This palace master is also a pervert. Isn’t he looking for someone to carry on his inheritance? Why must he make it so complicated? After much difficulty we managed to enter and he still made things so complicated. Such a brute!” When Tian Xing thought of the person who designed this palace, he got angry.

“Alright. Stop grumbling about this pointless matter. Since we don’t have a solution, we can only continue with our previous method! Perhaps, if our luck is good, we might be able to find the real exit this time?” Cheng Yu patted Tian Xing’s head. After that, he walked into another passage. An hour later, demonic beasts appeared within the passage. There were merely three. With the previous experiences, Cheng Yu went out to eliminate them. As expected, after an hour, they discovered the exit.

“Senior Brother, you are truly brilliant and powerful. The secret was actually deciphered by you. Truly admirable,” With only two hours, they managed to spot the exit. The gloominess in Tian Xing was immediately swept away as he started to bootlick.

“Stop bootlicking. Even so, we still need to continue for another 12 hours,” Cheng Yu smiled. This passage had only spent two hours of their time. Because of this, Cheng Yu’s mood had gotten a lot better. Although there wasn’t any better ideas, at least they had eliminated half of their original time estimate.

“Could our luck really be that bad? To the point of having to go through every passage once?” When they exited to the side palace, the trio had gotten somewhat disappointed. Cheng Yu no longer exited from the Jewel Cauldron, but chose another passage before flying in. Just like that, the trio had flown for another 10 hours, entering and exiting from another five passages.

“Senior Brother, do you think this last passage is the real passage to the treasury?” Looking at the last passage, even Tian Xing started to doubt if this passage could really lead them to the treasury.

“Since we have already reached this point, no matter what, we still have to finish going through this last passage,” Cheng Yu held on to the last hope he had as he flew into the passage.

“Exit! Exit! Senior Brother, can you guess if we are able to go out from this exit?” After two hours, the exit of the passage gradually got bigger. Tian Xing heightened up his spirit, placing all his hope on the exit before them. The Jewel Cauldron flew at lightning speed, flying towards the exit.

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“Senior Brother, at this very moment, what are your thoughts?” The trio exited from the cauldron. Tian Xing surveyed his surroundings before speaking to Cheng Yu.

“What about you?” Cheng Yu replied serenely.

“If the palace master was still alive, I would definitely p*ss on his head!” Tian Xing spoke with tranquility. From his tone, no one was able to tell his current mood.

“Then I can only sh*t on his head,” Cheng Yu also commented.

“Can you two not be so disgusting? What should we do now?” Tian Xue looked at them with disdain.

“What should we do? No idea!” Cheng Yu relaxed as he laid down on the ground. He truly couldn’t think of any ideas. Although he had already guessed of this conclusion, for it to truly happen, he was willing to accept this fact.

“We still can’t give up. Unless you really want to wait for your death here?” Tian Xue kicked at Cheng Yu a few times.

“I’m afraid we can only do that.”

“You wish to die, but I don’t! I still need to search for the god water to save my mother!” Tian Xue grumbled as she sat beside Cheng Yu. As for Tian Xing, he ran to a remote corner laying down tactfully.

“Don’t bother thinking about it. We’re about to die and you still want to search for the god knows what god’s water?” Cheng Yu spoke dispiritedly. Looking at the drawings on the ceiling, they were exactly similar to the drawings on the altar, so Cheng Yu started to have his suspicion. Why do these few palaces love to draw such things on the ceiling?

“Bah! Bah! Bah! Can’t you say something nicer? If you are to die, who’s going to take care of me?” Tian Xue kicked Cheng Yu’s body once more.

“Don’t! Pay attention to your phrasing. What if I were to die, who’s going to take care of you? We are not related in any way. What does my death have to do with you?” Cheng Yu stared at the drawings on the ceiling as he spoke to Tian Xue.

“What…what not related! If you are to die here, how am I supposed to get out?” Tian Xue’s face reddened as she felt the ambiguity in her words.

“I’m about to die, why should I care about you? In any case, your life was saved by me,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“I don’t want to die with you. If you want to die, I have no right to interfere, but you have to wait until I have exited before dying!”

Cheng Yu laughed before saying, ”If you can exit, why would I still want to die?”

What exactly is inside this woman’s brain? They are all tied together with a rope. Now that their main strength was about to die, she still wanted to survive?

“Hmph! I’m too lazy to care about you,” Tian Xue turned her body away as she harrumphed. Suddenly, it was as if she thought of something, so she turned her body back as she patted Cheng Yu’s body, ”Oi, if we are to really die here, what’s your biggest regret?”

“Biggest regret is that I didn’t have s*x with my wives!” Cheng Yu recalled the numerous opportunities he had in tasting his women, but he still chose not to make a move. Now that he didn’t even manage to leave behind a small Cheng Yu, it’s truly a regret!

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