Chapter 267: An Inevitable Battle

“Demonic beasts! Quickly look! So many demonic beasts!” Just when Tian Xing wanted to inquire more about the Secular World from Cheng Yu, large amounts of demonic beasts appeared within the passage!

“Why would there be so many demonic beasts?” Cheng Yu voiced out his astonishment.

“Can we even ram our way through so many of them?” Tian Xue was also very surprised.

“Shouldn’t be a problem. I just feel that there’s something weird about this situation,” Cheng Yu looked at the demonic beasts and said.

“What’s weird?” Tian Xue questioned.

“Currently, I am not sure as well. Let’s charge forward first,” Cheng Yu recited a chant causing the Jewel Cauldron to issue a dazzling radiance as it charged towards the group of monkeys. A lot of monkeys were all knocked flying. A series of screams was heard. However, a few of the monkeys had actually held onto the cauldron and attached themselves on it.

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“Pow! Pow! Pow!” Those monkeys that had attached themselves onto the cauldron started to smash the cauldron. When Cheng Yu saw the situation, he hastily released his Purple Light Sword and brandishing it on those monkeys. Ultimately, he managed to fan away all of the monkeys, leaving them behind as they rapidly smacked their chest in fury.

“Heh heh! Senior Brother is still the best. Such a method is a lot more relaxing. Otherwise, with so many demonic beasts, I wonder how long we are going to take to eliminate them all,” Tian Xing laughed.

“If I’m not wrong, there should be even more demonic beasts waiting for us at the front,” Cheng Yu spoke solemnly.

“So what! In any case, with Senior Brother around, we can just charge forward,” Tian Xing voiced out disapprovingly. With such a powerful tortoise shell protecting them, as well as Cheng Yu’s strength, he felt that all this was just a child’s play.

“Don’t you feel that the situation is very weird?” Cheng Yu said.

“What?” Tian Xing commented puzzledly.

“According to the time, we had already travelled for three hours. We should have long exited, but now, not only aren’t we out, demonic beasts keep on coming at us in waves. Furthermore, their numbers keep on increasing,” Cheng Yu spoke serenely.

“So you are trying to say the reason we haven’t reach the exit is because it’s related to those demonic beasts?” Hearing Cheng Yu’s words, Tian Xue seemed to have understood what he was trying to say.

“Very likely. Do you still remember the sentence you said before? These obstructions were a test for the person getting the inheritance. I feel that what you said is very reasonable. If they are really meant to test us, then we mustn’t use such a cheap trick and need to fight against them. Otherwise, the test that will come for us will only get harder,” Cheng Yu frowned as he analyzed.

“It can’t be, right?” Tian Xing was no longer as relaxed as he was. Charging their way through tens of demonic beasts was easy, but killing them was another kind of challenge.

“In these three hours, we experienced three different waves of demonic beasts. If my speculation is correct, the fourth hour should be the arrival of the fourth wave. Furthermore, the amount of demonic beasts will increase,” Cheng Yu spoke.

“Senior Brother, since you already know this, why did you still choose to charge through just now and not kill them? If it’s like what you just said, then the fourth wave will have 40 or more demonic beasts. Aren’t we just seeking our own deaths?” Tian Xing could not understand Cheng Yu’s action.

“Because I am not sure either. Therefore, this upcoming wave will be used to verify if my conjecture is correct or not. If it’s like that, then we will have to kill all of them in the upcoming wave,” Cheng Yu was not as nervous as they expected him to be. 40 or more Golden Core initial stage demonic beasts. Truly a good challenge for him.

The trio no longer spoke, especially Tian Xing and Tian Xue. They had gotten a lot more tense as they kept on staring at the passage. Meanwhile, the Jewel Cauldron continued to maneuver its way through the passage and time continued to tick on.

“Senior Brother, demonic beasts! Demonic beasts have really appeared!” An hour later, Tian Xing shouted.

“Seems like my conjecture is right. We need to get rid of these beasts before we can exit,” Sensing 40 monkeys appearing before them, Cheng Yu spit away the grass in his mouth as he quickly changed the art he was using. The whole Jewel Cauldron started to release another kind of radiance as it charged towards those demonic beasts.

“Senior Brother, didn’t you say to eliminate them? Why are we charging our way through?” Tian Xing felt that situation wasn’t as what he had expected to be.

“So many of them, how am I supposed to kill them? Of course I need to separate them first,” Cheng Yu said ill-manneredly. “This brat truly takes me as invincible. Going face to face with 40 Golden Core Realm beasts, isn’t this seeking death?”

After the cauldron got bigger, it charged its way towards the monkeys. Although it didn’t manage to kill any of them, it was able to separate them, preventing them from encircling the trio. Meanwhile, Cheng Yu didn’t stop, but continued to manipulate the Jewel Cauldron to continue banging those monkeys causing many of them to sustain injuries. Because the Jewel Cauldron had gotten bigger, it was a lot easier to bang into the monkeys. So, the more he hit the monkeys, the more monkeys began to attach themselves to the cauldron.

“You two stay here. I will exit first!” Cheng Yu saw that the ramming no longer had that much effect, so he knew it was about time for him to make his move. After telling them, he flew out from the Jewel Cauldron alone. The moment Cheng Yu appeared, the monkeys immediately found their target. They started to abandon attacking the Jewel Cauldron and instead surrounded Cheng Yu.

“Purple Light Thousand Heavy Waves!” After much difficulty had Cheng Yu finally managed to break them apart. How could he possibly let them group up again? After a shout, he charged forward in one direction. Cheng Yu’s move instantly sent a few of the monkeys flying. He immediately called Huo Yu out before attacking those monkeys that were injured by him. It had been a long time since Huo Yu had entered its battle state. Now that it had a chance to fight, it became very excited. Although its body was chubby, like a penguin, its speed wasn’t slow. He fanned its wings, as he shot himself into the battle.

“Pu! Pu! Pu!” Huo Yu flew towards those few monkeys that were injured by Cheng Yu. Shooting out a few fireballs, the monkeys instantly changed into lumps of spiritual Qi. The moment Huo Yu got into battle, it had eliminated a few of the monkeys. It got very complacent as it screeched out a few times as if it was trying to flaunt at Cheng Yu. Seeing more and more monkeys had gotten closer to him, Cheng Yu continued to disperse them. While Huo Yu continued to fan its huge wings, forming a tornado that went towards the monkeys. It allowed the pressure on Cheng Yu to lessen by a lot.

However, because of the large amount of monkeys, Cheng Yu needed to pay attention to not letting them surround him as well as their attacks. Momentarily, his destructiveness had been reduced by a lot. The more he fought, the more he needed to defend. At this moment, Tian Xue suddenly charged out from the Jewel Cauldron. When she saw Cheng Yu was fighting alone outside and the pressure on him kept on getting bigger and bigger, she could no longer hold back. Tian Xue’s emergence attracted a few of the monkeys’ attention. Around five of them immediately abandoned their current target and started encircling Tian Xue.

Two humans and a demon pet were all in the Golden Core initial stage. But their strengths were all substantially different. Without a need to explain, Cheng Yu’s strength was comparable to Golden Core late stage while Huo Yu, because it was Cheng Yu’s demonic pet, its strength was not any worse than Golden Core middle stage. Tian Xue not only had just advanced into Golden Core Realm not long ago, but her strength was only comparable to an ordinary Golden Core initial stage cultivator. Facing five Golden Core initial stage monkeys, the pressure on her was multiplied by numerous times, making it extremely stressful. Fortunately, Cheng Yu had given her a Seven-Colored Feather Cloth soul artifact. After advancing into Golden Core Realm, Tian Xue had refined it numerous times. Her compatibility with her soul artifact had also increased by numerous times, making it easy for her to control it.

Although Tian Xue seemed to be in the passive side as she kept on defending, with the help of the Seven-Colored Feather Cloth, her body was covered in seven different radiances, allowing her to be able to forcefully withstand the attacks from the monkeys. However, it seemed like she wouldn’t be able to last for a long period of time. With Tian Xue emerging, the pressure on Cheng Yu had alleviated by multiple times. After eliminating six of the monkeys at the start, Huo Yu had brought away another ten monkeys, so Cheng Yu alone was fighting against 24 of them. The pressure on him was not describable. Other than the start, he was unable to initiate any attacks. Even with Tian Xue’s help, the amount of monkeys Cheng Yu was facing had gone down, but there were more than twenty. Finally, he was able to actively attack.

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“Purple Light Thousand Heavy Waves!” Cheng Yu yelled. With a rotation, the sword reflection turned into a loop as it slashed towards the monkeys destructively. The monkeys encircling him were pushed back, allowing Cheng Yu to catch his breath. He flew up and circulated his Qi. Three Golden Cores appeared above his head, emitting an intense golden radiance.

“Nine Dragons Breaking The Seas!” Cheng Yu yelled once again. Nine dragon reflections charged out from Cheng Yu’s body, flying out in nine different directions.

“Howl! Howl! Howl!” The nine dragon roars were extremely domineering. In this narrow passage, it further enhanced its intimidation as the roar echoed back. Similarly, it was a living object manifested from the Arts of Derivation from All Living Things. But Cheng Yu’s nine dragon images were a lot more formidable and domineering. The aura emitted from it was a lot more valiant. After all, the nine dragons were formed from the condensation of a large amount of Qi while these monkeys were formed using small lumps of spiritual Qi. Among the intense explosions were miserable shrieks from the monkeys. Cheng Yu made full use of the opportunity and attacked. He slashed his sword towards those injured monkeys.

The few monkeys that had encircled Cheng Yu were all eliminated, leaving behind 10 and five that Huo Yu and Tian Xue were fighting. Cheng Yu looked towards Tian Xue. He saw her being forced to retreat by the monkeys while Huo Yu was using fireballs or wings to attack and defend. So, with a blink, he arrived before Tian Xue and assisted her in eliminating the five monkeys. Ultimately leaving behind the few from Huo Yu, it made the situation a lot more relaxed.

Although the Nine Dragons Breaking The Seas wasn’t as formidable as when Cheng Yu was fighting against the dozen Golden Core cultivators, it still consumed a large amount of his Qi. In addition, he had to eliminate the 20 injured monkeys and the five from Tian Xue’s side.

The current him no longer had that much Qi left. Fortunately, there was still Huo Yu around. Momentarily, it was Huo Yu’s turn to become their main attacker. After much effort, the two humans and one demonic beast had finally managed to eliminate all the monkeys. All of them returned to the Mountain River Diagram panting as they rested.

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