Chapter 266: You Come from the Secular World?

With several monkeys in front blocking their way, Cheng Yu had no time to be bothered with them as he operated the Jewel Cauldron to ram its way through. Without a doubt, the few monkeys were all knocked back, but they didn’t die. They looked at the faraway Jewel Cauldron as they smacked their own chests in fury before chasing after it.

“Heh heh! Senior Brother, look at how unresigned these few monkeys are,” Tian Xing looked at the few monkeys chasing after them frantically as he laughed.

“Hehe! If they want to, let them chase. As if they can chase after us,” Cheng Yu turned around to take a look. Seeing the distance between the monkeys and them getting further and further away, he scoffed.

“Senior Brother, why are these demonic beasts so weird? Why would they know how to separate their main torso with their physique? Such things are quite freakish,” Tian Xing recalled the battle he had with those few leopards and no matter how much he tried to comprehend, he still couldn’t understand how such a bizarre thing could happen.

“The world is very vast. There’s nothing that is impossible. There’s lots of things we have yet to see. But it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist just because we haven’t thought of it,” If it wasn’t because Cheng Yu had lived in the Secular World for so long, he wouldn’t have known that the mortals had actually invented something that could fly people up to the sky. Although he could also travel in the skies, compared to the airplanes that humans had invented, it still caused him to be astonished. These mortals might not possess powerful bodies, but they had actually invented something that was able to destroy a city in an instant. If Cheng Yu wanted to achieve such means, he needed to at least reach the Spirit Severing Realm. This was sufficient to tell that although they were mortals, their destructiveness might not be any weaker than cultivators.

“Right! But Senior Brother, aren’t you also very weird? I never once heard of anyone possessing three golden cores, but you do. Senior Brother, I believe that with the accomplishments you achieved here, once you exit, you will definitely become a renowned figure,” Tian Xing thought of Cheng Yu’s three golden cores, he voiced out his envy.

“You wish to become a renowned figure?” Cheng Yu laughed. If possible, he truly did not wish to become renowned as it would only bring him countless troubles. Especially from Kunlun. Once they knew that he had grown stronger, the people they sent after him would only get stronger as well. To him, this wasn’t good. Although he could be said to be unrivalled in Golden Core Realm, there were still a lot of other experts in the world. Nascent Soul Realm, Spirit Severing Realm, Unification Realm and more. All of these experts weren’t people he could contend with.

“Heh heh! Of course. It’s a glorious thing to be able to be acknowledged by others in the Cultivation World. Who wouldn’t wish for that?” Tian Xing giggled.

“Then you will have to cultivate earnestly. One day, you will achieve what you deserve,” Cheng Yu smiled. The Cultivation World had always respected the strong. The stronger you were, the more respectful people were to you. If you were weak, others would just look down on you. Therefore, for Tian Xing to have such a mindset, Cheng Yu didn’t feel anything wrong about it. Cheng Yu didn’t like to be flamboyant. As long as he knew he was strong, it was enough. If others were to bully him, they would be looking for death. If others were not to look for him for trouble, he would be more than happy as he would bring his few wives to cultivate, promoting their strength, and achieving immortality. This was what he was truly seeking. Otherwise, what use was there for them to cultivate if they were to ultimately be turned into a pile of bones?

At this moment, another group of monkeys appeared in front of them. The Jewel Cauldron crashed into them and produced collision sounds.

“How come there’s another batch of monkeys?” Cheng Yu was surprised. In the previous passage they went through, there were only three of demonic beasts. No other group had appeared.

“What’s wrong with it? Such a long passage, it’s not weird to have a few more obstacles blocking us. Otherwise, what’s the point of having so many passages?” Tian Xue said disapprovingly. Cheng Yu felt that it seemed quite reasonable. He increased his speed, rushing his way through as he fled. He allowed those monkeys to howl in fury as they chased after them.

“Senior Brother, after we have exited Death Forest, where will you be heading?” Tian Xing enquired.

“I will return home,” Cheng Yu had long gotten impatient. In his previous life, he had always been alone. Now that he had transmigrated to this world, not only did he have relatives, there were also lovers. Now that he had gotten something to be concerned about, it caused him to become reluctant to part with them.

“Senior Brother, where do you stay? In the future, after we have completed our mission, can we go and look for you?” Tian Xing laughed. Hearing the question, Tian Xue looked at Cheng Yu expectantly. Cheng Yu was too mysterious. She was truly curious about his identity and family. Furthermore, there was another important question. Up to this point, Cheng Yu had hardly talked about himself and wasn’t willing to share with them. Other than knowing his name, it could be said that they knew nothing of him. Once they accomplished their mission, they would part ways. If Tian Xue wished to look for him, it would be impossible.

“Actually, I’m not from the Cultivation World,” Seeing their expecting looks, Cheng Yu felt that he should come clean with them. Besides, even Kunlun, his biggest enemy also knew of his identity. As his friends, he should at least tell them.

“What? Not from the Cultivation World? Then where are you from?” Tian Xing questioned.

“Could it be that you are from the Secular World?” Tian Xue voiced out her realization.

“That’s right. If you wish to look for me, you can come over to Yunhai City in the Secular World to look for me,” Cheng Yu nodded.

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“Senior Brother, you are truly from the Secular World? But…but you are so strong. Could it be that there’s actually a powerful sect that was established in the Secular World?” Tian Xing commented. Although he knew of the Secular World, he had not thought much of it. To them, the Secular World was a place those weak mortals lived. If even a spot where the mortals lived had given birth to Cheng Yu, such a powerful being, could it be that the current Secular World had someone who had reached the Immortal Realm?

“Nope. In fact, I have another identity. Limitless Palace Disciple,” Cheng Yu didn’t wish to tell them that he was a loose cultivator. If they knew that he had started cultivating alone, it would sound too ridiculous to them. So, he could only tell them his other identity.

“Limitless Palace? The secluded sect, Limitless Palace?” Tian Xing widened his eyes.


“Senior Brother, you aren’t teasing us, are you! Previously, you are still questioning me about the secluded sect’s matters. Furthermore, you also said that you are from the Secular World. How did you become Limitless Palace disciple?” Tian Xing was doubtful of Cheng Yu’s words. They simply contradicted each other.

“What’s so strange about it? Although Limitless Palace secluded themselves from the world, it doesn’t mean that they no longer move around in the Cultivation World. They still need disciples to join them. Otherwise, how are they going to pass on their inheritance? A Limitless Palace elder once travelled to the Secular World. He was surprised by my bone structure and high aptitude. So, he accepted me as his disciple,” Cheng Yu casually narrated. Previously, he had also said the same story in the Secular World. Now that it had become true, he narrated the story even more boldly and confidently.

“Really?” Tian Xing was still unconvinced.

“Of course. The reason why I asked you last time was because I might be a Limitless Palace disciple, but I had never once been to the Cultivation World. Therefore, it was natural for me not to understand such things. You see, isn’t this a proof of my identity?” Cheng Yu took out the jade token the old man had given him.

“It’s really Limitless Palace! Senior Brother, you are too awesome. No wonder you are so powerful. Thinking about it, it’s seems right. If it wasn’t for Limitless Palace being such a strong sect, how could it possible produce such a powerful figure like Senior Brother,” Tian Xing held onto the jade token. Although he had not seen a Limitless Palace token before, he felt that the one before him was real. Limitless Palace was the top righteous sect. Although they had already secluded themselves, this was still something everyone acknowledged. To everyone, Limitless Palace was like a mystery. Now that a Limitless Palace disciple appeared before them and he was so powerful, how could they not be excited?

“Making a fuss about nothing. Can you have some backbone? If you wish to become stronger, it does not matter which sect you come from, but it depends on your effort,” Cheng Yu spoke. Limitless Palace was a mask to conceal Cheng Yu’s true identity. In the whole Limitless Palace, he only knew of the old man. Basically, there were no sentimental feelings that attached him to Limitless Palace and he had never once felt glory in being a person from Limitless Palace. At most, it was just an additional layer of concealment he could use to cover himself. In the future, if he were to kill others, he would just use Limitless Palace to shoulder his punishment.

All of a sudden, the Jewel Cauldron seemed to have bumped into something. Cheng Yu looked outside, ”Why are there more of them? Furthermore, it’s ten of them? We have travelled for about three hours, right? According to our experience, we should reach the end soon, right?”

“Who knows? Perhaps, the length of the passages might not be the same,” Now that Tian Xue knew of Cheng Yu’s identity, thinking of how she was about to look for him in the future, her mood brightened up by a lot.

“Senior Brother, don’t be so anxious. How about telling me more about the Secular World? Are there anyone else who cultivates there? Are there any places fun out there?” Tian Xing was no longer anxious. In any case, after flying for so long, he had gotten bored.

“There aren’t any cultivators there. Kunlun and Shushan Sect do have some disciples in the Secular World.”

“En. I knew of this. Isn’t the spiritual Qi there very thin? Why is Senior Brother still staying there? Is that place a lot better than the Cultivation World?” Tian Xing enquired curiously.

“Of course. If you wish to know more, just head there in the future. I’m afraid you would no longer want to return to the Cultivation World by then!” Cheng Yu laughed. The Cultivation World did not have much restriction. If you wish to kill, you kill. The strong had always enjoyed such a world. Although the Secular World had a lot of restrictions, they treated each other equally. In short, they made it so that even the weak were able to survive and not get killed by the strong.

“Really? Hearing what Senior Brother said, I am truly looking forward to it. When the time comes, I will certainly head to the Secular World to look for you,” Tian Xing laughed.

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“How come I would suddenly have such a bad premonition?” Cheng Yu suddenly had goosebumps when he heard Tian Xing’s question. He couldn’t help but feel that something didn’t seem right.

“What’s wrong?” Tian Xue questioned.

“According to our current speed, after three hours have passed, we should have exited. In the previous passage, we had walked for a few hours before using the Jewel Cauldron. Adding them up, it should be around three hours,” Cheng Yu voiced out his confusion.

“Look! Demonic beasts! And there’s so many of them!” Suddenly, Tian Xing pointed to the back and cried.

“How come there’s so many?” Sensing there were also many demonic beasts in front of them, Cheng Yu cried out in surprise.

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