SIDE: Monica’s Story 1

*Various revelations in Monica’s POV

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Before I run out of time, let me talk a bit of my story.

It kind of weird to say, “Nice to meet you” but, oh well, nice to meet you.

My name is Monica. Monica Eisler. However, this name is not in the records of that magical school. For six years, I used a different surname. As expected, the academy director and the higher-ups found out my secret, but I haven’t told my best friend Meryl my real name, even though she was my roommate for six years. Even if she is my best friend, I was heartless.

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Even if I mention Eisler family, most people will tilt their head in confusion. Only a few people . . . Well, I think Kralvane-senpai probably is one of “those who knew”. We are not nobles, nor have we gotten any outstanding achievements.

The “Eisler family”—though we are more of an “organization” than a family—are spies under the direct control of the royal family.

In fact, even though I usually call them “father” and “mother”, I am not related to them. I was an orphan, and it just so happened that I am suited for such ability, so that’s how I became an Eisler. I tried searching for my real parents once but I don’t what their names are. My tough “bosses” are my current father and mother, and that is quite adequate.

The story diverted. I did not hide other things other than my name, as the targets of my investigation and surveillance are principally the nobility and the notable magicians. That is because they are a threat to the royal family. I was really lucky that I was able to enter the academy. But thanks to the workload imposed on me, I fattened myself up to make young people talk easily. Thinking about it now, my hard work are rewarded. Meryl is a very nice girl and those six years were irreplaceable to me.

…..Well, I can say that deceiving her for six years is a compensation, since I have been acting for her sake. The result was not totally useless, and even for me, the details were very surprising.

The Klassen Family, a noble family who possessed lands located near the capital, was conferred with a dukedom. Living up to their family name, they were well-known for being excellent bureaucrats. They obtained Her Majesty’s trust, and of course, we from the Eisler family were monitoring them “just in case”, so no problem had arisen. That’s why I completely missed it.

Although this retired Duke is supposed to “really have four sons”, it was publicized that he has “three sons”. The fourth son, who did not appear on the evening party of his debut, did not pass away nor was disowned but rather, lived as a commoner on his own territory.

More than anything, who would have thought that “the son-in-law of Foster family” who lived with commoners for more than twenty years is actually the fourth son of the duke? Right?

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