“Ah~  . . . uwa, u . . . cha!”

Thwack, thwack.


What was that? It . . . felt like a nostalgic dream. Slowly opening my eyes, something small is hitting my cheek. But it did not hurt at all, and its nice scent smelled pleasant.

“…My, my, is the princess already awake?”


With a lovely, cherubic smile, the little princess who turned over in her sleep reached out her small hands to me. Oh, I see. It seems that I also fell asleep when I was getting her to nap.

“Yes, yes. Hug, right . . . Oh.”

I tried to get up, but my lower body felt heavy. When I looked down, my eldest son, aged 5, and my second son, aged 3, were lying down on my thighs, using them as pillows. Connecting their still developing small hands, the two adjacent sleeping faces resembles a certain someone.

“Oh, looks like your older brothers also fell asleep.”


Hold my squirming daughter somehow, she extended her hand this time towards her older brothers and hit them like what she did to me a while ago. Perhaps she wanted to stroke them. My children are really angels.

“Ah, so everyone is here.”


He opened the door without knocking. The head of our household, who is easy to understand before I could turn to look at him, smiled charmingly as soon as he saw the angels surrounding me. The princess, who is the only one awake, became more and more lively as her beloved father appeared.

How long have I been married into the Kralvane family? Although I was prepared to be isolated by the aristocratic magician family as a tool, I remembered that I was quickly accepted. My mother-in-law, who is currently serving as an advisor, as well as my father-in-law, who is an official at the Magical Society, treasure me and their grandchildren the same way they do with their own child, Gil. The two of them were also elated when I gave birth to two more babies, even after my eldest son, the future heir, was born. [T/N: For those who are not familiar with aristocracy, the heir is the “most loved” child. The younger sons are treated as “spare”, in case something happens to the heir. Daughters, if not spurned, are used as “tools” for securing political alliances, i.e. through marriage.]

Each of our children is our very cute treasure. They inherited their hair color from me, but they inherited Gil’s handsome features and I am looking forward very much into the future. Of course, he approached me “for that reason” in the past and everyone showed me that well. However, as a mother, I do not want to be tied down by that. I want to do the things I like without worries.

“Thanks for the hard work, Gil. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to help you.”

“Nah, the material is easy to understand so I did it in one go. Besides, the most important thing right now is the very cute little princess, isn’t it? I also did it for the two older brothers.”

Indeed, it is an important time for the baby, and everyone moved their top priority even for the two older brothers. Especially since the third child is the first daughter, Gil is acting more and more of a doting parent.

“I wonder why all of our children are so cute . . . It must be because they are our children.”

“I admit that you are good-looking, but more than anything else, it is only because you are a stupid [doting] parent.”

“Haha. Then stupid it is. I warmly accept it. Right?”

He took our daughter from me and fawned over her by nuzzling his delighted face on her small cheek. Clinging on his neck, our daughter laughed with joy.

“Alright, since I have finished my work, Father will also take a nap! Let us bring the two boys as well. So that all of us can sleep together in our room.”

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“Yes, yes.”

Really, acting like a child. My beloved husband shows us a completely different expression from others. Many years have passed but his handsomeness did not fade. Rather, his sex appeal increased, but in front of his family, he is always that airhead “Gil”.

He did not change . . . No, that’s not it. Everyday was fun, and our life has always been filled with happiness from the time we became a married couple until now that our family has grown.

“……I love you, Gil.”

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“I love you too, Meryl.”

When I was in the academy, the dazzling feeling I felt at that time was love. And even now, being surrounded by my treasures, I also felt it. Without losing its marvelous radiance, I’m sure that it will continue to increase as I continue to make memories with my children.

Our romantic circumstance which began indiscreetly caused exasperation, rejection and a little disturbance.

But its ending is undoubtedly filled with happiness.

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Author’s note: This story is completed for the moment. After that I will reveal her [T/N: not sure who the author means] true identity and I would like to have a collection of short stories. Thank you very much for accompanying me throughout this sugary story!
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