Chapter 11 – Public Release

Under the terrifying Punishment Mechanism, Lin Xiao Bei conceded.

Madness, hugs, kisses, the train deviated from the orbit.

However, one was a man that had just experienced a relationship setback while the other was a virtual character whose lifespan was not even two months old.

Even if they were irresistible to each other, there was still no love chemistry.

Lin Xiao Bei continued being dejected.

However, life still needs to go on.

The Apostle Trials would last for 3 days, the public release would only start after 3 days.

During this period, Lin Xiao Bei was unable to enter the game.

Therefore, Dreamy, who liked to create matters. Started to instruct Lin Xiao Bei.

This caused Lin Xiao Bei to be filled with anxiety.

That was because Dreamy’s ability to create matters was too great.

She said Lin Xiao Bei’s greatest weakness is his emotions. Only by loving a dead person would this weakness be resolved.

Dreamy used the Punishment Mechanism to threaten Lin Xiao Bei to either love her or to get Lin Xiao Bei to personally kill Shan Shan.

This was simply a bloody black-bellied woman! Lin Xiao Bei wanted to cry but found no tears.

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Putting aside that Shan Shan was Lin Xiao Bei’s only loved one, so he would surely not kill her.

Even if Lin Xiao Bei is a ruthless person who can forsake love. Shan Shan is Lv.49, how to kill her?

[News Report: Valiant girlfriend two-timed. The boyfriend was not resentful but angrily delivered his head to her?]

Just thinking about it made him feel ingenious beyond description. F***!

However, to fall for Dreamy, Lin Xiao Bei felt his entire person going numb from anxiety at that notion.

“A virtual lifeform like you did not even understand what feelings are. Yet you are talking about love, f*** me! Big sis, can we don’t play like that?”

Lin Xiao Bei rolled his eyes.

“Who says I do not understand love, just use your psychology skills. I guarantee that you will fall for me within two days!”

Dreamy was very stubborn.

Therefore, a vigorous love affair started.

However, Dreamy was as Lin Xiao Bei expected. She was not truly human and did not understand what feelings are about. Her so-called love was simply a constant display of her IQ towards Lin Xiao Bei.

She has designed a dual identity of NPC and Player for Lin Xiao Bei so that it could allow Lin Xiao Bei to easily conceal himself.

She used her authority to tell Lin Xiao Bei many of Alderman Continent’s secrets and drafted up a series of development strategies for Lin Xiao Bei to use inside the game.

She even personally instructed Lin Xiao Bei on the Apostle’s Law of Survival. Become evil, become the most wicked Apostle that everyone fears.

Due to that, not only once did she plant a mental suggestion of torture and murder into Lin Xiao Bei.

However, who is Lin Xiao Bei?

He is an outstanding student of Criminal Psychology, in front of Lin Xiao Bei, the attempts of Dreamy looked like nonsense used to mislead the public.

“Dreamy, a woman who only knows how to constantly show off her intelligence will never earn the liking of a man. A vicious woman will, even more, earn the loathing of a man. How will you get me to fall for you like this, kekeke.”

Lin Xiao Bei laughed out loud.

“Scoundrel! You can just go and die with that Shan Shan of yours.”

Dreamy kicked towards Lin Xiao Bei’s pants.

Time flies when two people were having fun hurting each other.

Lin Xiao Bei slowly recovered from his relationship setback and reverted to his cheerful ways. However, the evil intents that Dreamy implanted had also unknowingly taken root and sprouted within his heart.

Today is the third day, the Public Release of <Age of Worldwide Monsters>.

After leaving the Apostle Space, Lin Xiao Bei returned to his home again.

Shan Shan has left, and the house was empty. Lin Xiao Bei sat on the windowsill, the curtains fluttered as he entered a daze while recalling the things that happened in the past.

Ever since his parents passed away, the young and orphaned Lin Xiao Bei only has one thought in his mind. He would become a pinnacle of virtue and ability and never allow anyone to look down on him.

He wants to find a dignified job, he wants a house and a car. He wants Shan Shan to not worry about livelihood and shut the mouths of anyone who has looked down on him.

However, despite his excellent grades and record. He has been ruthlessly deprived of his postgraduate qualifications just because of connections.

He started looking for a job after leaving university. However, the psychology circle was only that big, finding a job requires not qualifications but social connections, and Lin Xiao Bei has none of that and thus nowhere to go.

Since then, Shan Shan continued to work hard for their livelihood and roam around the lowest echelons of a paid worker. Squeezing in trains and public transport, reluctant to even buy cosmetics for herself while enduring the ridicule of her classmates who dolled up themselves.

Failure! Failure! These years, other than failure there were no other words that could sum up Lin Xiao Bei’s life.

‘Pa’, he lit a cigarette, flames of ambition burned within Lin Xiao Bei’s eyes.

Dreamy was correct about something.

After the Public Release, when the power earned within the game has turned into reality when the evil desires within humans slowly unlocked.

Will this world still be the one where the higher echelons will forever remain high up, while the bottom dwellers will forever remain at the bottom?


Earth will turn into an arena where the weak become the prey of the strong, human society will once again experience a reshuffling.

From then on, no matter if you were a high official of absolute authority or a billionaire that owes everything.

Sorry, you will have to start from the beginning and use your abilities to speak.

This also gives Lin Xiao Bei an opportunity to turn around his frustrated and humiliated life.

“I must seize this opportunity. Become stronger, become very strong. Strong to the point of being able to do whatever I want, strong to the point of disregarding the law and of natural morality! Strong enough to despise everything that has humiliated me!”

‘Kacha’! a blood red lightning sliced through the sky, igniting the ambition within Lin Xiao Bei’s heart.

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“It is here!”

A huge pressure covered the entire world, a domineering voice resounded within everyone’s heart.

[Ding. Global Announcement!] [Human, are you vexed at the disappointment of life? Come, open your handphones and look for the <Age of Worldwide Monsters> App. Money, Strength, Authority, everything can be found in abundance within. Click on it and you will be able to obtain everything that you want!]

‘Sha…’ the entire world was in an uproar.

Many people took out their handphones and opened the mysterious App that has been forcefully installed within.

Lin Xiao Bei was also inspired and opened his handphone, the start of turning around his life begins today.

“How could I fall in love with him. And decided to go home with him. It doesn’t matter if I give up all of mine.”

This ringtone belongs to Shan Shan. Lin Xiao Bei frowned.

He took the call and heard the anxious voice of Shan Shan.

“Xiao Bei listen to me. That game is very dangerous, do not enter it and wait for me at home first. I am coming over with Kimi to fetch you.”

Hearing Shan Shan’s voice. Lin Xiao Bei knew that their 5 years of feelings was not something that could be wiped away that easily, Shan Shan did not want him to meet with any mishap.

“No need to worry, I will be fine.”

Lin Xiao Bei rejected Shan Shan’s kind intentions. Over the past few years, it was basically Shan Shan who has been taking care of him and he no longer wants to hide behind her. The next time they meet, he, Lin Xiao Bei would appear in front of Shan Shan in an extremely mighty form and not as baggage.

“Xiao Bei! People die in that game, don’t be stubborn, okay? Wait for me, you must wait for me!”

“I am not being stubborn. Shan Shan, let us each take good care of ourselves!”

Lin Xiao Bei hung up, perfectly composed. This was the first conversation he had with Shan Shan after they broke up, he did not expect that he could be so calm and relax when they talked.

At this moment, after experiencing the Trial, breakup and various other unhappy events. Lin Xiao Bei seemed to have unknowingly undergone a transformation and became mature.

He casually gathered some clean clothes and placed it inside his luggage. Looking at this home filled with memories, Lin Xiao Bei reluctantly, left.

From now on, the frustrated Lin Xiao Bei has died. The next time they meet, he would become the Sixth Apostle that instills fear in people, the Eternal Nightmare.

[Ding. Welcome Player Lin Xiao Bei to <Age of Worldwide Monsters>. The current game time is 6 hours, your remaining time is 5 hours and 12 minutes] [Ding. Your hidden identity has been confirmed. You are the only son of Great Duke Leonardo, one of the three Great Dukes of South’s Champagne Domain. You have come to the East’s Storm Domain to escape marriage and blended in amongst a group of players] [Ding. Player Lin Xiao Bei, confirm arrival on East’s Storm Domain using the identity of a Player?]


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