Chapter 10 – Apostle Mission

[Ding. Welcome to your Apostle Space, Sixth Apostle Skr. Your Fairy Guide will guide you on what identity (Monster/NPC/Player) you would be using in the future inside the game, and help unlock your Apostle Mission]

Lin Xiao Bei’s Apostle Space was not large, about the size of an ordinary room.

It had gentle lights and had something like a mini bar, various fine alcohol and exquisite winecups were displayed on top of it. The light green colored sofa and bed looked exceptionally comfortable, looking at them would cause people to feel the urge to rest on it.

Here, was the new home that Lin Xiao Bei had been yearning for a long time.

Now, Lin Xiao Bei was seating in the soft sofa, drinking alone. Beside him was a girl who looked like she was smiling yet not smiling, she was wearing a black lace school uniform and replenishing his cup.

The girl is Lin Xiao Bei’s Fairy Guide, she got upgraded because Lin Xiao Bei had become a High Apostle, allowing her to possess her own form and body.

The girl was very beautiful and very attractive, she also looked very frail. It was said that her current image and character was based on the three traits of Lin Xiao Bei most ideal type of girl in his heart. Lin Xiao Bei gave her the name of Dreamy, matching her title of Succubus.

However, Lin Xiao Bei did not have the mood to sigh in appreciation at Mother Earth, at the mysteriousness of this creator. He simply focused on drinking his wine.

“My awe-inspiring Lord Sixth Apostle, don’t you find it damaging to your majestic presence to continue sulking over a woman that has to forsake you?”

Dreamy served the winecup to Lin Xiao Bei’s lips, be it her voice or actions, all of it was filled with a mysterious sense of allure.

“I am not!”

Lin Xiao Bei denied it as he turned his head to one side, Dreamy’s unique fragrance and that black lace temptation that was almost within his reach, was making it hard for him to endure.

“Men are always dishonest. Didn’t you obtain a Talent Level Dice? If you use it and get 2, with your remaining 80,000 Awesome Points, it will be enough to brag your little girlfriend back to you.”

Dreamy’s body got closer and whispered sweetly into Lin Xiao Bei’s ears.

“Dice?” Lin Xiao Bei took out the Talent Level Dice.

“Correct, that is the one. From 1 to 6, the number you rolled will be the current level of your Talent. You require Lv.2 Awesome Bragging to get your girlfriend to change her heart, all you need to do is to roll 2 or higher and she will obediently come back to your side.”

“Really?” Lin Xiao Bei was skeptical.

“Of course, your girlfriend is only a Lv.49 First Lieutenant. A Lv.2 Awesome Bragging is effective on anything below Lv.50, it is more than enough. How about it? Are you rolling? You have a 5/6 chance, the odds are very good.”

Dreamy tempted step by step.

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Lin Xiao Bei casually tossed the dice onto the coffee table.

[Ding. You successfully used a Talent Dice and rolled a 4] [Ding. Due to the bad luck on you, the 4 has turned into 1. Your talent level remained unchanged at Lv.1. As of now, you have experienced bad luck for three times, your punishment has been fully completed]

“You bloody tricked me!” Lin Xiao Bei angrily glared at Dreamy who has now leaned on him.

“Kekeke, I did not trick you, I am saving you! Your brag has caused Mother Earth to be enraged, if you did not quickly use up all your bad luck, you would have died terribly!”

Dreamy joyfully and fearlessly looked back at Lin Xiao Bei straight in the eye.

“Fine, then what about the fake notification you gave me, why did you stop me from revealing my identity as a Player!”

Lin Xiao Bei was still feeling some residual anger.

“My Lord Sixth Apostle, please look at your Apostle Mission before asking me this question again.”

[Ding. Sixth Apostle Skr, your Apostle Mission is as follows] [Main Apostle Mission: Break the Door of The Otherworld to reinject vitality into Earth] [Connecting Mission 1: Reach Lv.50 within six months and set foot on the New World’s Road] [Prize: Talent Level +1]

“How does breaking the Door of The Otherworld related to my identity as a Player?” Lin Xiao Bei frowned.

“The mission of Apostles is to break the Door of The Otherworld, this is in direct conflict with the ideas of the first batch of Internal Players, meaning to say they are your enemies!

If you were to expose your identity as an Apostle, you will soon be facing a siege from a large amount of high-level Internal Players. You should have personally experienced already, that Kimi is just an average character amongst the first batch of Internal Players. Yet in front of her, you are like a helpless infant.”


“No buts. Lin Xiao Bei, to help the Apostles to hide their identities, Mother Earth has expended a great amount of energy to activate the Public Release despite the cost. Mother Earth will be entering a deep sleep shortly after the Public Release. During that period, without the protection of Mother Earth, the Apostle’s mission will eventually be revealed. If you are targeted by the first batch of Internal Players, the consequences could be disastrous!”

As she spoke, the frail Dreamy removed her shoe and viciously kicked Lin Xiao Bei’s crotch.

“Ah! Pain! F****** hell! Can you give a warning before you kick! Wait a minute, didn’t the notification say that all High Apostles will become a lord of a territory and a city? Why do I need to be afraid of them!”

The gaze that Lin Xiao Bei gave her was filled with extreme distrust.

“Sorry to tell you, your territory has been canceled due to the second bad luck, I have personally canceled it for you” Dreamy revealed a sly smile.

“Dafuq, are you trying to help me or make a fool out of me!” Lin Xiao Bei was rather angry.

Alderman Continent was not completely a game, those so-called NPCs on the continent were all living beings, they possessed their own civilization and their own forces. If he did not have his own territory and subordinates, then he would have to hunt and kill monsters to level up like any other ordinary player.

“Of course I am helping you. The location of the Door of The Otherworld is currently unknown, however, Mother Earth has confirmed that it is located within the New World. When you reach lv.50 you will naturally head into the New World, having forces are not worth anything other than a waste of your energy.”


“I told you, no buts. Lin Xiao Bei, in Alderman Continent, your level equals strength. Wasting effort and time to nurture a bunch of low-level trash will still not comparable to the power of a Bone Dragon, instead, nurturing a few truly powerful servants should be the path to take. Otherwise, when Reiki is restored on Earth, you will be no different from trash when those ancient deities who are over a hundred levels are revived.”

His crotch was once again attacked, Lin Xiao Bei was prepared this time and grab hold of Dreamy’s slender jade foot. However, this did not prevent the shock that Lin Xiao Bei felt.

If Dreamy’s words were true, then he could somehow understand why the first batch of Internal Players would rather risk the destruction of Earth then to allow Reiki to be restored.

It was for greed, for power. However, even more, was the fear of the things that would be outside the control of humanity.

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“Enn… so, …. Ennn… the man that I chose, you must become the forerunner of this era! Enn… is it really that enjoyable to play with my foot?”

Dreamy’s foot seemed to be very sensitive after being caught, however, she did not pull back from Lin Xiao Bei’s hand. She seems to be enjoying it, even her voice had turned seductive and was gasping for breath.

“You, what are you doing?” Dreamy’s face blushed like a ferocious beast in heat, Lin Xiao Bei quivered and quickly released her slender jade foot.

“No… nothing… your little girlfriend is very right. You are too immature, over the next few days, I will slowly make you mature.”

“Hold on a sec, I am a married man!”

“But you have broken up.”

Dreamy flipped her body and sat on Lin Xiao Bei’s body in an extremely domineering position.

“Aren’t you virtual… wu…”

Lin Xiao Bei felt that his face has been thrown all the way to his grandmother’s place, he was being forcefully kissed by a virtual character.

“Yes, I am virtual. In addition, when Mother Earth enters deep sleep, I will also disappear along with it. To thank you for giving me a chance to experience life, I will use these 3 days to turn you into a man without a weakness and become the fearsome Lord Sixth Apostle that everyone was terror-stricken with.”

“I don’t need that!” Lin Xiao Bei firmly rejected.

His current mood might be low, but he has not fallen to the point of having relations with a virtual character.

“You have no right to reject. Lin Xiao Bei, I am your Fairy Guide, your life is in my hands.”

Dreamy gently laugh with seductive allure, however, her voice was filled with unconcealed malice.

[Ding. Sixth Apostle Skr, everything you own comes from Mother Earth. If you abandon your mission, the Punishment Mechanism will be activated] [Ding. Punishment Mechanism as follows. If you did fail to complete any Connecting Mission, Mother Earth would reduce your lifespan based on the number of Awesome Points you have at the ratio of 1 Point for 1 year] [Ding. If you reject the guidance of your Fairy Guide, your lifespan will reduce by 80,000 years]

Reducing the lifespan by 80,000 years, then he would not even be dust left when he dies!

“Forcing an honest girl into prostitution! You and your Old Mother Earth is forcing an honest girl into prostitution!” Lin Xiao Bei howled with resentment.

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