Chapter 9 – Returning Back To The Present

[Ding. Special Notification: Name Skr currently not in use. Sixth Apostle Lin Xiao Bei has successfully changed your in-game name to Skr!]

“(艹皿艹)! I am only improvising! Can you don’t treat it seriously?”

Lin Xiao Bei felt completely powerless to complain.

[Ding. Sixth Apostle Skr, your Fairy Guide is currently upgrading. Please wait for its arrival, it will guide you on what identity (Monster/NPC/Player) you would be using in the future inside the game, and help unlock your Apostle Mission]

Waiting, was always boring. The bored Lin Xiao Bei started to check the prizes that he was too busy to look at during the Trial. The first thing he went to check was the Orange Mask, he wants to know why it did not give him a single attribute point.

[Equipment Name: Sly Smiling Mask of the Night] [Equipment Type: Face (Rare Position)] [Equipment Grade: Orange (Unique)] [Level Requirement: 60] [Attribute 1: Hide Information (Investigative Skills will also not be able to check your Attributes)] [Attribute 2: Fabricate Information (You can fabricate your Attributes information)] [Attribute 3: Fabricate Equipment (You can fabricate any Equipment information)] [Attribute 4: Fabricate Medicine (You can fabricate any Medicine information)] [Attribute 5: Alter & Disguise (You can disguise your form, looks, and clothing into whatever you want to look like)]

Special Trait: Ignore Level Requirement

“F***! This equipment! It is literally a divine tool of fabricating! Not only could it fabricate, but the attributes also made it an all-in-one super tool for running away!”

Lin Xiao Bei felt as though he saw the scene of him selling Silver Scale Breastplate for 3 Silvers a piece, first come first serve, then running away after selling the goods. *
(Cuppa: It is related to a merchant in <我叫MT> or <I am MT> a cartoon series based off World of Warcraft. The merchant has a tagline of selling the breastplate for 5 gold when the material cost was over 100 gold, making it an obvious scam.)

Powerless to complain! Powerless to complain!

Lin Xiao Bei opened his bag again, there was another equipment inside that he has yet to inspect.

[Equipment Name: Bramble Tower Shield] [Equipment Type: Shield] [Equipment Grade: Blue] [Level Requirement: 55] [Defense: 55] [Attribute 1: +550 Vitality] [Attribute 2: 20% Damage Reflection]

Special Trait: Ignore Level Requirement

Only allowed on

“It will be the Public Release after the Trial, this shield that ignores level requirement will definitely be sold for quite a lot of money.”

When he remembered that he has over 300 gold in his pockets, Lin Xiao Bei instantly got excited.

“I wonder what Shan Shan’s expression would be when she learned that I am so awesome playing this game! Right, I must bring her along and rise with awesomeness. We can spend our lives both in the game and in reality as an immortal couple!”

When he thought about Shan Shan, Lin Xiao Bei’s feelings to go home could no longer be suppressed.

“Hey, how long must I wait?” Lin Xiao Bei asked impatiently.

It has already been some time, yet the Fairy Guide has not finished its upgrade.

[Ding. Sixth Apostle Skr, your Fairy Guide still need some time to upgrade. If you do not wish to wait, you can temporarily leave and reenter the Apostle Space later to understand your Apostle Mission]

“Leave! I want to go home!”

Lin Xiao Bei decisively went offline. He has played the game for over 2 hours, it was 10 am when he came out from the interview, by the time he reached home it would have past lunchtime.

‘Bi Bi’, ‘Bi Bi Bi’

The honking sounds of city vehicles were heard as Lin Xiao Bei appeared on the zebra crossing in the center of the road.

This was also the exact spot where he entered the game when he looked at the time, it was already 12.30pm.

“Crap, it is pass lunchtime, Shan Shan is going to be angry again!” as he spoke.

‘Screech…’ the sound of a braking car was heard.

“Brat that is cosplaying, are you blind? Why are you crossing the road when the traffic man is still red!”


Lin Xiao Bei looked down and jumped in surprised when he saw that he was still wearing his Lv.50 set equipment, he instinctively ran to the other side of the pedestrian walkway.

“F***! Is that a national athlete? There is wind when he ran!” the drive mumbled as he drove his car away.

Hiding within the shrubs along the walkway, Lin Xiao Bei quickly activated his mask’s fabrication ability, turning the eye-catching equipment on him invisible.

After completing this series of action, ‘Fuu…” Lin Xiao Bei sighed a breath of turbid air.

However, the next instant he got excited. What happened earlier on has proven that everything was real, everything that happened in the game was real.

He was now no longer that university graduate that was unable to find a job!

When the Trial ends, and after the Public Release begins! He would be the Sixth Apostle <Eternal Nightmare> that hundreds and thousands of people would fear and dread!

Holding to these feelings, Lin Xiao Bei excitedly ran home.

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Chinese Federation C City Center District.

Lin Xiao Bei arrived below his apartment home in a small neighborhood.

A luxurious sportscar was currently parked below his apartment.

Lin Xiao Bei frowned, this building that was over 20-years-old was an old apartment that was left behind by his parents. It may be located within the city center where traffic was convenient, but this neighborhood was relatively old, most of its residents were either tenant renting or old retirees. The economic level of these individuals was overall not high, why would there be a luxurious sportscar here.

At that moment.

[Ding. A high-level player has used Probe on you. Sly Smiling Mask of the Night has hidden your information, what information do you wish to fabricate for the player to see]

“Show the status before I enter the game!”

There’s a player, Shan Shan is also a player, has trouble come to find her! Lin Xiao Bei felt his heart tightened.

Lin Xiao Bei looked around and saw two people walking out of the sports car, a person wearing a white suit has an arm around another woman while looking at him.

On a closer look, Lin Xiao Bei saw that the woman being hug was his girlfriend Shan Shan.

“Who the hell are you! Let go of my girlfriend!” Lin Xiao Bei was enraged as he charged towards them.

“You must be Lin Xiao Bei, I am Li Mingyue, you can also call me Kimi. Shan Shan Baby here is now my girlfriend, you guys have broken up, she is waiting for you here to say her farewells.”

The talking Li Mingyue was in a gender-neutral attire, but she was, without doubt, a woman.

“What kind of international joke is this, do you have a stick? Your girlfriend even?”

Lin Xiao Bei rolled his eyes while sighing in relief as he pulled Shan Shan’s hand.


‘Pa’, his hand was slapped away by Shan Shan.

“Xiao Bei, let’s break up.”

“Shan Shan, stop fooling around, you should have hired a male actor if you wanted to act. Let’s go home, let me tell you, I am now…”

“Xiao Bei, I am not joking this time. It is time we break up.” Shan Shan calmly interrupted, and once again emphasized her decision.

Having lived together for so long, Lin Xiao Bei understood Shan Shan’s character the most. If she got angrier when asking for a breakup, it would mean that there was still a chance to turn things around. However, if she calmly says that it was not a joke, then it meant that she was determined this time.

“No, don’t play like this. She is a woman, a woman!”

Lin Xiao Bei was unable to accept the fact that he was cuckold by a woman, can it be that in Shan Shan eyes, he was not even as good as a woman?

“Xiao Bei, I had endured over the past year. If you still love me, then can you don’t cause a scene? Let us break up peacefully!”

Shan Shan was still calm, she had thought of many things. Since coming into contact with that game, she and Lin Xiao Bei had become people of two different worlds. She was reluctant to give up this relationship of many years, but it is better to just get the pain over with than to prolong the pain, being together would only be a torment.

“Shan Shan, you are deliberately making me angry, right! I can buy this dogshit car right now! Work, if I can’t find work than I can open my own psychiatrist clinic. Right, you are playing the game. What equipment do you need, I can get it for you! Whatever you want, I can give anything to you!”

Shan Shan’s tone was extremely distant, Lin Xiao Bei started to fluster.

“Shan Shan Baby, you mentioned that your man’s specialty is bragging. I did not believe you in the past, but I believe you now. It is so funny!”

Li Mingyue rubbed salt on Lin Xiao Bei’s wounds at a very inappropriate time.

“F*** off, you damn les! Stay away from Shan Shan!” Lin Xiao Bei was enraged as he swung a fist.


Lin Mingyue’s figure moved strangely and used a simple grappling technique to hold and pin Lin Xiao Bei on top of the car.

[Ding. You have been attacked by a player. Her Strength and Agility is more than 5 times above you, creating a suppression effect. You are now in an Immobile State]

“Damn les, it’s you. It must be you forcing Shan Shan! Let me go, I am challenging you!”

Lin Xiao Bei’s hand was already on the Awesome Exchange button.

“Xiao Bei, can you calm down? Kimi did not force me, I am the one that wanted to break up!”

“Why? Are our 5 years of relationship not even comparable to this one woman? So what if she has a sportscar? So what if she has money and status? I can give them all to you, I can give them to you now! This time, I can make everything I said true!”

Lin Xiao Bei howled, he did not want to lose the only loved one he has left.

“Lin Xiao Bei, we have been together for 5 years, is that how you look at me? Fine, I like money, money can give me enough security. Are you happy now! Kimi, let him go, we are leaving!”

It seemed like Shan Shan no longer wished to talk to Lin Xiao Bei as she entered the car.

“There is 5 million in this card, the password is Shan Shan’s birthday. Take it and continue bragging, it can become real immediately. Hahaha.”

Li Mingyue tossed a bankcard onto Lin Xiao Bei’s face before opening the car door in disdain.

“Take this bloody 5 million with you, feed her sense of security! I am not worried about this bit of money!”

Lin Xiao Bei angrily threw the bankcard inside the car.

[Ding. Your head has been attacked, as the other party has restrained their strength, you received 3 damage. The other party’s strength is more than 5 times above you, creating a suppression effect. You are now in an Immobile State]

“Li Mingyue, are you seeking to die?”

His head was being stepped against the window by Li Mingyue’s leg. Anger, Lin Xiao Bei was truly angered this time, his hand was about to press down on Awesome Exchange.

“Kimi, enough!”

After calling out to Li Mingyue, Shan Shan bit her lips and offered the bank card through the car window, speaking with a heavy heart.

“Xiao Bei, I hope you can be mature a bit. Accept it, let me go with a peace of mind, okay?”

“Peace of mind?” Lin Xiao Bei was stumped for words.

Turning his head and seeing the weeping beauty inside the car, only now did Lin Xiao Bei suddenly discovered how languished Shan Shan has become over the past year.

At that moment, Lin Xiao Bei finally somewhat understood the sense of security that Shan Shan has mentioned.

As one of the first batch of Internal Players, when Shan Shan suddenly descended onto Alderman Continent that was filled with mysteriousness, unknown and danger a year ago. She must have felt exceptionally hesitant and helpless.

During that time, not only did he not console Shan Shan, he even scolded her for being immature and being obsessed with playing games.

Misunderstandings, disagreements, indescribable mysteriousness, as well as facing life-threatening situations in a foreign world. It was not only a heavy burden, because a life like this could never simply be a heavy burden!

Under such circumstances, Shan Shan stayed with him for an entire year. Within this one year, their love has likely been unknowingly exhausted, only leaving behind a reluctant yet shackled relationship.

That was why Shan Shan wants to leave with a peace of mind.

“Shan Shan, I…” in a last-ditch effort, just as Lin Xiao Bei wanted to tell her his identity as a fellow player.

[Beep…Beep Beep Beep… Warning, Serious Warning… Expunge! Expunge!]

He took the bank card with trembling hands.

“I… will give you your peace of mind! Take care!”

He watched as the sportscar sped away, ‘Kacha’ Lin Xiao Bei break the bankcard into pieces.

He tried his best to suppress the pain, deep within his heart he was howling and screaming.

“Fairy Guide, ‘Beep’ your grandfather, do you think that I can’t differentiate between a ‘Beep’ and a ‘Ding’? Speak, why did you stop me from revealing my identity! If you did not give me a proper explanation today, even if I am to be expunged, I will also stop becoming the Sixth Apostle!”

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