Chapter 174: Shen Tu Lang, Dead

“Who dares to behave recklessly at the city lord’s residence? Die!”

The city lord’s residence was filled with experts. A group of Origin Realm martial artists rushed out. They were lead by a veteran who was naturally at the 1st level of the Earth Realm. He roared, drew his sword and thrusted at Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist.

The sword was fast as lightning, as it shot out like a arrow from a crossbow.

Using two fingers, Li Fuchen easily caught hold of the enemy’s blade, as he then lightly said, “What a vicious move. I shall begin with you.”

Finishing his sentence, Li Fuchen used his strength to break the blade. The meter long blade was like a divine weapon in his hands, penetrating the opponent’s throat in one fell swoop.

“Who dares to approach again, don’t blame me for killing without mercy.” Li Fuchen said without any hint of emotion.

Hearing the declaration, many of the Origin Realm martial artists took a step back. Even the Shen Tu Clan’s house guest was killed, how would they dare approach. Everyone waited for the city lord to arrive.

City Lord Shen Tu Jianhe was at the 5th level of the Earth Realm. With him here, the youth here was dead for sure.

The Shen Tu Clan had plenty of Earth Realm martial artists, there were house guests of other surnames and also the own clan’s higher hierarchy.

In just a short moment, five Earth Realm martial artists rushed there.

Seeing the body of the house guest that was killed by Li Fuchen, they all became infuriated. How many years has it been since someone dared to murder someone in the city lord’s residence. Such blasphemy was deserving of death.

“Who are you? How dare you murder in the city lord’s residence. Turn in yourself and we will let you die with a whole corpse.” One of the Earth Realm martial artist shouted.

“Founder, he is Li Fuchen. The previous young clan leader of the Li Clan.” An Origin Realm martial artist went and whispered to the eldest Earth Realm martial artist.

“This old man is Shen Tu Changfeng. You are that Li Fuchen?” Shen Tu Changfeng had a change in expression. He roughly knew about the achievements that Li Fuchen had in the Azure Water Sect. He knew that Li Fuchen’s status wasn’t simple and could also easily killed Elder Liao. Assuming that Li Fuchen was at the 9th level of the Origin Realm, it wasn’t a surprise that he could kill a 1st level Earth Realm expert if Li Fuchen had an exceptional ability.

“Ask Shen Tu Lang to come out and see me. I have no interest in dealing with you lowly people.”

“Li Fuchen, so what if you are an inner sect disciple of the Azure Water Sect? This is the city lord’s residence, even an outer sect elder would have to show respect here. Don’t give trouble to your Li Clan and quickly surrender yourself for lighter punishments.” Shen Tu Changfeng glared at Li Fuchen. Had it not been for his inner sect disciple status, he would have killed Li Fuchen in a single blade.

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Li Fuchen let out a cold laugh, “Your Shen Tu Clan isn’t qualified to ask me to surrender.”

“Oh? Who said my Shen Tu Clan isn’t qualified. Li Fuchen, seems like after being an inner sect disciple, your confidence swelled up and now have the guts to come killing at my residence. Now you are provoking my prowess. Even if I cripple your martial arts, the Azure Water Sect wouldn’t do anything to me right?”

A voice filled with prowess echoed.

It was the Shen Tu Clan’s Patriarch, Cloud Mist City’s city lord, Shen Tu Jianhe.

Shen Tu Jianhe who was a city lord had a similar status to that of an outer sect elder. If it were under normal circumstances, he as the city lord of Cloud Mist City could not directly punish Li Fuchen. But if it was Li Fuchen who provoked him, then he would have the rights to punish him.

Now that Li Fuchen killed his Shen Tu Clan’s house guest, it was considered a serious offense and even if he crippled Li Fuchen’s martial arts, the Azure Water Sect would only lightly punish him. Since it was Li Fuchen who offended someone of a superior rank, that was a serious offense in the Azure Water Sect.

Li Fuchen lifted his head and glanced over. A middle aged man walked towards his direction.

It was Shen Tu Jianhe.

Shen Tu Jianhe, 50 years old. He had a broad build and was considered good looking. But the eagle hooked nose and sharp eyes ruined his image, giving people an impression of shrewdness.

“Li Fuchen, do you admit your sin?” Shen Tu Jianhe spoke in a severe tone.

“Me? What sin do I have?”

“What sin? You barging into my city lord residence is a sin, the killing of my Shen Tu Clan’s house guest is a sin, not bowing in respect to me is a sin. Still not doing so is a sin, offending your superior is a even more serious of a sin. With so many sins accumulated, today I, Shen Tu Jianhe shall let you know what sins can never be committed.”

“Keke. These are sins? From what I see, there is no need for your Shen Tu Clan to exist. There is no need for you to exist as a city lord either.”

“How dare you.” Shen Tu Jianhe’s qi presence burst forth. The qi presence that came from his 5th level of Earth Realm cultivation, made everyone uncomfortable.

Li Fuchen said, “Your eyes must be blind. I am not any inner sect disciple, I am a direct disciple of the Azure Water Sect.”

Revolving the True Inferno Technique, Li Fuchen’s qi presence burst forth too.


As the two of their qi presences clashed, Shen Tu Jianhe’s face turned pale and was shocked, “1st level of the Earth Realm?”

“That’s right, you, this Cloud Mist City lord is nothing in my eyes. Now can you call Shen Tu Lang out?!” Li Fuchen spoke with a cold tone.

Everyone in the city lord’s residence was astonished.

Direct disciple?

Li Fuchen was actually a direct disciple.

Residing in the Azure Water region, of course they understood the status of a direct disciple. It was higher than regular city lord’s and if Shen Tu Jianhe was the sky of the Cloud Mist City, then Li Fuchen was the sky above this sky. Those Earth Realm martial artists that said Li Fuchen was arrogant were now fearful and dared not to speak anymore.

This was a conflict between a direct disciple and the city lord. They were not qualified to interfere.

Taking in a deep breath, Shen Tu Jianhe was after all still the city lord of Cloud Mist City. He ordered someone, “Go get Shen Tu Lang out here.”

He roughly knew what happened with Shen Tu Lang, but he didn’t mind it. Li Dajiang wasn’t any important figure in the Li Clan. He was already dead and he had already sent 5 yellow class, high-tier pills as compensation.

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It should be enough to compensate for Li Dajiang’s life.

Shen Tu Lang was still his blood cousin and he wanted to save his life.

“Li Fuchen, do me a favor. This matter will be settled like this. As for Shen Tu Lang, I will punish him seriously and lock him up for a month.” Shen Tu Jianhe was extremely unwilling. He who was Cloud Mist City’s lord has never ever needed to talk in such a polite way to anyone. In Cloud Mist City, no one ever dared to defy whatever he said. This was the first time he needed to lower his head. He swore that this was also the last time.

Li Fuchen didn’t say anything.

In a short moment, Shen Tu Lang arrived.

With Shen Tu Jianhe supporting him, Shen Tu Lang didn’t seem to be afraid at all and gave off a sanctimonious feeling.

Seeing Shen Tu Lang, Li Xiaodie got agitated and had a flame vengeance in her eyes.

“Are you Shen Tu Lang?” Li Fuchen questioned.

“Yes. I admit I am in the wrong, but it was unintentional. What’s more, she was the one who seduced me and wanted to cheat me out of my wealth. There are many witnesses in the Cloud Mist City. You cannot just believe her side of the story.”

Shen Tu Lang tried to explain.


Li Fuchen didn’t waste any time arguing with Shen Tu Lang. His sword exited the sheathe and as = a sword light cut across Shen Tu Lang’s neck.


A whole human head fell to the ground. Shen Tu Lang died with things left unsettled.

He couldn’t understand even after death, why would Li Fuchen dare to kill Shen Tu Jianhe’s blood cousin in front of Shen Tu Jianhe. Is there any law left?

Everyone was stunned.

Even Li Xiaodie was shocked.

Li Fuchen didn’t listen nor asked, and killed Shen Tu Lang?

“The murder of my Li clansmen, deserving of death.” Li Fuchen said indifferently.

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