Chapter 173: Killing Towards the Shen Tu Clan

As Li Tianhan was sending down punishments, the affairs hall seemed to be muted and was extremely silent.

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After all the punishments were given, no one dared to leave.

Please don’t joke around, with Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist still around, who dared to up and leave, not even the Founder dared to do so.

Li Fuchen swept a gaze at everyone, then looked at Li Tieshan as he questioned, “How did Li Xiaodie’s father get murdered? If you dare change a single ounce of truth, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Li Tieshan has already been scared gutless, how would he dare hide anything. He explained all the details including himself receiving the bribe of 5 yellow class, high-tier pills from the Shen Tu Clan. His only thought now was to honestly receive his punishments and dare not think about anything else. He felt lucky that he didn’t let things go overboard, if not, the consequences wouldn’t be like this. Perhaps Li Fuchen may even kill to display his prowess.

“Ask Li Xiaodie to come in.” Li Fuchen ordered one of the Li Clan’s elders.

Li Xiaodie was obviously oblivious that Li Fuchen had already suppressed the entire Li Clan’s upper hierarchy. Seeing that all the council elders were around, she couldn’t help but kneel with tears in her eyes, “I beg the Li Clan to help Xiaodie serve justice.”

“Xiaodie, stand up.” Li Fuchen said.

Li Xiaodie, hesitantly looked towards the Founder and Li Tieshan’s group.

Li Tieshan said, “Young clan leader allowed you to raise. Quickly do so.”

Li Fuchen glared at Li Tieshan, “When is it your turn to speak? Xiaodie, don’t be scared. Whatever grievances you have, tell me everything, I, Li Fuchen will serve justice for you. Those that should be killed, will be kill. Those that should be punished, will be punished. None shall be spared.”

His current trip back wasn’t to have a peaceful break in Cloud Mist City. He wanted to change the sky of Cloud Mist City.

Li Xiaodie wasn’t stupid. Seeing Li Fuchen berating Li Tieshan and no one daring to speak a word, showed that the Li Fuchen today wasn’t the same as before. Thinking about all the suffering and pain she went through during the past month, she couldn’t help but wail loudly and miserably.

Li Fuchen didn’t hurry Li Xiaodie to talk, but instead quietly looked at her and allowed her to cry until she is satisfied.

After a moment, Li Xiaodie finally stopped.

Li Fuchen then gently said, “Stand up first. Tell whatever grievances you have to your Fuchen ge.”

“Fuchen ge.” Li Xiaodie stood up, her eyes flashed with warmth. During these days, Li Fuchen’s family willingly offered her warmth, if not, she would have already collapsed.

Wiping her tears, Li Xiaodie spilled out all of the details which were more precise than Li Tieshan’s explanation.

After Li Xiaodie finished talking, many of the upper hierarchy in the hall felt shameful and couldn’t wait to bury their heads in the ground.

Li Fuchen’s eyes grew intensively severe. Traces of killing intent drifted out from his body.

The Shen Tu Clan deserves to die.


Things began a few months back.

As she grew older, Li Xiaodie became more beautiful as she grew. Although it wasn’t on the same level as Guan Xue’s beauty, but within Cloud Mist City, she was considered a famous beauty.

One day in Cloud Mist City, Shen Tu Lang bumped into Li Xiaodie and got instantly mesmerized by Li Xiaodie’s beauty.

This Shen Tu Lang took advantage of the fact that he was an elder of the Shen Tu Clan and had an esteemed status. He bullied both men and women, he even snatched the wives of many minor clan’s patriarches. Framing and setting people up, forcefully breaking apart minor clans, he did it all.

Because he was used to being the boss around, Shen Tu Lang ordered his subordinates to seize Li Xiaodie back.

Coincidentally, Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan was shopping around Cloud Mist City and saw their own clansmen being abused. They naturally called Shen Tu Lang out.

Perhaps due to his own mistake, Shen Tu Lang didn’t dare to take revenge on them. But he still wanted to get Li Xiaodie, hence he asked the Li Clan’s then patriarch, Li Tieshan to bethrone Li Xiaodie to him as his mistress.

Li Xiaodie was naturally unwilling to, her father Li Dajiang also rejected immediately.

This matter was originally settled like this. But a month ago, Li Dajiang and Li Xiaodie visited Cloud Mist City once again to purchase some items. But were obstructed by Shen Tu Lang.

Seeing that his own daughter was about to be abducted, Li Dajiang went mad and fought with his life.

A pity that Li Dajiang was only a low leveled Origin Realm martial artist. How could he be a match for Shen Tu Lang and his group. They beat him down in a few blows and dealt serious injuries to him.

Perhaps thinking that his prowess was undermined, Shen Tu Lang didn’t stop even after seriously injuring Li Dajiang. He stomped again and again on Li Dajiang’s body, stomping him to death. He then said to Li Xiaodie, he wasn’t going to abduct her today. But sooner or later, she would willingly lie on his bed, if not, her only mother would also meet the same fate.

On the same day, Li Xiaodie’s mother fell ill and couldn’t leave her bed since.

Since then, for the past month, every single day, Li Xiaodie would beg Li Tieshan to help her serve justice.

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“Trash, a bunch of trash! Why does the Li Clan require people like you?”

Bursting out with his killing aura, Li Fuchen once again released his qi presence. All those that were involved were sent flying by Li Fuchen’s qi presence as they vomited a mouthful of blood. Including the Li Clan’s Founder, Li Xuanfeng.

“Li Xuanfeng. You as the founder of the Li Clan has what use as an Earth Realm martial artist? You didn’t ask nor care about your own clansmen. You don’t have a heart of a truly strong individual, no wonder our Li Clan has fallen so low.”

“Li Tieshan, why not take a piss and use it as a mirror for yourself? You? Are you fit to be patriarch for the Li Clan? You are just a despicable person, I feel like killing you!”

“And all you elders. All of you only know how to fight for power and profits. Whichever side is stronger, you would take that side. What difference is there between you and from dogs?”

Li Fuchen’s sharp words caused everyone who got sent flying to be speechless. Especially Li Tieshan who noticed Li Fuchen’s killing intent, who quickly kneeled, “Tieshan is wrong. I hope Patriarch can give me a heavy punishment and spare my life.”

Finishing his statement, he pleaded to Li Tianhan.

Li Tianhan spoke without emotions, “Death can be looked past, but punishments must still be carried out. Lock him up!”

Li Xiaodie was flabbergasted, was this still the youth from before?

In just a few years, he has now grown into a towering giant tree and not the youth that had always been abused.

“Father, I will leave the rest to you. Xiaodie, follow me to the Shen Tu Clan.” Li Fuchen said to Li Xiaodie.

Li Tianhan couldn’t help but asked, “Fuchen, why are you going to the Shen Tu Clan?”

His intuition told him that Li Fuchen wouldn’t settle things peacefully.

“To kill.”

Finishing his reply, Li Fuchen grabbed Li Xiaodie by the shoulder and dashed out of the affairs hall.

Once Li Fuchen left, a majority of the people’s body in the hall went soft, but no one dared to leave yet.


Cloud Mist City, the city lord’s residence.

The Shen Tu Clan was the city lord’s clan, thus their city lord’s residence was naturally at the center of the city.

“Who is it? Stop right there! Are you seeking death!?”


The tightly shut gates of the city lord’s residence was blown away with the guards. With Li Fuchen in the front and Li Xiaodie following behind, they walked through the gate.

Along the way, many city lordy guards were sent flying by Li Fuchen’s qi presence, without a need to make any physical moves.

“Where is Shen Tu Lang, come out to redeem death!”

Li Fuchen’s voice echoed throughout the city lord’s residence.

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