Chapter 172: This is Qi Presence


Under the oppression of Li Xuanfeng’s qi presence, Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan had difficulty breathing. The two of them looked at Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist nervously. After all, Li Fuchen blocked out most of Li Xuanfeng’s qi presence.

“This is your qi presence? Too weak.”

Li Fuchen had on a confident expression. Even under the oppression of Li Xuanfeng’s qi presence, it didn’t even affect his spirit nor body. He looked as though he was enjoying the breeze. At least, that was what the rest of the people thought it looked like.

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Li Xuanfeng’s eyes widened and was about to speak.

“This is what a qi presence should be like.”

Without even activating the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, Li Fuchen released his qi presence just by revolving the True Inferno Technique.


Like a surging wave, like a volcano eruption, an almost surreal qi presence exploded. In the vision of everyone present, the entire affairs hall appeared to be distorting. The floor was distorting, the pillars, the body figures around them, the roof, and the air all looked like it was distorting. But the physical effects felt even more realistic. It was as though they were falling into an intense blazing hell. The overwhelming heat was slowly breaking apart their spirit will.

For a moment, in the affairs hall, except for Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan who stood behind Li Fuchen. Everyone found it hard to even move a finger, everyone of them were in fear or had their minds go blank.

Qi presence was not only an oppression to the physical body but also to one’s spirit will.

Under the oppression of Li Fuchen, everyone’s spirit will was totally disrupted and all their senses went haywire.

Back when Li Fuchen let out his qi presence oppression, even the prodigies from the three sects had to escape frantically.

Right now, on the face of Li Xuanfeng, was fear and shock.

Is this still a human being?

Just a mere qi presence was enough to suppress him.

He wasn’t just any average joe. His cultivation was at the 3rd level of the Earth Realm.

Even the Cloud Mist City’s city lord, Shen Tu Jianhe couldn’t use his qi presence to suppress him.

But Li Xuanfeng didn’t admit his fate. He fought hard to struggle and tried to break from Li Fuchen’s qi presence.

Li Fuchen let out a cold laugh and continued to increase his qi presence. Li Xuanfeng’s face became flushed red, even his entire body was trembling.

“Li Xuanfeng. Back then, you dismissed my Father’s Patriarch position and demoted him to the branch family. My Li Fuchen’s family couldn’t say anything, because we were weak. Now what do you have to say?” Li Fuchen shouted.

Li Xuanfeng tried his best to open his mouth to talk, but couldn’t utter a single sound.

What could he say? Who would have expected Li Fuchen’s improvement to be this exceptional. It has only been a few years and he had actually progressed rapidly from the Qi Realm to the Earth Realm.

And he wasn’t just any regular Earth Realm martial artist. A regular Earth Realm martial artist wouldn’t even be able to release 10% of Li Fuchen’s qi presence.

His heart was filled with anger and regret. Right now, Li Xuanfeng’s feelings were full of complexity.

“Fuchen, you have advanced to the Earth Realm?” Li Tianhan finally asked the question.

Li Fuchen nodded, “Father, Mother, Fuchen didn’t let you down. Half a month ago, I have progressed to the 1st level of the Earth Realm and was promoted to as an Azure Water Sect’s direct disciple.”

“Direct disciple!”

Li Tianhan’s body shook vigorously. He couldn’t help but turn to look at his wife Shen Yuyan.

He realized that Shen Yuyan’s face was already covered in tears.

Direct disciple. Do you know what this means?

Except for a main city’s City Lord, all other city lords were of a lower status than direct disciples. It also meant that direct disciples were only second to the inner sect elders; not even outer sect elders.

It has been at least a century since Cloud Mist City had an Azure Water Sect direct disciple.

Most importantly, Li Fuchen was only 19 years of age now. There was still a whole 16 years before he turned 35 years of age.

A 30+ year old direct disciple who just progressed to the Earth Realm would most probably be of a lower status than Li Fuchen.

“The Heavens has blessed Li Tianhan. I can die without regrets now.”

Li Tianhan looked to sky and let out a huge sigh. He wasn’t able to control his overwhelming emotions.

Right now, what Clan Patriarch or Li Clan didn’t matter anymore.

Hearing Li Fuchen admit that he is a 1st level Earth Realm martial artist, Li Tieshan and group nearly blacked out.

How can this be possible?

A normal bone frame actually progressed to the Earth Realm before 19 years old and became a direct disciple of the Azure Water Sect. There wasn’t any logic behind this.

Li Yunhe’s expression was extremely pale. He looked at Li Fuchen in a daze. His heart grieved when he realised that he would never be able to catch up to Li Fuchen in his entire life. They were of the same age, but his rival was now at the Earth Realm while he was just a lowly Qi Realm martial artist, how could he even compete?

“Young master Fuchen, we know our mistakes. Please be forgiving.”

Those elders who supported Li Tieshan all spoke with panic.

Withdrawing his qi presence, Li Fuchen ignored the existence of these people and declared, “From today onwards, Li Tieshan will be dismissed from the Patriarch position. My Father Li Tianhan shall take on the role once again.”

“Father, you may handle the rest of the matters!”

Li Fuchen wasn’t the Li Clan’s Patriarch, he had already stepped over his authority to dismiss Li Tieshan. The clan’s affairs were best left for his father Li Tianhan to handle.

Taking a deep breath, Li Tianhan nodded and spoke, “Li Tieshan, as the previous clan patriarch, you didn’t hold justice for your own clansmen and instead built closer relationships with the murderer. You even accepted pills from the murderer, I shall punish you with…”

Li Tianhan was clear about everything that happened in the Li Clan. As long as a mistake was made, he would met out punishments.

As for Li Xuanfeng. He was still Li Clan’s Founder after all. Even if there wasn’t any merits, there was still efforts. What’s more, to punish the Founder in public would cause his people to lose faith in himself.

Thus, Li Tianhan disregarded Li Xuanfeng.

He believed that after this matter, Li Xuanfeng wouldn’t dare to abuse his Founder’s authority anymore.

As Li Tianhan was sending down punishments, Xiang Jiayu spoke, “Li Tieshan uncle’s Patriarch position is not dismissed. Li Fuchen, you overstepped your boundary.”

The Li Clan was just a small clan in her eyes. But no matter what, the Patriarch position was still important. Her, Xiang Jiayu’s future husband could not be a normal person. A future young clan leader sounded much better.

“You are an outsider. What rights do you have to interfere with our Li Clan’s affairs.” Li Tianhan frowned.

He knew of Xiang Jiayu’s status. Had it been anyone else, he would have asked someone send her out.

“I, Xiang Jiayu always say what I want to say. What rights do I need.” Xiang Jiayu spoke lightly.

Li Fuchen laughed coldly, “Who are you?”

“Silver Rich City’s clansman, Xiang Jiayu. Li Fuchen, even though you are a direct disciple, but this matter involves me, Xiang Jiayu. You take one step back.” Others were afraid of Li Fuchen, but she isn’t. Her paternal cousin brother had already become a direct disciple a few years ago.

Li Fuchen replied, “The sky is high and the ground is thick. I don’t think you understand, but let me tell you the truth. Even if your Xiang Clan Patriarch, the Silver Rich City lord was here, he wouldn’t even have the qualifications to ask me to step back. Now get lost from the affairs hall before I lock you up and ask your Xiang Clan to come redeem you.”

“Li Fuchen, you dare? My cousin brother Xiang Tianqiang was promoted to become a direct disciple a few years ago. You dare touch me!?” Xiang Jiayu screamed.

“Xiang Tianqiang, I heard of his name. A mere silverclass direct disciple and you dare have the cheek to use him to scare me? Get lost.” Li Fuchen waved his hand, a strong wind force push Xiang Jiayu out of the hall.

Li Yunhe’s expression turned. Li Fuchen wasn’t even afraid of the Silver Rich City lord and said Xiang Jiayu’s cousin brother was a mere silver class direct disciple. How much more fearsome can his status be?

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Li Yunhe didn’t dare to utter a single word and quickly went out to chase after Xiang Jiayu.

In the affairs hall, everyone was once again in a stasis.

From the tonality of Li Fuchen, they roughly knew that Li Fuchen’s status was far more horrifying than they could imagine.

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