Chapter 171: Oppression

“Fuchen, I think this isn’t good. If you do this, the entire Li Clan will be in chaos. Aren’t you in too much of a hurry?” Shen Yuyan asked with some doubt.

Li Tianhan also said, “No hurry son. I am okay now, I have enough food and sleep. You don’t have to worry about it too much.”

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The two of them had many concerns. The largest concern was that Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist had yet to progress to the Earth Realm. As long as he was not at the Earth Realm, they would not be able to feel at ease. A normal bone frame had too many unknown variables and anything could happen.

A pity that the two of them couldn’t see that Li Fuchen had already progressed to the Earth Realm.

“Father, Mother, do you think Fuchen is so silly? Without a certain ability, would I do such a thing? Since I dare to do so, it means I have the absolute confidence and fear no one.” Li Fuchen spoke with confidence.

“Fuchen, could it really be you…”

Li Tianhan thought of the tiniest possibility. From Li Fuchen’s expression, that tiniest possibility seemed to be true.

“Father, they are coming. Sit on the Patriarch seat if you trust your son.” Li Fuchen seemed to sense something.

“Forget it. So what if I sit on it. At most I will only be chased off again.”

Li Tianhan was feeling a dilemma, but was also rather excited. He wasn’t excited that he could be the patriarch again, but excited for Li Fuchen’s imminent exposure of his true ability.

A clutter of foot steps could be heard as one by one, the Li Clan’s elders walked into the affairs hall.

Once they saw Li Tianhan seating on the Patriarch seat, their jaws dropped as stared flabbergasted.

“Such audacity. Li Tianhan, what gave you the guts to sit there. Are you trying to rebel?”

“Li Tianhan, come down now and you may have a chance to seek forgiveness. Don’t make such a mistake.”

The elders that sided with Li Tieshan shouted.

“Shut your mouth.”

Li Fuchen swept a glare at the lot. His angered qi presence was like a cold of lightning, sending chills down his targets’ backs.

Footsteps rang again, this time it was Li Tieshan and his group arriving.

Seeing Li Tianhan seated on the Patriarch seat, Li Tieshan turned his anger into laughter, “Well done Li Tianhan. It seems like you still desire for the Patriarch position. Do you think that sitting on it would grant you the Patriarch position? Stop dreaming and get off!”

Li Tieshan was truly angered now.

He is the current patriarch and they dared to disregard him like this. Don’t even mean Li Fuchen being a 7th level Origin Realm martial artist, even if he was at the 9th level of the Origin Realm, his Li Clan would still not allow such defiance from Li Tieshan.

“Li Tieshan, the patriarch position is for people who have dignity and prowess. You as being Li Clan Patriarch, I won’t mention that you bribed the Shen Tu Clan’s Shen Tu Lang. But Li Xiaodie is our Li clansman, her father got killed by Shen Tu Lang, and yet you don’t even listen nor ask. Are you worthy to be Patriarch?” Since he was already seated on the Patriarch seat, Li Tianhan didn’t respond to whether he desired the Patriarch position, but instead questioned Li Tieshan.

Li Tieshan rebutted, “Li Dajiang had it coming, he cannot blame anyone. Li Tianhan, I shall give you one more chance. Get off, if not, I will deal with you according to the sect rules.”

“Using the sect rules, uh? A pity you are no longer the Patriarch.” Li Fuchen said indifferently.

Li Tieshan looked at Li Fuchen with ferocious sharp eyes, “When is it you, a youngster’s turn to interrupt when your elders are speaking? I would like to question you again, why am I not the Patriarch anymore?”

“You have been dismissed.”

“Haha. Dismissed? Who dismissed me?” Li Tieshan laughed loudly.

“Me.” Li Fuchen replied.

“Who are you to talk.” A vicious qi presence burst forth from Li Tieshan’s body. It didn’t matter what was going to happen in the future. Today, he had to bring out his prowess as a Patriarch. If not, who would be willing obey him.

“Li Fuchen. What you are doing is rebellion. If you father does not step down, don’t blame us for being rough.” The elders that supported Li Tieshan all brought forth their qi presence and looked to be unfriendly.

The rest of the Li Clan’s elders hesitated and decided to observe.

In an instant, the entire atmosphere became intense.

“Your Li Clan sure is a lawless place. Had it been at my Xiang Clan, the rebel clansman would have been slaughtered.” Xiang Jiayu put on a look as though she was watching a show.

Li Yunhe’s face turned dark and said, “Don’t worry, this matter won’t be ending so easily. Li Fuchen and his family will definitely be punished heavily.”

“Ke, ke!” Li Fuchen laughed lightly.

“Li Fuchen, what are you laughing about?” Li Tieshan asked with a serious tone.

Li Fuchen replied, “I am laughing at you overestimating yourself. A bunch of high leveled Origin Realm martial artists and dare show your qi presence in front of me? You think I went to the Azure Water Sect for fun?”

As he spoke, Li Fuchen took a step forward and ignited his terrifying qi presence.

Instantly, the temperature of the hall rose by quite a bit.

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Under Li Fuchen’s qi presence oppression, Li Tieshan and his supporters turned pale. It was as though a giant boulder was pressing down on their bodies, making it suffocating and extremely uncomfortable.

“Qi presence oppression, such a dominant qi presence.”

Those observing elders of the Li Clan were shocked.

Generally, even a 9th level Origin Realm martial artist wouldn’t even be able to use qi presence to oppress a 1st level Origin Realm martial artist. Only after progressing to the Earth Realm could one truly use qi presence to oppress their opponent.

They were still unaware that Li Fuchen was already at the Earth Realm. They thought that it was because Li Fuchen cultivated a mystic class technique, which was why his qi presence was so formidable.

Of course, Li Fuchen only slightly utilized his qi presence.

If he burst forth his true qi presence, no one within the affairs hall would be able to withstand it. If intentional, his qi presence could easily cause a person’s body to collapse.

“Li Fuchen. What are you trying to do? Rebelling? The Li Clan has no place for you to act defiantly.”

Just at this moment, a valiant and robust qi presence shrouded inwards from outside of the affairs hall.

This qi presence was extremely vast. If Li Tieshan’s qi presence was like the gentle breeze, then this qi presence was like the violent winds.

With the cover of this qi presence, Li Tieshan and his group finally felt the burden being let off. A flash of a pleasant surprise overcame their pale faces.

The Li Clan’s sky wasn’t the Patriarch, but the elder council and their founder Li Xuanfeng.

As long as the founder was here, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to do much.

“I was just waiting for you.”

Li Fuchen leisurely looked at Li Xuanfeng who walked into the affairs hall.

Li Xuanfeng nodded towards Xiang Jiayu then immediately sent his gaze towards Li Fuchen and Li Tianhan. Noticing Li Tianhan seated on the Patriarch seat, his eyes flash with an unpleasant look, “Li Tianhan, how dare you. Haven’t you learned from the previous lesson?”

Before Li Tianhan could speak, Li Fuchen replied, “Li Xuanfeng, you should be my elder. Logically I should call you great grandfather. But during the Cloud Mist City’s genius contest, you asked me to lose intentionally to Li Yunhai just because you favour him. If that had only been the case, I would still greet you as great grandfather or as founder. But you did something you shouldn’t have; that is to put your anger on my parents. The dismissal of my Father’s Patriarch position and demoting him to the branch family. Yes, you can do that, because this world is ultimately where the strong rules supreme. You are the top expert of the Li Clan, I have nothing to say…”

“You dare address me by my name, who gave you the guts!”

Before Li Fuchen could finish his words, Li Xuanfeng was already infuriated. His qi presence frenziedly shrouded Li Fuchen. The entire affairs hall was like a storm, no one dared to speak because the Founder was truly angered.

“Presumptuous!” Li Yunhe was shocked. He didn’t expect for Li Fuchen to directly call out the name of the Founder. He was utterly defiant.

Xiang Jiayu shook her head. Daring to go against an Earth Realm martial artist. She wondered if he was silly or stupid.

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