Chapter 170: The Patriarch Position

Hearing the voice, many of the Li Clan’s fighters sized up Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist.

A familiar face, a very familiar face.

“It’s young master Fuchen?” One of the Li Clan’s fighter asked with suspicion.

Li Fuchen changed too drastically. A few years ago, he was just 1.6 meters tall, now he was 1.8 meters in height. Although he looked similar to a few years ago when he didn’t seem to be muscular; he doesn’t give off a feeling of him being frail anymore. The delicate and tender face was now a dashing face with sharp features.

“Why, just a few years and you don’t even recognize me?” Li Fuchen asked.

“So it is young master Fuchen, welcome back. I will go inform the Patriarch and… Master Tianhan.” The leader of the Li Clan’s guards quickly ran into the Li residence.

Getting off the horse, Li Fuchen walked into the Li residence under the eyes of the Li Clan’s guards.


It was now lunch time, Li Tieshan and his spouse Xu Mingshan were having their meal.

“I wonder how Yunhai is doing at the Azure Water Sect?” Xu Mingshan asked.

Li Tieshan replied, “Don’t worry. Yunhai is now an inner sect disciple of the Azure Water Sect. There is nothing for us to worry about.”

Li Yunhai was after all a 2 star bone frame. He converted from an odd job disciple to an outer sect disciple two years ago. This year he broke through to the 1st level of the Origin Realm. Although he experienced some difficulties during the inner sect disciple trials, he still managed to pass the trials and was promoted to an inner sect disciple.

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“Say, why is Li Fuchen advancing so quickly? Three months ago, he has already reached the 7th level of the Origin Realm. With his pace, wouldn’t he breakthrough to the Earth Realm before 25 years of age?” Xu Mingshan couldn’t help but ask.

Li Tieshan snorted, “Set your sights further. He is just a normal bone frame and would definitely get stuck at the 9th level of the Origin Realm for a long time. Perhaps Yunhai will catch up before Li Fuchen even breaks through.”

No matter the case, he didn’t believe that Li Fuchen could progress to the Earth Realm.

2 star bone frames only had a 20% chance to progress. A normal bone frame’s chances to progress was almost close to zero.

“I hope so!” Xu Mingshan nodded.

“Father, Mother, I brought Jiayu along with me.” Li Yunhe walked into the dining hall. By his side was an average looking lady at the age of 20.

Li Tieshan and Xu Mingshan quickly put down their chopsticks, “Yunhe, Jiayu, how is it? How is Cloud Mist City’s scenery? It should be quite a sight right? But you this lad… Going out so early and only coming back now, Jiayu must be tired already!”

The two of them were very courteous towards Xiang Jiayu, even showing some flattery.

Xiang Jiayu had on an arrogant expression and subtly nodded.

Xu Mingshan smiled and looked at Xiang Jiayu, “Jiayu, what would you like to eat? I will ask someone to make it for you.” Although the dishes on the table haven’t really been consumed, Xu Mingshan didn’t intend to allow their guest to eat their leftovers.

Xiang Jiayu replied, “Back at my Xiang Clan, a single meal would be about a few gold coins. Just bring something simple.” She arrived at the Li Clan a few days ago and had been receiving great hospitality from the Li Clan.

“Mother, just make whatever is nice. You know it too, Jiayu isn’t used to eating average food.” Li Yunhe said.

Actually, he didn’t really like Xiang Jiayu. After all, she looked too normal, but Xiang Clan was the Silver Rich City lord’s clan. They had a strong background and Xiang Jiayu’s paternal cousin brother was a direct disciple of the Azure Water Sect, his esteemed status was even higher than a regular city lord’s. If he could get married to Xiang Jiayu, his future would become much better. Perhaps he may be gifted with ample resources for him to breakthrough to the Earth Realm.

“Alright, I will ask someone to go make some food.” Li Tieshan didn’t have any dignity nor prowess as a clan patriarch. Whether or not the Li Clan could get benefits from the Xiang Clan would depend on whether Li Yunhe and Xiang Jiayu could develop their feelings further.

“Patriarch, Patriarch.”

Just as Li Tieshan was about to order a servant to make some food, as one of the guards rushed in from outside of the dining hall.

Li Tieshan’s face ashened, “There is a guest here. What image are you showing by behaving so panicky.”

This guard was precisely the gatekeeper at the Li Clan gate, he said, “Patriarch, young master Li Fuchen is back. He is now waiting by the hall.”

“Li Fuchen!” Li Tieshan’s eyes widened as he let out a chilling glare.

“Li Fuchen!” Li Yunhe was stunned.

He and Li Fuchen haven’t met since four years ago. During these four years, he would receive news of Li Fuchen every few months. He knew and was jealous that Li Fuchen was doing well in the Azure Water Sect. This was also why he wanted to chase after the Xiang Clan’s young lady, Xiang Jiayu.

“Who is this Li Fuchen?” With Xiang Jiayu’s intuition, this Li Fuchen wasn’t a simple character.

Li Yunhe replied, “He is one of our Li clansmen. He is now an inner sect disciple of the Azure Water Sect.”

“A mere inner sect disciple. Is there any need to give him any regards?” Xiang Jiayu spoke with disdain.

She didn’t put regular inner sect disciples in her eyes. Her Xiang Clan’s foundation was even deeper than the Shen Tu Clan’s. Her eldest uncle was the Silver Rich City’s city lord, her grandfather was an outer sect elder of the Azure Water Sect, her youngest uncle was an inner sect deacon of the Azure Water Sect. As for inner sect disciples, her Xiang Clan had over twenty of them. In summary, her Xiang Clan’s connections was something none of the clans in a small city like Cloud Mist City could compare with.

Silver Rich City was a middle sized city with a population of 600 thousand.

Hearing her statement, Li Yunhe became more confident and replied, “Indeed nothing to be regarded.”


In a deserted courtyard of the Li residence.

“Master Tianhan, Master Tianhan.”

Concurrently, another Li Clan’s guard arrived at the small courtyard.

“What is it?”

Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan walked out. They found it odd that a Li Clan’s guard was looking for them, as it seldomly happened.

“Master Tianhan, young master Fuchen is back. He is now waiting by the affairs hall.”

“What did you say?” Li Tianhan forcefully grabbed the arm of the guard and shook it.

“Young master Fuchen is back. He just arrived.” Helpless, the guard had no choice but to repeat himself.

“Haha! Fuchen is back. Yuyan, come, let’s go see Fuchen.” Li Tianhan was shaking with excitement. It has been four years since the couple last saw him and they have been missing him so much.

Shen Yuyan wiped her tears, “This lad, finally willing to come back and see his mother.”

Suddenly, the entire Li Clan went into a huge uproar. Even the Li Clan elders were all heading towards the affairs hall. As for the Li Clan founder who was meditating in seclusion, someone had been sent out to notify him.

In the affairs hall, Li Fuchen was slowly sipping his tea. On his right and left were two curious servant maids.


Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan were the first to arrive at the affairs hall. Looking into the hall, they saw a familiar yet unfamiliar youth. Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan were filled with complex feelings for a moment, but Shen Yuyan suddenly cried tears of joy.

“Father, Mother!” Li Fuchen stood up. With a smile, he walked towards the two of them. “Fuchen is back.”

Coming in front of the body of them, he hugged them both.

Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan froze for a moment, then immediately hugged Li Fuchen tightly too.

“Father, Mother, I didn’t head over to your courtyard to look for you first. You wouldn’t be angry right?” Li Fuchen said.

Li Tianhan replied, “What am I angry for? What’s more, you don’t know where we were residing at. Anyway, as long as you can come back to visit us, your mother and I will be extremely happy.”

Fuchen was still Fuchen. The only thing unfamiliar was his face. The presence he emitted was still so familiar.

“Father, Mother, you guys take a seat.”

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Releasing the both of them, Li Fuchen pointed at the Patriarch position in the affairs hall.

“Fuchen?” Li Tianhan became doubtfully shocked.

“Father, in my heart, you will always be the Li Clan’s Patriarch.”

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