Chapter 264: Art of Derivation from All Living Things?

When they entered the passage, the door shut behind them, scaring the trio.

“We’re done for. We are trapped again!” Tian Xing immediately voiced out his fear.

“Seems like your conjecture isn’t so accurate!” Cheng Yu displayed a solemn expression as he looked into the depths of the passage. Now that their retreat had been sealed, if their front was a dead end, then they would have to wait for their death.

“Since it’s already like that, we can only continue and hope for the best,” Tian Xue said embarrassedly. She didn’t expect that the moment the three of them entered, they would be trapped immediately. Truly god’s plan supersede their calculation. Although Cheng Yu didn’t detect any danger in the passage, he still paced himself with a cautious speed. After all, he wasn’t familiar with the place and the place seemed to be very strange.

“Senior Brother, let’s move quicker! We have no idea how long this passage is. What if we need to walk for months, what should we do?” Tian Xing saw that they were moving at a very slow pace, so he got very anxious.

“True!” Cheng Yu nodded. The trio had walked for about an hour and had yet to face any obstacles. Moving at a faster pace shouldn’t be a problem.

“Stop!” Just when Cheng Yu was about to increase his speed, he sensed a situation in front of them as he yelled hastily. The walls in front suddenly shot smoke out, hindering their path forward.

“Howl! Howl! Howl!” A moment later, the smoke dissipated while three leopard-like demonic beasts appeared before them while howling!

“You two take care of yourselves,” Cheng Yu took out his Purple Light Sword before charging forward. The three leopards leaped up into the sky. One of them pounced forward while the other two went to the left and right respectively. They leaped on the wall before pouncing towards Cheng Yu. Three Golden Core initial stage leopards weren’t much of a problem for Cheng Yu. When the opportunity struck, Cheng Yu brandished his sword a few times on the three leopards’ bodies.

“What’s going on?” Cheng Yu’s expression changed. The sword that was supposed to slash the leopards had actually gone through them, as if he was slashing at the air! In that instant when Cheng Yu was taken aback, three attacks actually struck at his back. Cheng Yu had received the attacks directly, causing him to fly forward. Cheng Yu supported himself with one of his knees and stabilized himself. He turned around and looked at the three leopards inconceivably.

“My god! What’s going on? Why are they fine?” Tian Xing saw that Cheng Yu’s attack had landed and the three leopards seemed to be perfectly fine.

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“Be careful!” Because Cheng Yu had been sent flying forward by the attacks he received from the back, the three leopards had then been clustered between Cheng Yu and Tian Xue. The leopards seemed to know that Cheng Yu wasn’t easy to deal with, so they turned to the other direction and pounced towards Tian Xue and Tian Xing. Although Cheng Yu did not yet know what was going on, he was able to tell something strange was happening. These three Golden Core initial stage leopards weren’t to be taken lightly. Just like what Cheng Yu had expected, when the duo slashed at the leopards, their swords had actually gone through their bodies and they were sent flying forward by an attack from their back.

Tian Xing flew forward and vomited a mouthful of blood when he landed. As for Tian Xue, although she was already in the Golden Core Realm, she was struck by two Golden Core initial stage leopards. How could she not be injured? Unable to suppress her injuries, she also puffed out blood.

“What exactly is going on? I had clearly slashed its body, but why does it seem like I have slashed at the air?” Tian Xue voiced out her puzzlement.

“It’s truly very strange. It’s better for you two to return to the Mountain River Diagram! Tian Xing’s injury isn’t light,” Cheng Yu said while looking at Tian Xing. Their opponent had the strength of Golden Core Realm. The attack that Tian Xing received was one he could not guard against. Who would have expected that the attack would come from the back?

“I can still continue. Tian Xing return to recover first!” Tian Xue looked at Tian Xing’s injury while commenting.

“You be careful. Try your best not to get in contact with it. Let me understand what is going on first,” Before Cheng Yu had a good understanding of what was going on, he was worried that these leopards would gang up on Tian Xue. After sending Tian Xing back into the Mountain River Diagram, he warned Tian Xue.

“En!” Tian Xue tightened her grip on her sword and retreated a few steps.

“Purple Light Thousand Heavy Waves!” Cheng Yu wanted to test out how they attacked. He yelled while sending an attack at them. Cheng Yu’s sword reflections were like heavy waves, charging forth layer after layer. It was at that moment, the three leopards’ action caused them to be shocked. The three leopards faced Cheng Yu and Tian Xue with their butts and the sword reflections actually went through their bodies. However, just when the sword reflection went through their bodies, it was met with resistance, producing the sound of metals striking each other.

“This…” Cheng Yu and Tian Xue were startled. They had never seen or heard of such a situation before. The world was truly filled with mysterious stuff for such a thing to happen.

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“Could it be that their torso and head is separated?” Tian Xue enquired.

“Should be. Furthermore, it should be the opposite. Their torso should be where their heads look to be,” Cheng Yu was someone who had lived for over 10,000 years, but the situation before them was truly incomprehensible. A living object whose torso and head were separated? Truly miraculous!

“Since we know its secret, dealing with it is going to be a lot easier! Primeval Chaos Slash!” With a target, Cheng Yu was filled with confidence. He yelled as he slashed towards one of the leopard’s heads. As expected, the leopard’s torso was hidden at that area. Being struck by Cheng Yu’s Primeval Chaos Slash, the leopard howled in pain before it fell down.

“Roar! Roar!” The other two leopards saw their companion had been injured so they howled twice before pouncing at Cheng Yu.

“Primeval Chaos Thousand Origin Slash!” Cheng Yu forced himself to dodge by forming into a tornado and clashing head on with the other two leopards.

“Die!” Having prepared the attack, Cheng Yu didn’t want to miss the opportunity as he continued to pursue them. He ruthlessly thrust his sword into one of the leopard’s bodies. Cheng Yu’s Purple Light Sword pierced into one of the leopards. Suddenly, the leopard turned into spiritual Qi before disappearing.

“Art of Derivation from All Living Things?!” Cheng Yu shouted out in surprise. Cheng Yu was very familiar with this technique because this was exactly the same as his cultivation technique! At that very moment, Cheng Yu could no longer calm himself down. It was known to him that his current cultivation technique wasn’t found in this world, but in his previous one. However, why would it appear here?

“Be careful!” Just when Cheng Yu was startled, Tian Xue cried out.

“Ha!” Cheng Yu sobered up. As he did, he saw a leopard pouncing over. With a dodge, Cheng Yu rapidly stabbed his sword into the pouncing leopard. Cheng Yu no longer hesitated, but dealt with the other two leopards immediately. Seeing how the other two leopards also turned into spiritual Qi before disappearing, Cheng Yu could no longer find peace in himself.

“What a strange place. These leopards were actually just spiritual Qi,” Tian Xue walked forward, voicing her surprise.

“We should continue!” Cheng Yu said absentmindedly. After that, he continued walking forward.

“Just now, you said something about Art of Derivation from All Living Things?” Along the way, Tian Xue saw Cheng Yu had turned absentminded, so she questioned him.

“Nothing much,” Cheng Yu replied dully. Cheng Yu was not able to understand why the Art of Derivation from All Living Things would appear here. “Wasn’t the Art of Derivation from All Living Things the inheritance from Daoist Thousand Saint? Why would it appear here? This is truly too weird. Could it be that Daoist Thousand Saint had also transmigrated here? After that, he had also left behind his inheritance here? Wouldn’t this be a bit too ridiculous? But if it isn’t like that, then all of this doesn’t make any sense. Since I can also be transmigrated here, others should be able to do it as well!”

Currently, there were thousands of questions in Cheng Yu’s mind. But other than having to find the answer himself, no one would be able to answer him. Seems like there were lots of secrets hidden in Death Forest. If he wanted to solve all of his questions, he would have to locate the Heavenly God Palace. Unknowingly, Cheng Yu’s speed increased. Perhaps, it was because he was pondering about all this outrageous stuff that he was anxious to find an answer.

“Oi! Have you understood something?” Along the way, Cheng Yu had not spoken anything, but had continuously advanced. Tian Xue felt that there was something wrong with Cheng Yu. Especially after he killed the first leopard, when he shouted out “Arts of Derivation from All Living Things” was the time he changed.

“Understood what?” Cheng Yu replied dully.

“Like when the leopard turn into spiritual Qi and also the Art of Derivation from All Living Things. What’s that? Are they related?” Tian Xue asked a row of questions.

“How would I know? This is also my first time facing such a strange thing!” Cheng Yu was still filled with confusion. How could he possibly tell her about the stuff about the Art of Derivation from All Living Things? Could he tell her that he was cultivating such a technique? Or that he had learned it from the other world?

“But you obviously know what was going on here, and also know of that Art of Derivation from All Living Things, right?” Tian Xue tried to get to the bottom of the matter.

“Since you know, why are you asking?” Cheng Yu replied ill-manneredly.

“I just want to know what this Art of Derivation from All Living Things is?” Tian Xue commented.

“A cultivation method. Didn’t you see it? A method that is able to use spiritual Qi to combust living objects,” Seeing how persistent Tian Xue was, Cheng Yu knew that he had to give her a rational explanation or else he wouldn’t be able to get his peace.

“Cultivation method? Such a strange cultivation method? But how do you know of this?”

“I learned it. You should understand now, right!”

“You learned it? How come I…oh, I understand. Those dragon images of yours is from this Art of Derivation from All Living Things, right?” Tian Xue seemed to have understand what was going on as she called out.


“But why do I feel that your technique is a lot more powerful than the leopards?” Tian Xue asked curiously. She had seen Cheng Yu’s Twin Dragon Pearl Attack, Six Dragons Emerging From The Sea and Nine Dragons Breaking Ocean before. Compared to the aura given off from those attacks, the three leopards seemed too ordinary.

“Because it’s artificial. Besides, with just a little bit of spiritual Qi, how strong can the living object be?” Cheng Yu knew that if he were to not explain it clearly to her, she would continue to pester him.

“So it’s like that! Let me ask you another question!” Tian Xue giggled.

“Speak!” Cheng Yu looked at her when a bad premonition suddenly struck him.

“Can you teach me this Art of Derivation from All Living Things?” Tian Xue asked with expectation.

“Two words! Dream on!”

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