Chapter 720 – God Chosen…

An uproar erupted amongst the students, most of them were also new students.

“In that world, the spirit energy is exceptionally rich and possesses all sorts of heavenly treasures, you might also be able to obtain a great opportunity if you are lucky…”

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Huan Qing Yan widened her eyes, “Eh? Really!”

She was currently in great hurry to increase her cultivation rank, this time a Mystic Spirit Master came to assassinate her; the next time it might be a King Spirit Master…

Her cultivation level might not leap in one go, but it was still a rare opportunity that she cannot let slip by.

A normal student would require years of struggle and hard work for their cultivation to improve.

As for her… *coughs*, never mind, it was better not mentioned.

The seniors on the parade square were all in a state of excitement.

“I know, I know! Instructor! The last time the Blood Moon appeared, I am not selected, this time you must select me!”

“Instructor, how many people is the Academia bringing to the Blood Moon Hidden Realm this time!”


Zeta Hallmaster ignored the voices from below as he continued, “Do all of you know what is a God Chosen?”

“We know!”

“A God Chosen is the disciple that ascended Sages have selected as the disciple of their inheritances! Only those exceptionally outstanding geniuses would have the chance…”

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“Young Master Ya is a God Chosen, the Saintess as well… however within the entire Spirit Treasure Continent, there were no more than five of them. As for the inheritances of these God Chosens, do you know where it is obtained?”

Zeta Hallmaster smiled mysteriously, “Some of you might have guessed it; that’s right, all God Chosens were individuals who have entered the Blood Moon Hidden Realm before!”

The people got even more excited!

A God Chosen, who does not want to become one in this world?

If one can become a God Chosen, then it basically brings ungaugeable glory and unlimited potential for their future.

“Woah! I hope I can obtain the qualifications to enter the Blood Moon Hidden Realm, a God Chosen…”

“Maybe I have some kind of dogshit luck and attracted the attention of a Sage, then won’t I be able to do whatever I want in the future!”

“Get lost, you think a commoner like you can become a God Chosen? The Sages might choose me also…”


Huan Qing Yan was also feeling excited, she used her conscious to ask Ji Mo Ya, “Is that true? You entered the Blood Moon Hidden Realm before?”

“Yes, it’s true. From what I know, all God Chosens have entered the Blood Moon Hidden Realm before, I entered it when I was eighteen…” Ji Mo Ya casually replied in his refreshing voice.

Huan Qing Yan suddenly had unlimited expectations rising within her heart, she must enter the Blood Moon Hidden Realm.

After a while, more people started to gather at the parade square.

They were all students from the other halls, wearing uniforms of various colors. They have heard of news regarding the Blood Moon Hidden Realm opening and came to listen to it, though their chances of entering the hidden realm was pitifully low.

“May I ask Lord Hallmaster, are the students of other halls qualified to enter the Blood Moon Hidden Realm?”

“I am ranked seven in Delta Hall; can I join the selection?”


Huan Qing Yan was nervous when she learnt that there were requirements to the selection.

She was a member of the lower ranked Beta Hall; would she be able to meet the requirements?”

While Huan Qing Yan got worried, she failed to detect that handsome and elegant Ji Mo Ya standing beside her… was attracting countless gazes from everywhere!

When she noticed, Huan Qing Yan lightly coughed before taking out a pair of large hats from her storage ring. That is correct, a pair! Made from the same material and of the same design, specially custom made.

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