Chapter 721 – Cheers

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She placed one on Ji Mo Ya’s head; Ji Mo Ya let her do whatever she wanted, only a faint smile could be seen underneath the hat.

‘En, the effect is not bad!’

Many of those blatant gazes have been blocked off quite effectively.

As for the remaining hat, Huan Qing Yan placed it on her own head…

And continued to listen to the speech.

Zeta Hallmaster was very excited as he spoke in detail, “Regarding the right to enter the hidden realm, there is no restriction; no matter which hall you are in. However, only people who are True Spirit Masters and above can be brought to the Blood Moon’s location by the Academia Instructors! As for whether you could enter or not, it will depend on your own fate! The Blood Moon Hidden Realm is ancient and mysterious, it will select the candidates that could enter on its own and there is no other way around that. When the times comes, you guys just have to rely on the heavens…”

Huan Qing Yan’s gaze brightened, she had wanted to use Ji Mo Ya as a backdoor to get a chance to enter. Now that she learnt that she already possessed the requirements, she could just follow the rest.

Fortunately, she had already became a True Spirit Master.

Had she slightly delay her breakthrough, she might have missed this great opportunity due to not being able to fulfill the most basic first requirement.

The students of Zeta Hall were basically all True Spirit Master; as for the other students from other Halls, those that have reached True Spirit Master were much lesser. However, there were still some of them and these True Spirit Masters cheered on the spot. As for the other students who did not make the requirements, they could only hang their heads down dejectedly.

Someone started to ask, “Instructor, our Academia has several hundred True Spirit Masters, are we all going? Can Mystic Spirit Masters go?”

“Everyone will go! Mystic Spirit Masters might be higher rank than True Spirit Masters, but from past experiences, the probability of them entering were much lesser than True Spirit Masters, everyone can try their like! From now on, all students who are True Spirit Masters will immediately return to prepare. We will depart half a day later!”


Clamoring noises covered the public square.

“Isn’t this too quick? My little brother is also a True Spirit Master, but he is out on a mission and will not be back for at least two to three days. Can we enter it later?”

“It will be about ten days from the first rising of the Blood Moon till it reaches its peak height, that will be the period when the Door leading to the Hidden Realm will be opened. Going from our academia, even if we used the Teleportation Formation of the Holy City, we will still need to travel for seven to eight days! The Spirit Cranes took nearly two days to bring us the news, we cannot wait any longer, any later and we will have missed it…”

“That is truly a pity, I also have a friend how is not in the academia as he went home to visit his family…”


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Although everyone was caught in a discussion, the tight schedule has prompt them to quickly return and start with preparations.

The entire Surging Wave Academia was now in an excited state, every Hall was discussing about the Blood Moon Hidden Realm.

Huan Qing Yan also need to prepare, she needed to notify her master of her departure, make some more food and brew some more wine. When she enters the Hidden Realm, the surroundings would be too dangerous and she might not even be able to find the time to make food.

At that moment, the silent Headmaster, Wu Cang Hai spoke towards Ji Mo Ya’s direction, “Please stay your steps, Young Master Ya.”

“Lord Headmaster, what is the matter?”

“You have entered the Blood Moon Hidden Realm five years ago, I wonder if it is convenient for you to share and explain to us about it, such as anything that we need to watch out for?”

Ji Mo Ya did not reject the request and stayed behind.

Letting Huan Qing Yan head back first to prepare.

Ji Mo Ya used his conscious to communicate, “Hidden Fragrance Pavilion is very secure, the spell formations have all been redesigned so you can return to prepare.”

Huan Qing Yan acknowledged it, she knew that Hidden Fragrance Pavilion was very safe. The assassination earlier could have happened because of a deliberate opening thus allowing the assassin to enter.

Time is short and cannot be wasted so she left first.

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