Chapter 722 – Clear Sight Spell

First she went to her master to bid farewell.

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Elder Snow had already learnt about what happened outside, “Regarding the Blood Moon Hidden Realm, this old man do not know much as well. The hidden realm used to only appear once every century, and this old man was unable to go due to various reasons. I recent years, it appeared every few years, and this gives me a strange feeling. Lass, when you enter, be more careful.”

Huan Qing Yan nodded and took out the medicinal foods that she had made for Elder Snow when she was in the dimension recently, “Master, how long do we usually have after entering the Blood Moon Hidden Realm?”

“Not long but it was also not short. Normally you will come out in ten days to half a month time.” Elder Snow replied.

Huan Qing Yan also had some idea now, if it was at most half a month, there would be no need to make too much food.

Who knew that Elder Snow immediately added, “There were also cases of people coming out after ten years or even a hundred years later! It depends on the opportunities and fate of each individual. There might be a lot of opportunities inside, but there are also many dangers, many people have died inside as well. With your Dual Spirit Treasures, Master believes in you lass, you will surely be fine. Ya Boy has entered before, if he were to be able to enter this time as well, then your safety would increase much more.”

“Okay, thank you for your blessed words Master.”

Elder Snow flicked his hand and threw several battle technique books to Huan Qing Yan.” These were some basic techniques that this old man had found in the academia, all of them were suitable for you to learn; bring them along and practice them when you have the time.”

Huan Qing Yan looked at them, Cleansing Spell, Spirit Water Spell, Clear Sight Spell etc.

Cleansing Spell, as its name explained, was to cleanse something back to its initial state.

Spirit Water Spell, a minor spell that extracts water from the air for people to use.

Clear Sight Spell, to cast on the eyes, allowing the person to see things in the dark.

Glimmering Shadow, a speed technique. After using, the body would leave an afterimage that would lightly glimmer, the user would disappear in a blink of an eye and appear far away from their previous location.

These techniques were all very practical. If she had to use credits to exchange for them, it was unknown how many missions she has to complete, how much time would be wasted in the process.

Having an awesome Master was truly the best!

Huan Qing Yan quickly kept them.

“Thank you Master!”

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Elder Snow said, “Wait till the day when Master is able to travel, I will head to the Holy Court to find even better ones for you. Oh right, how come your house’s Ya Boy did not come and visit this old man? When he left to find someone, he used this old man, requesting this old man to look after you. Now that I have served my purpose, the assassin was also gone, yet he did not come and talk to this old man, is this proper?”

Huan Qing Yan broke into cold sweat, she did not tell Elder Snow about the assassination as she was afraid it would cause him worry, to think that he had already known about it long ago.

“Master, he was held back by the Headmaster, it was not because he was unwilling to come…”

“I know, I am just complaining. Little Lass, your spirit treasures are in fact very strong and your reactions are also very good, Master did not appear because I wanted you to earn some experience. That assassin is truly a fool, to assume that by distracting Ya Boy into leaving, he could use the chance to kill you; he should have taken a proper look at where he was attempting to make the assassination…”

When she heard till this point, Huan Qing Yan felt deeply sorry for the assassin.

At the same time, she also felt very touched.

“Thank you for protecting me Master.”

“It’s the least I should do, after all you are this old man’s student. If this old man did not put in some effort to look after you, causing you to suddenly get killed, then won’t… *cough*! The time is late, you should quickly head back and prepare.

Elder Snow nearly let slip his tongue.

He held an unsavoury nickname, Disciple Killer.

This was something he dare not reveal to Huan Qing Yan yet.

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