Chapter 573: Sneaking into Divine Dragon Main Island

Since Midi’er and Leguxiya hadn’t come, Long Yi and his party returned to Xingxing’s house. Fortunately, all dragons had their own exclusive territories, and under normal circumstances, they would not visit each other. Therefore, staying here, Long Yi and his party didn’t have to worry about other dragons finding them.

At this moment, Teresa and Liuli sat in wooden chairs under the eaves. They chatted while looking at one big and one small figure playing noisily in the garden with big smiles on their faces.

“In these several hundred years, this is the first time I’ve seen Xingxing so happy. Long Yi seems to like children very much,” Teresa said with a smile, her eyes filled with warmth. At this moment, she was truly grateful that these people had come here and filled this desolate island with laughter.

“He himself is a child sometimes; naturally, he likes children,” Liuli sipped a mouthful of tea and said, but her eyes were following Long Yi’s figure. As long as he was beside her, she would feel at ease and that this world wasn’t lonely and bitter. He was a very peculiar person. With him around, no one could avoid laughing heartily. He always disguised himself with a roguish look and a bad manner, making people hate yet also love him, but once in a while, his eyes unintentionally showed a hint of sadness, making her understand that there actually was a place in his heart that no one could touch. Perhaps, that place held his truest essence and was his softest and weakest place.

 “If you hadn’t told me, I would truly never guess that he was the manipulator behind-the-scenes of the unification of Blue Waves Continent and is someone who conquered the continent but was unwilling to be bound by it.” Teresa looked at Long Yi in the garden who wore a bright smile comparable to the sunlight and said. She couldn’t understand him. She knew the cruelty of the war. For the unification of the entire Blue Waves Continent, many people would have to die and blood would need to be shed. After experiencing everything, how could he still have such a bright smile?

“He has a soul that yearns the most for unfettered freedom without any restraints.” Liuli smiled gently, and her eyes blurred a little. This was her man, and he was also the man who couldn’t be replaced in the hearts of her sisters.

Teresa looked at the blurred eyes of Liuli and smiled, shaking her head. She could see her own shadow from those years past in Liuli. A woman who had fallen in love was not rational. One could even say that, like a moth darting into a flame, she knew that she would be destroyed in the end, but she couldn’t stop flying closer.

Long Yi, however, didn’t know what these two women were talking about. He just happily played with Little Xingxing. Playing together with a child filled his heart with a child’s innocence. He felt as if Xingxing’s pureness cleansed his tainted soul.

“Big brother Long, you are shameless! Hehe…… don’t……” In Long Yi’s bosom, Little Xingxing twisted around, not letting Long Yi tickle her. Now, she was laughing so hard that her cheeks turned bright red.

“Fine, don’t you want to play? Are you tired?” Long Yi smiled and stopped. Then, lying in the midst of the garden, he looked at the clear, cloudless sky and took a deep breath. In his heart, he was wondering whether he could someday take all his women to a place with flowers as far as the eye could see. That would be wonderful.

Seeing Long Yi lie down, Xingxing climbed on him and caressed his beard stubble. She said: “Big brother Long, will you accompany me and my mother hereafter?”

She had never been so happy. Because of this, she feared to lose them. She feared that big brother Long Yi who had made her experience fatherly warmth would suddenly disappear.

“Well, this big brother cannot stay here forever, but when I have to leave, I will definitely take Xingxing with me. Is that okay? In this world, there are many amusing places.” Long Yi smiled and said, stroking the soft golden hair of Little Xingxing.

“Then, will my mother come too? If my mother has to live here alone, she will be even lonelier.” Little Xingxing asked with expectation.

“Yes, your mother is inseparable from Xingxing, and Xingxing is also inseparable from your mother, so naturally, everyone will go together.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Big brother Long, you are so nice.” Little Xingxing cheered and kissed his face, running towards her mother to tell her this good news.


It had already been three days, but there was still no news of Midi’er and Leguxiya. This made Long Yi a bit restless. Could it be that the Dragon King had noticed something? But, if that was truly the case, how come there had not been even a bit of movement?

Late at night, a clap of thunder resounded. After dark clouds condensed, there was heavy rain. The sea waves became more and more intense, and the winds blew stronger and stronger. Some small trees were uprooted and sent flying.

At this moment, tired Xingxing slept in the warm bosom of Long Yi with a sweet smile. In the past, she greatly feared this kind of thunderstorm, but now, with the warm bosom of Long Yi protecting her, she felt that whistling fierce wind had become a lullaby.

As for Long Yi, he half-lay on the bed and pondered some alternative plans. In any case, he couldn’t wait here endlessly. He had to figure out what had happened on the main island.

While Long Yi was pondering, his room’s door suddenly opened with a creak. Long Yi, who had the ability to clearly see in the dark, saw that it was Teresa. He was somewhat amazed in his heart. He had never thought that Teresa would run over so late at night to devote herself.

“Aren’t you asleep?” Seeing the eyes of Long Yi, Teresa’s heart jumped, and she asked softly.

“Is there something wrong?” Long Yi asked. Clearly, there must be a reason for Teresa to look for him so late at night.

“Don’t you want to go to the main island? Tonight is a golden opportunity.” Teresa whispered.

Long Yi’s eyebrows shot up, and he gently jumped off the bed. Walking out of the room with Teresa, he asked: “Do you have a way?”

“In this kind of weather, a few thousand meters below Divine Dragon Main Island, a freshwater undercurrent will gush out, and the opening of this freshwater undercurrent links with a lake located at the center of the main island. But, after a period of time, this freshwater current will produce a kind of suction force. Although the opening will quickly close, as long as you seize that moment and jump into the suction force, you will be directly sucked into that lake in Divine Dragon Main Island. Like this, the detection magic arrays of the island will not detect you all.” Teresa said.

“Really? Is there truly such a place? Do Dragon King and the Elders not know about this?” Long Yi was pleasantly surprised.

“This method of entry and exit is useable only in thunderstorms, I accidentally found this way when I went to that lake to take bath. At that time, I used this method to sneak out of Divine Dragon Archipelago and go to Divine Dragon Continent. I think no one else should know about this.” Teresa said with a smile, remembering the past.

“Then, what are we waiting for? I will go and wake them up now.” Long Yi impatiently said in fear that the undercurrent exit would close.

In the midst of a heavy rainstorm and a strong gale, Teresa led Long Yi’s group of four to the sea. Since all of them had good swimming abilities, they quickly snuck into the undercurrent surge with Teresa’s guidance.

Sure enough, just like Teresa had said, in the depths of the sea was a powerful freshwater undercurrent gushing from a hole, and the seawater around that area was clear. It was truly peculiar.

Not long after that, this gushing freshwater suddenly stopped for a moment. As if it had encountered a huge suction force, the water began to rapidly flow black.

“Now is the time! Quickly jump in.” Teresa shouted.

Since they were already here, Long Yi naturally believed Teresa. He jumped in, pulling Liuli without any hesitation. Barbarian Bull and Li Qing followed closely behind, and they disappeared in the blink of an eye. Not long after, the suction force disappeared, and the big hole beneath the sea quietly closed.

Long Yi held his breath. He only felt the suction force pull him several hundred meters down, then he suddenly rose and shortly afterward, slammed into the lake.

Long Yi pulled Liuli to the surface and heard raindrops hitting the lake surface.

Not long after, the heads of Barbarian Bull and Li Qing also popped out from the water’s surface. Then, four people quietly swam towards the lake shore in tacit agreement.

Divine Dragon Main Island was very big. It seemed larger than all the other islands combined. However, only Dragon King, his family, the seven Great Elders, their family, and a few dragon guards lived here. Their numbers summed to less than one hundred. Moreover, with the thunder and lightning accompanied by heavy rain tonight, all of them should have gone to their caves to sleep.

The four people safely landed on the shore.

In the dense forest, they found a small concealed cave. Because of dragons’ huge builds, they usually didn’t linger in this kind of dense forest; therefore, they were a lot safer in this small cave.

“Boss, are we going to steal the Dragon King Seal?” Barbarian Bull asked.

Long Yi hit Barbarian Bull’s head and coldly said: “Steal a fart. We don’t know anything about the circumstances of this island. The most important matter is to figure out the terrain and find the Midi’er siblings.”

Barbarian Bull rubbed his head and just smiled. He was full of valor and vigor. His blood boiled for battle, but he completely ignored all kinds of stratagems.

“So, I will go out first to scout the terrain. As for you all, stay here and be sure not to leak your aura.” Long Yi warned, before disappearing into the forest.

Long Yi scanned around for high ground and saw the highest peak that pierced through the clouds far away from his position. That peak was very likely to be the place where Dragon King resided. It was reasonable to guess that the Midi’er siblings would also be there. Other than this tallest peak, there were many other big and small peaks on this island. Further away, a hazy mist covered the land, so he couldn’t see the ends of this island.

The size of this main island was somewhat beyond Long Yi’s expectations. If he wanted to clearly understand the terrain of such a big island, it would take a long time. It seemed that he needed to find the Midi’er siblings first. It would be much easier to accomplish the task with their help.

Long Yi flew toward the highest peak of the island. He used his spirit power to create a barrier around him to avoid leaking his aura. According to Midi’er, her father, Divine Dragon King, was the person who had the most prospects in several ten thousand years to breakthrough to the Dragon God realm. Thus, Long Yi could assume that the Dragon King was very powerful. Perhaps, the Dragon King might be able to sense and then be alerted if he accidentally leaked even a bit of his aura.

Not long after, Long Yi arrived at the foot of the highest peak. Walking forward a little, he suddenly stopped and quietly blended into the shadow of a big tree.

At the foot of this mountain were dragon guards. Although they dozed most of the time, their spirit power always covered the area they should guard.

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“It seems this will be somewhat troublesome,” Long Yi thought. These few dragon guards were very powerful, and their spirit power was also not weak. One should know that the perception from spirit power was very sensitive. Even if he completely retracted his aura, as long as he made any movements, he would be noticed. Long Yi could use his Great Cosmos Shift to teleport a few hundred meters, but the problem was that the spirit power of these dragon guards covered more than several hundred meters.

Long Yi had studied space magic a little. Although it was somewhat troublesome, if there was no mistake, he could teleport halfway up the mountain from his current position without any problems. However, the critical point was that using space magic gave rise to a powerful magic fluctuation, which would be easily noticed.

“Honglong!” A clap of thunder resounded throughout the sky and several lightning bolts streaked across the sky, leaving behind flashes of silver light.

The eyes of Long Yi shone. In this kind of thunderstorm, lightning magic elements would be considered normal. He smiled sinisterly.

With a thought, lightning magic elements within Long Yi’s sea of consciousness spread and gathered dense lightning magic elements in the air.

The dark clouds in the sky became denser and denser, and the wind and rain also got all the more violent.

“How come this summer rain is going on for so long? In addition, it is only getting bigger and bigger.” A dragon guard in a huge cave located at the foot of the mountain muttered to himself.

Crackle! A bolt of silverish purple lightning struck a huge rock in front of the dragon guard’s cave and was shattered into pieces. This shocked the dragon guard.

Nevertheless, this was just the beginning. A series of lightning bolts raced across the sky, and dozens of them struck around this dragon guard’s cave in succession. He was so scared that he shrunk back into his cave.

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“Without any reason, why on earth are you striking at me? Could it be that Heaven is jealous of my too handsome looks?” This dragon guard never thought that someone was using lightning magic to attack him. The first reason was that there was no one in Dragon Race that could use lightning magic, and the second reason was he never thought that someone could sneak onto the main island without anybody knowing nor triggering any magic detection arrays.

Along with an explosion, the cave entrance collapsed under the lightning strikes. This dragon guard was trapped inside this cave.

Seeing this, this dragon guard cursed in his heart and retracted his spirit power. In that brief moment, Long Yi used his Great Cosmos Shift and darted towards the peak.

As for that dragon guard, he used his dragon tail to sweep away the debris blocking the cave entrance. Then he spread out his spirit power once more to cover the area he had to guard. He didn’t know that an outsider had already snaked up the mountain.

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