Chapter 572: Trapped

His internal force and spirit power penetrated Xingxing’s mother’s sea of consciousness, dispersing her dragon power and moistening her damaged internal organs. This was not a simple matter.

Liuli and others quietly stood behind Long Yi: they didn’t even dare to breathe in fear that they would disturb Long Yi. They all knew that any disturbance could not be allowed when Long Yi treated someone.

Seeing Long Yi’s complexion gradually paling and that he was sweating profusely, all of them were anxious and worried, but they could do nothing to help.

Xingxing tightly grabbed Liuli’s hand. Their palms were moist, but it was unknown whether it was her sweat or Liuli’s sweat.

Suddenly, Long Yi’s pale handsome face twitched and he opened his tightly closed eyes. Then, the light spirit tablet shot out from his glabella and emitted a soft holy light, illuminating this huge dragon.

“Holy Spirit Radiance!” Long Yi shouted loudly, and his finger pressing against the glabella of this huge dragon trembled as tyrannical internal force gushed into her like the tide waters. Liuli and the others standing behind him were unable to stand stably. Sensing the ripple of energy in the air, they retreated a few steps back.

The over 100-meter-long huge dragon body convulsed in pain and vomited a mouthful of blood, but its life fluctuations suddenly strengthened.

Long Yi retrieved the light spirit tablet and sat on the ground, all his energy exhausted. In his heart, he cursed. He didn’t know which abnormal ghost had suppressed her power, but if not for the help of light spirit tablet, the mother of Xingxing would certainly have died even with his help.

“Young Master, are you all right?” Liuli walked over and sat down, supporting Long Yi. Seeing his frail appearance, she almost shed tears in pain.

Long Yi shook his head and glanced at Xingxing who squatted in front of the huge dragon with tearful eyes. He smiled and said, “Xingxing, don’t worry; your mother is fine. She will wake up in a while.”

“Really, big brother Long?” Just a moment ago, upon seeing her mother vomiting blood, Xingxing had mistakenly believed that she would never see her mother again. So, hearing Long Yi’s words, she was pleasantly surprised and a bit doubtful.

“Of course, when did this big brother Long deceive you?” Long Yi said with a smile. Circulating the internal force within his body, he recovered some energy.

Xingxing walked over to Long Yi and used her little hand to wipe the sweat off Long Yi’s face and said gratefully, “Thank you, big brother Long. Xingxing will repay you in the future.”

“Silly girl, you call me big brother. It is a matter of course for big brother to help younger sister. Where did the need to repay me come from?” Long Yi smiled and said. He truly liked this poor little girl.

“No, I have to repay you. My mother says that the favor of a drop of water should be repaid with the gratitude of a fountain of water. Hereafter, big brother is Xingxing’s family member. Xingxing will do whatever big brother wants Xingxing to do.” Little Xingxing looked serious like she was making a pledge.

Long Yi was startled. He pulled Xingxing into his bosom and said, nodding his head, “Fine, hereafter, Xingxing will listen to this big brother, okay?” Honestly speaking, his heart was somewhat shaken. A little girl had actually said the favor of a drop of water should be repaid with the gratitude of a fountain of water. Everybody knew the principle of this idiom, but there were many people devoid of gratitude who destroyed the bridge after crossing the river in this world.

“Mmm. Xingxing will listen to big brother Long hereafter.” Xingxing happily smiled as if she had obtained an extremely big present.

At this moment, the huge dragon in front of them jerked and opened her eyes with great difficulty. She gaped upon seeing several pairs of eyes looking at her with concern.

“Mother, you woke up?” Xingxing smiled childishly.

The dragon blinked her eyes and looked at her daughter snuggling up to a handsome youth. Then she observed the other two men and one woman standing beside them. Although they had the aura of a member of the Divine Dragon Clan, they didn’t resemble the clansmen of the Divine Dragon Clan.

A golden light flashed, and this huge dragon transformed into a beautiful woman wearing a long golden skirt. Her long golden hair hung loosely to her waist, and her facial features were very exquisite. As for her temperament, she looked gentle, but her beautiful face had a hint of abnormal paleness at this moment.

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Xingxing quickly ran over and rushed into the bosom of her mother.

The beautiful woman gently caressed Xingxing’s head while she examined the changes within her body. Suddenly, she was pleasantly surprised and wore a disbelieving look. Then, she gently separated from her daughter and walked over to Long Yi. She greeted him with proper human etiquette and said excitedly, “My name is Teresa. Thank you all for saving my life.”

Long Yi smiled and said, “Xingxing has already thanked us. Don’t mention it.”

“Mother, this big brother Long saved you. He is very powerful.” Xingxing jumped into Long Yi’s bosom and declared, rubbing the beard stubble of Long Yi. She didn’t know why, but she especially liked his beard stubble.

Seeing her daughter so attached to Long Yi, Teresa felt a little sad in her heart. This child was too lonely and greatly lacked a father’s love. So long as these people didn’t have malicious intentions in coming to Dragon Island, she hoped that they would accompany Xingxing. Merely, Dragon Island was so far away due to the sea separating it from the mainland, and no human had ever arrived here for thousands of years, so she didn’t know whether these people who had come were enemies or friends.

At this moment, the sky was already filled with stars and the sound of sea waves resounded throughout the island. It was a quiet and peaceful night.

Under the lead of Teresa, Long Yi and the others returned to the small log cabin in the middle of the flower garden. Xingxing had already fallen asleep in the bosom of Long Yi.

Long Yi gently placed Xingxing onto the bed, but just when he released his hand, she woke up and tightly hugged his neck. She refused to let go even after her mother told her to do so.

“Let me hold her. In any case, she is not heavy.” Long Yi spoke with a smile. In his heart, he felt an impulse to dote and protect this little girl.

Teresa helplessly nodded her head. How could a child lacking fatherly love easily let go after experiencing the long-awaited fatherly warmth? Nevertheless, these people would eventually leave. What would Xingxing do at that time?

Teresa made tea and poured it for the four people. Then, gracefully sitting on the main position, she said, “I just wanted to know why you all came to Divine Dragon Archipelago. As I imagine it, you all have quietly snuck in.”

Long Yi nodded his head and after mumbling for a bit, he said, “That’s right. We did indeed sneak in, but we don’t have any malicious intentions. I presume you should know about the matter of the prince of Demonic Dragon Clan and the princess of Divine Dragon Clan falling in love with each other.”

Teresa was startled, and she stared at Long Yi: “Did you all come for that matter?”

“Honestly speaking, after running away upon eloping, they gave birth to two daughters. The elder daughter named Liuxu is my woman, and the younger daughter is my…… eh….. that… adopted daughter. In addition, Midi’er and Leguxiya brought us here. We hope to rescue Fandi and Sa Lianya from the forbidden area of the Dragon Clan. I hope you can help us.” Long Yi said truthfully.

“So that’s how it is! Just now, did you say Liuxu is your woman?” Teresa looked at Long Yi in a daze and asked.

“That’s right,” Long Yi sipped a mouthful of tea and said. To be truthful, Liuxu couldn’t be considered his woman: they just shared some ambiguous feelings.

“Don’t you know that the unity of a human and a dragon is destined to be a tragedy? The lifespan of a human is too short. However, once you die, you will leave behind your wife who will spend the rest of her life in lonely bitterness. Have you ever thought about this? And by chance, if a child is born, then that child will never receive get fatherly love. Have you ever thought about this?” Teresa was somewhat agitated.

“Then… do you regret?” The black pupils of Long Yi flashed as he asked.

Teresa trembled, and she appeared perplexed. Only after a long time did she nod her head and say: “Whenever I see the longing within Xingxing’s eyes, I regret, regret that I cannot give my child a happy childhood, regret that I cannot give her a complete family.”

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“In other words, you regret falling in love with a human?” Long Yi asked.

“No, I have never regretted falling in love with him. Merely, I feel sorry for my child.” Teresa’s eyes were somewhat blurred as she recounted her past.

Teresa was Sa Lianya’s cousin. Perhaps, after Sa Lianya and Fandi, the prince of Demonic Dragon Clan, eloped, she was influenced by this kind of shocking and tear-jerking love. She who had just entered her rebelling age also snuck out of Divine Dragon Archipelago and went to the Blue Waves Continent. This matter occurred eight centuries ago. After that, she transformed into her humanoid form and traveled around. At that time, she became acquainted with a young Sword Saint in an eastern country of Blue Waves Continent. They got along very well, and for several years, they adventured all around Blue Waves Continent together. After a long time, these two shared a mutual affection. This man was born in a noble family; he had fine features, and his bearing was elegant; moreover, he knew how to enjoy life. Her current habits stemmed from his subtle influence.

At that time, Teresa had been a dragon girl who had placed love above everything else. Once she fell into it, she threw away her reason beyond the highest heaven. The two mated regardless of any consequences, and soon, she became pregnant. Merely, it took at least 200 years for a dragon to give birth upon being impregnated. How could her husband wait for such a long period of time? Soon after that, the people of Dragon Clan found her, and she was forcibly brought back to Dragon Island. Then several great elders jointly used their powers to suppress her power before throwing her to this small island. Since her dragon power had been sealed, she was basically unable to leave.

200 years later after that, when she had been about to give birth, she had begged the Dragon King and the elders to let her see that man once again and show him his child. At that time, the elder brother of Sa Lianya had already become the Dragon King. Since he was also her cousin, the Dragon King agreed to her request, and he instructed a senior clansman to go to Blue Waves continent to bring back that man. However, the senior dragon returned back with news that the man had already died one month ago. Moreover, he had also had several generations of offspring filling his house.

“The reason why I am telling you so much is that I don’t want you and Liuxu to walk down my old path. As for rescuing my cousin and cousin-in-law, I will help to the greatest of my abilities.” Teresa softly sighed.

“Thank you for your concern, but I and Liuxu will absolutely not walk down your old path because my lifespan is even longer than the Dragon Race’s.” Hearing the life story of Teresa, Long Yi sighed in his heart. He already had Lightning God’s, Water God’s and Wind God’s, these three main gods’ imprints on him; his lifespan basically had no limit. Unless he was killed with both his body and soul completely annihilated, he would become the undying old monster to later generations.

Teresa looked at Long Yi in amazement. Seeing his confident appearance, it seemed that he was not boasting. Merely, how could a human have a lifespan longer than a dragon? Still, she didn’t ask more about it.

“Young Master, it’s almost zishi [1].” At that time, Liuli pulled Long Yi’s sleeve and reminded.

[1] zishi: 11pm-1am

Long Yi looked at the sky and nodded his head. The time they were appointed to meet again with Midi’er brother and sister approached.

Long Yi gently handed over Xingxing to her mother Teresa. While sleeping, Xingxing restlessly swayed for a bit, but smelling her mother’s fragrance and aura, she calmed once more.

“You all should be very careful. There is a detection magic array on the master island. If an outsider broke into the island, then the Dragon King and the elders would be notified immediately,” Teresa warned.

“Thank you. We will be careful.” Long Yi said, and along with others, he hastily flew toward the rocky beach of the West.

The appointed time quickly arrived, but not even a shadow of a ghost could be seen.

Even after another two hours, Midi’er and her brother still didn’t come. Long Yi frowned and said, “We don’t need to wait any longer, it seems Midi’er and Leguxiya met with an accident, so they cannot come tonight.”

“Then, what should we do?” Barbarian Bull scratched his ox horn and asked.

“What can we do? Let’s go back and wait in Xingxing’s home.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said. Without a familiar person leading the way, he didn’t dare to rashly charge in. In any case, if they alerted the enemy by acting rashly, it would be much more difficult to rescue Liuxu’s parents.


At this moment, in a huge dark cave within the master island, Midi’er and Leguxiya fretfully paced back and forth.

“Big sister, think of a way! Father Emperor told us to face the wall for two months. If we do so, then wouldn’t brother-in-law and others misunderstand us?” Leguxiya anxiously asked.

“He is not your brother-in-law. Keep talking nonsense if you don’t want to live.” Midi’er was also vexed and hearing Leguxiya repeatedly addressing Long Yi as brother-in-law, she couldn’t help but get angry and kick his butt.

“Me calling him brother-in-law is not wrong. Liuxu is also my big sister. Did you think I was talking about you? As I see it, you basically don’t even enter his eyes.” Leguxiya rubbed his butt and muttered with hidden bitterness.

“You…… say that again.” Midi’er swung her fists in a threatening manner and ferociously glared at Leguxiya as she said, “Because you said that it was our chance to steal the Dragon King Seal, Father Emperor was alarmed, and we’re now placed in confinement.”

“Of course, I knew there was a chance that this would happen, but it was you big sister who broke the glass and alarmed father emperor. If it wasn’t for my quickly making a lie on the spot, I fear father emperor would have been suspicious.” Leguxiya muttered.

“Fine, even if that was my mistake, now is not the time to quarrel: we have to quickly think of a way out of here.” Midi’er impatiently waved her hands. This cave had a powerful barrier, and there were dragon guards guarding outside. It would be quite difficult to escape.

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