Chapter 185: If you don’t undress, how to treat?

Qin Tian wore a stunned and innocent expression as he first looked at Yan Bing then turning to look at Yan Xin who was a distance away.

“Qin Tian…” Ignoring the injuries on her body, Yan Bing furiously roared.

At this moment, if she still had some strength, she would really want to immediately rush up to Qin Tian and rip him apart.

Just roaring out that name, her body’s qi became a mess.

For a moment, her expression turned even paler as the pain became even more unbearable. However, her eyes were still locked onto Qin Tian.

Because of his scream, they felt restless in their hearts so they immediately rushed into the Ten Thousand Snake Valley. After searching for half a day, they still could not find him. They even thought that he was already in the belly of a snake. However, he was now standing before them, lively as ever without any mishap.

Yan Bing straight away knew that she was being played again.

This humiliating feeling made her very irritated.

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For the sake of finding Qin Tian, they had almost lost their lives. Though Qin Tian had saved them, not only did she not appreciate it, she put all the blame on Qin Tian.

It was all because of him that caused them to be in this situation.

However, Yan Bing had completely forgotten that it was her idea which forced Qin Tian to enter the Ten Thousand Snake Valley.

Qin Tian chuckled and ran to Yan Bing’s side, “Did you call for me?”

He was not bothered by Yan Bing’s anger. Although the two were rank 9 ascension realm cultivator, they were now heavily injured, so they did not pose a threat to him.

He could do whatever he wanted and nobody would be able to stop him.

In this Ten Thousand Snake Valley, there was no one in the surrounding. If he was to do something…

Qin Tian smiled sinisterly.

“If you dare to touch my little sister, I’ll kill you!” Just when Qin Tian’s thoughts wandered into the dangerous zone, Yan Xin’s threat rang out.

“With you in such a state, can you even do it?” Qin Tian impolitely rebuked. A thought suddenly appeared within his mind, “Since I cannot touch your little sister, you will just do.”


“Pu…” As Yan Xin became aware of Qin Tian’s inner thoughts, anger surged into her heart. She was unable to suppress her internal injuries, resulting in her spewed out a mouth full of blood and having her injuries worsened.

“Ai, sometimes it isn’t good to know other’s inner thoughts.” Qin Tian opened his arms in amusement. Following that, he kept Mao Mao and walked to Yan Bing’s side. His gaze contained ambiguity

“What are you trying to do?”

“Are you crazy?”

“Big sis, save me! Wu…” Yan Bing’s body trembled as she struggled with all her might while retreating backward. However her body’s inner qi was in a mess and every time she struggled, she felt immense pain. Seeing Qin Tian’s gaze filled with evil intention, she began to cry.

Though she is easy going, in the end, she is still a girl. Meeting such a situation, she was already frightened beyond measure.

“B*st*rd, if you dare touch a single strand of my little sister’s hair, I’ll make sure you die without a complete corpse.” After saying, Yan Xin did not care about her body’s injuries and directly shot out a sword. However, the power within this sword was insufficient. Before the sword reached Qin Tian, its qi had already dispersed.

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“You should better stop acting tough. Your injuries are much worse than hers.” Qin Tian indifferently advised as he cast a glance at Yan Xin who had just gotten up.

“Even if I’m on my last breath, I’ll still fight you!” Yan Xin’s gaze became disoriented and her body now did not emit coldness but killing intent. Holding onto her sword, her body suddenly trembled and an explosive ascension force was emitted from her body. Pointing at her target, her figure turned into ten thousand phantoms which then condensed into a single sword.

The blade was like a ten thousand years ice, causing the surrounding temperature to drop sharply. Qin Tian felt like he had been brought into a world filled with swords. A casual movement would cause him to be stabbed by all the swords.

Qin Tian hurriedly shouted, “You don’t want your life?” Before he finishes, Yan Xin’s sword struck down.

Qin Tian frowned as he cursed in his heart.

Having exhausted her qi but still forcefully condensing it, what’s the difference with courting death?

With the qi within the body in a mess, the five viscera and six bowels would be damaged. If the dantian is damaged, the road in cultivation would come to an end. Not everyone is like Qin Tian who have the leveling system.

Yan Xin, being a rank 9 ascension realm cultivator, her ascension force is immense. The sword she sent out with everything she got would definitely be extremely powerful.

Qin Tian was not able to avoid it.

“Flame of darkness, cut…”

Shouting out, the godly dark art was activated. Under the strengthening by 32 folds, the godly dark art’s second level, the flame of darkness was unleashed. The flame of darkness congregated into an enormous sword.

Facing Yan Xin’s sword, Qin Tian did not continue pondering as he shot out his sword.

The darkness of the godly dark art had an additional effect of engulfing. The second level of the godly dark art’s engulfing might would increase even further. Also, under the effect of the 32 fold strengthening, its might would be even more terrifying.

The dark sword and the dazzling white sword collide, producing a piercing sound.

Flame of darkness devoured madly while scattering crazily.

When the two swords collide, the ground trembled and every monster in the valley crawled along the ground, as if they could not withstand the pressure,

“To actually not be able to take it.”

Qin Tian was stunned. He was only in rank three ascension realm, his ascension force was not as profound as Yan Xin’s. Even with the 32 times increase, it would be hard to take on her strike containing all of her strength.

That strike contained the determination to kill.

No one can bully her sister. Qin Tian’s evil desires made her afraid. If this strike doesn’t kill him, the both of them may be in danger.

So, she did not hesitate to bet her life in this strike.

“Emperor’s Descend, suppress everything!”

Immediately, Qin Tian’s aura changed. The azure dragon cried out and attached itself upon the dark sword. Slowly, the dazzling white sword dissipated.

At the same time, Qin Tian decreased his force, until both powers vanished completely.

“Are you crazy?”

“Do you not want your life anymore?”

“Say, what’s the use of just knowing my inner thoughts?”

“As long as one’s a man, they will have such evil desires. Still, if I really wanted to do anything to you, I won’t have saved you. Ungrateful, don’t forget who’s the one that saved you. Truly infuriating.”

Qin Tian scolded and walked towards Yan Xin. Seeing her pale and weak face, his heart felt pained. He immediately knelt and carried her. “Don’t move.”

Yan Xin stared at Qin Tian coldly with eyes filled with killing intent. Although she tried to struggle, not one bit of strength could be brought out.

Seeing her sister being carried, Yan Bing was anxious. She got up, only to fall again when she wanted to rush up to him. “Evil Bastard, let my sister down!”

“Yi, why are you sisters like this?”

“Laozi wants to save you both ah.”


“Are you both mad?” Momentarily, Qin Tian felt a sense of powerlessness. Although his heart was filled with evil desires, the fact that he wanted to help was true. With their current injuries, if Qin Tian left them alone, they won’t be able to exit the Thousand Snake Valley.

As a man, as a not yet 20 years old impulsive man, facing two beautiful injured girls, what’s more, twins, who won’t develop evil desires?

Who dares to say no, Qin Tian will definitely title him sexually incompetent.

“You better not move, else even immortals and deities won’t be able to save you.” Qin Tian carried Yan Xin with a serious face.

Just that, his right hand inadvertently touched her thighs.

That feeling was indescribably splendid.

As Yan Xin was powerless, she could only use her gaze to kill Qin Tian again and again.

Qin Tian did not care and touched a bit more, making his heart waver……

He placed Yan Xin down and went to carry Yan Bing. Seizing the opportunity when she was struggling, he gave her twin peaks a grab, making her entire body numb.

“Bastard, let me down quickly!”

“Wait until I’ve recovered, I’ll pull out your tendons, peel off your skin and sacrifice your heart to refine a treasure!”


The more she struggled, the more Qin Tian was able to take advantage of and touch randomly. He did not care a bit about what would happen in the future.


In the end, he got Yan Bing beside Yan Xin. Seeing the pale face of her sister, Yan Bing teared up.


Tears welled up at the edge of Yan Xin’s eyes too.

“Alright, I guarantee I won’t do anything to you both, don’t think of me so badly.”

“I’m a very kind hearted person.”


Qin Tian sat in a lotus position in front of them and silently gathered his energy on his palms. He then stared at them seriously, “Are you removing your clothes yourself, or should I help?”



“Stinky bastard……”


Both the girls rained curses immediately, but their voices were simply weak.


“Seeing that you both don’t have the strength to do so yourself, I shall do it.” Qin Tian stood up with a helpless expression. “I’ll advise you to not circulate your Qi, otherwise you may die.”

“Evil being, if Lao Niang survives, she’ll refine your soul into a sword spirit, never to reincarnate!”

[Lao Niang – just another way people call themselves]


“Qin Tian, Master will not let you off.”

“Laozi is saving you, saving! How can you both treat me like this?” Qin Tian spoke while his hands continued to move. Clothes came off one at a time.


Skin white like jade, exuding an enticing smell. The sight made Qin Tian salivate.


Their upper bodies were plainly visible. Being partially naked in front of Qin Tian, they felt embarrassed to death as they wished to just find a place to hide.


The four perfect figures, smooth, round and firm, just made others wanting to grab them.

Qin Tian swallowed his saliva and revealed an intolerable look, before sighing softly, “You’ll understand my goodness later……”

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