Chapter 719 – Blood Moon

With a blink, he noticed that there was a stamp of urgency on the Spirit Crane that was uniquely used by Ink Guards.

Ji Mo Ya opened it.

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“Young Master, the Blood Moon has appeared along the boundary between Immortal Wave Empire and Purple Cloud Mountains…”

Ji Mo Ya was shocked!

He ignored the fainted assassin and strode out.


Currently, the entire human territory was filled with Spirit Crane messages, causing tension and excitement to rise.

Within the Holy Academia, Plant Sage lifted his head, his gaze seemed to pierce through all sorts of obstructions, “The Blood Moon! Looks like it is time for us humans to prosper!”


Hanging Cloud Empire, Bai Cheng Feng gaze towards the south, his face was unexpectedly displaying joy, “Men, prepare the carriage, immediately head to the Purple Cloud Mountains!”


Deep within the quiet and empty Nan Gong Clan, Nan Gong Bei Cheng was looking at the row of Spirit Words in his palm, his constantly cold expression was also showing changes as the excitement became hard to suppress, “To think that a Blood Moon has appeared, is the heavens giving our Nan Gong Clan a chance?”


Frozen Ice Academia.

Snow falls every day, covering everything in white, the ocean was just a sheet of ice while the Academia looked as though it had been carved out of ice…

Within a unique Ice Palace, was a spacious and empty area covered with decorations made of ice sculptures.

Suddenly, a hurried knock came from outside the door, “Snow Lady, Snow Lady. The Blood Moon has appeared again, the instructor told me to call you out of your closed-door cultivation…”

An ice sculpture of a beauty suddenly started to transform.

Slowly, from head to toe, the snow and ice melted. The beauty’s snowy jade-like skin blushed, while her limbs started to move.

The beauty emerged with an emotionless expression while her persona was off a frigid yet beautiful aura. With every step she took, the snow would dance, as though a deity of snow has graced the earth.

Her voice was also like ice, causing anyone who heard her to uncontrollably shudder, “Got it, I will be there soon.”


Dust started to fly in various countries and places as everyone started to travel towards, all of them gathered at the Purple Cloud Mountains.


When Huan Qing Yan came out of her dimension, two hours has already passed outside.

Ji Mo Ya was already waiting for her.

When she came out, he grabbed her hand and headed towards the parade square of Eta Hall.

Currently, Headmaster Wu Cang Hai who rarely appeared in front of students was already standing on a platform constructed on the parade square, his eyes were filled with joyous intent.

The one currently speaking was the Hallmaster of Eta Hall, Bai Yu Xi.

“…the Blood Moon appears irregularly. In the past it appeared once every century, several decades once, while in the recent decade it has appeared multiple times. The last time the Blood Moon appeared was five years ago, now it has resurfaced!  This is a rare opportunity, it is the fortune of the people of this generation…” his voice was deep, yet it could not hide the excitement he was trying to control.

On the parade square, many students have gathered with excited expressions.

Huan Qing Yan was brought to the outer regions of the parade square by Ji Mo Ya.

Huan Qing Yan was still confused about the situation, but due to the large amount of people gathered, she used her conscious to ask Ji Mo Ya, “Why are they all gathered here? What is a Blood Moon?”

Ji Mo Ya indicated for her to continue listening.

The Eta Hallmaster continued to speak excitedly, “Maybe some of you might not have heard of the Blood Moon, so allow this Instructor to explain to you. Every time the Blood Moon rises to a certain height, a spatial crack would appear on Spirit Treasure Continent. This crack is a tunnel, when entered,it will bring you to a hidden realm called the Blood Moon Hidden Realm! To put it bluntly, it is another small world!”

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