Chapter 718 – Pledge Loyalty

“Master, the Blood Moon has appeared at Immortal Wave Empire, currently at its initial phase…”

“Old Woman, the Blood Moon has appeared at Immortal Wave Empire, bring all the True Spirit Master kids from our clan and bring them over quickly…”


For the sake of surveying the surroundings, Dorna left their new volcano home and traveled for several miles.

Suddenly, he too saw the Blood Moon hanging up in the horizon; he has stayed amongst humans for some time and have heard of the matter regarding the Blood Moon.

Blood Moon, an extremely mysterious existence, yet it also held a great opportunity for humans.

He also wishes to try, if he could be selected by the Blood Moon, for becoming strong would just be a matter of time.

The Ancestral Sage has fallen, the totem has lost its powers, and the Gnomes were having a crisis.

As the King of his people, he has the innate responsibility of bringing his people towards prosperity; they cannot always rely on the humans for protection.

He wishes to take the risk!


Within the prison of Zero Light Hall, the assassin was on his last breath.

The energy flow within his body was in chaos while his seven orifices bled out; he was laid down on the floor with serious internal injuries like a dying dog.

When Ji Mo Ya entered, the gloomy prison suddenly illuminated.

“Young Master Ya, please let me go. I am your mother’s subordinate, everything is just a misunderstanding; your mother is doing this for your own good…” the assassin used his divine sense to communicate with Ji Mo Ya.

As he had received a direct attack from the Skyward Howler, his mouth has lost its ability to speak while his ears had lost its ability to listen, he was not able to hear nor speak and could only use his divine sense to relay his words.

Ji Mo Ya replied using his conscious as well, “Mother should know that I am not a compassionate person and should have been prepared long ago, yet she still sent you to your death. From the looks of it, your standing in my mother’s heart is only this much, you are a person who deserves to die…”

The assassin turned pale as his gaze shook.

“No, I am representing Madam. Killing me will be akin to killing your mother, this is a great disrespect!”

Ji Mo Ya stepped on the assassin’s body, “Rest assured, I will not kill you, just cripple your cultivation. After that, I will chop off your limbs and sent them to my mother as a return gift. No matter what the reason was; to dare to touch my woman, giving death is just too cheap so having a fate worse than death should be your just desserts!”

His tone was cold and calm, as though he was merely someone reciting a poem.

The assassin was terrified as he started shedding tears of blood on the spot, “Young Master! Please let me go, I am also one of the guards of the Ji Mo Clan. Let me go, I am willing to pledge my loyalty under you!”

Ji Mo Ya’s expression was bland as he looked down on the assassin, “If you are here to kill me, I might be able to forgive you. However, you attempted to kill my woman; my deepest apologies, this is an unforgivable sin!”

Only despair was left within the assassin’s eyes.

At that instant, a pulse of spirit energy appeared in front of Ji Mo Ya.

It was a message from Madam Ru!

“Little Ya, release him unharmed, it is Mother’s fault this time. If you have any grievances just put it on Mother…”

Ji Mo Ya shattered the Spirit Crane, the Cosmos Brush appeared and aimed towards the assassin’s body, destroying his Dantian and thus crippling his cultivation.

The assassin immediately fainted.

After that, he turned and ordered Mo Si, “Chop off his limbs and get someone to send it to Mother.”

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“Yes, Young Master.”

Suddenly, another pulse of spirit energy appeared. Thinking that it was from Madam Ru again, Ji Mo Ya displayed an unworried expression and was about to ignore it…

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