Chapter 6 – The Sixth Apostle

Bone Dragon, it has two horns on its head and eyes of dark flames, its body was covered in rugged phosphorescence bone spikes. It could be said to be a representative of dark beauty.

Within the gloomy dark forest were two lords of the Bone Dragons, they were 15 meters long and were unfolding their large fleshy wings.

Currently, this corner of the withered forest was covered in flames, creating a hundred-meter radius of crimson land. The two Bone Dragon Lords were engaging in fierce combat, they were fighting to determine who would become the true leader and lead their group to dominate the skies.

As the Bone Dragons engaged in combat, the Trialist at the edge of the battlefield was not wasting time as well, they were killing each other while paying attention to the progress of the Bone Dragons’ battle.

Equipment dropped during the Trial possessed the special trait of ignoring level requirements, they were waiting for the fight between the Bone Dragons to end. If they could obtain a piece of high-level equipment that ignores level requirement, they would be able to obtain greater convenience in the game.

[Ding. You have bragged a Lv.3 Awesome, obtained 13,000 Awesome Points. Please keep up the good work]

In front of the Bone Dragons’ battlefield, Lin Xiao Bei activated Crazy Bragging Mode.

Along the way, 3 more people have obtained Apostle Titles, this meant that many powerful Trialists were already on the verge of completing their mission. With only 5 more spots left, time was very tight.

However, looking at the information shared by the girl, the combined remaining health of these two Bone Dragon Bosses were over 50 thousand. He did not have enough Awesome Points now.

“I am Superman, I can pick up Earth and fly around it twice while dragging it!”

[Ding. You have bragged a Lv.5 Awesome, obtained 28,000 Awesome Points. Mother Earth detected that your bragging is disrespecting her and has specially issued you a stern warning.]

“Warn my ass! A warning for only 28,000! Didn’t you see that there’s still not enough Awesome Points?” Lin Xiao Bei complained angrily.

He only has one last chance to use [Awesome Acquisition], he had wanted to retain a few thousand Awesome Points after bragging the Bone Dragons to death, allowing him to brag in the later part of the game.

“Damn it. I am going all out. I am Super Saiyan 18, I can destroy 666 Earths with one punch!”

[Ding. You have bragged a Lv. Max Awesome, obtained 100,000 Awesome Points. Your bragging has greatly disrespected Mother Earth, you will be punished for the disrespect.]

Punished? What the heck was that? Who cares, now that there was enough Awesome Points, time to kill the Boss and become the Sixth Apostle first.

Just as Lin Xiao Bei was charging towards the Bone Dragons and about to make the exchange to kill them.

[Ding. Your party member has disbanded the party]

“What?” Lin Xiao Bei was shocked while he felt an extremely dangerous aura coming from behind him at the same time.

He stopped his steps and pushed with all his might to jump backward, he wanted to use the clash between the momentum of his frontal charge and the backward jumping force to shake off the girl.

The strategy worked, due to the unstable center of gravity, the girl’s dagger stabbed air instead.

However, the girl’s movement was agile, like a silent ghost she tried to attack Lin Xiao Bei a second time immediately.

‘Ping’, the clash of metal was heard as Lin Xiao Bei held his long blade in reverse grip and blocked the attack. At the same time, he punched the back of the blade and used the force to push away the girl several meters back.

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“Are you crazy? Why did you attack me?” Lin Xiao Bei was confused.

He had just established a basic trust with the girl, even if it was something despicable like killing for benefits, he has yet to kill a Bone Dragon, so what benefits was there to talk about? Wait a minute, did she got angry because he joked about King Kong?

“I have checked your information; Your surname is Lin and not Ye. The Inch-Force Striking Art of the Ye Clan is only thought to their direct descendants, speak, where did you learn it from? Did you kill a member of the Ye Clan and stole the Inch-Force Striking Secret Manual?”

The girl’s voice was cold and held no shred of emotions.

“F***, so that is the reason. I have no time to explain to you, let’s talk after I kill the Bone Dragon!”

After he spoke, Lin Xiao Bei turned towards the Bone Dragons and dashed towards them as fast as he could.

“Stop right there!” the girl raised her dagger and gave chase.

“I am not stopping for you, I have already killed those two Dark Flame Bone Dragon Lords and have become the 6th Apostle!”

As he ran, Lin Xiao Bei pressed [Awesome Exchange].

As expected, immediately after he made the brag, the huge bodies of the fighting Bone Dragons shuddered and collapsed, causing even the great earth to shake.

[Ding. You consumed 58,000 Awesome Points and successfully bragged the deaths of two Lv. 60 Dark Flame Bone Dragon Lords. Remaining Awesome Points: 88,070] [Ding. You obtained experience…] [Ding. You have reached Lv. 9, obtained…]


[Ding. You have successfully completed the Trial, obtained the Apostle Title <Nightmare>…]

Ten consecutive notifications appeared but Lin Xiao Bei ignored all of them, he dashed towards the great loot field created by the two Bone Dragons.

However, while Lin Xiao Bei ran, the other Trialist that has been observing the Bone Dragons nearby had also entered a state of frenzy.

“The Bone Dragons have dropped a large amount of loot, there are many high-level pieces of equipment without level requirements! Act quickly! First come first serve!”

Run, run madly, like a flood, over ten thousand Trialists were frantically running towards the Bone Dragons’ loot field.

“Damn it! All this equipment belongs to me! I Am Omnipotent! Convert all my useless Perception into Agility!”

[Ding. You have used the skill I Am Omnipotent, consumed 5 MP. For the next ten minutes, your Perception -27. Your Agility is now 54]

54 Agility, 54 Speed. In that instant, Lin Xiao Bei who was already the closest to the loot field has become the lead runner of the entire group.

He ran to the huge loot field and immediately swiped everything noteworthy into his bag.

[Ding. You picked up 76 x HP Potion (Large), 68 x MP Potion (Large), 3 x Free Attribute Potion]

“Good stuff, all in the bag!”

[Ding, you picked up 387 Gold Coins 76 Silver Coins 18 Bronze Coins]

“I am rich! To the bag!”

[Ding. You have picked up 1 x Lv. 60 Orange Unique Equipment (Sly Smiling Mask of the Night). Will you equip?]


[Ding. You have picked up 1 x Lv. 50 Green Set Equipment (Treacherous Cloak of Dark Flames). Will you equip?]


[Ding. You have picked up 1 x Lv. 50 Green Set Equipment (Treacherous Scimitar of Dark Flames). Will you equip?]


[Ding. You have picked up 1 x Lv. 50 Green Set Equipment (Treacherous Robe of Dark Flames). Will you equip?]


After equipping four high-grade equipment, the vibe that Lin Xiao Bei emitted went through a transformative change.

The exquisite robe displayed the grace of ancient medieval nobles, the magic scimitar that was embedded with precious stones signified peerless nobility, the cloak with golden fringes and possessed a luxurious collar made from snow fox fur fluttered majestically while the strange smiling mask gave him a rather strange and dark feeling.

Just as Lin Xiao Bei was about to pick up the rest.

‘Thud thud thud thud…’ countless approaching sounds could be heard.

“F***! That kid has beaten us to it!”

“Kill that brat!”

“Kill him! Steal the treasures!”


Over ten thousand Trialist rush towards Lin Xiao Bei like madmen.

Seeing the dense wave of people coming at him, a trace of disdain flashed through Lin Xiao Bei’s eyes, now that he has the equipment while his Apostle Moment should be starting at any moment. He could use this opportunity to use his last Awesome Exchange to plant a sacred and inviolable image within the hearts of all the remaining Apostles.

He slowly put down the remaining things that he has yet to keep inside his bag, Lin Xiao Bei’s black cloak with gold fringes fluttered without wind. He unsheathed his blade and pointed it at the ten thousand thugs rushing at him, putting on the most awesome looking chuunibyo smile he has ever tried in this life.

“Ignorant ones. I, am the terminator of Bone Dragon Lords, I am your Supreme Sixth Apostle! Kill me? Come! I use your wailing cries as the testimony of my Apostle Glory! Hahaha, appear! My Apostle Moment!”

It seems like the heavens have heard Lin Xiao Bei’s calls and had replied to him.

[Ding. Stage-Wide Announcement!] [A Trialist has completed the Trial and has obtained the Sixth Apostle Title: <Nightmare>. Special Rewards: 10 Skill Points, 10 Free Attribute Points, 1 Rare Skillbook. Apostle Moment Activa… ka… ka…]

When the announcement appeared, all the Trialist that surrounded Lin Xiao Bei felt their asses tightened, the High Apostles could command all other Apostles and they have offended the Sixth Apostle. How could they survive the future days to come!?


[Ding. Stage-Wide Announcement!] [A Trialist has completed the Trial and has obtained the Seventh Apostle Title: <Bloodthirsty>. Special Rewards: 10 Skill Points, 10 Free Attribute Points, 1 Rare Skillbook. Apostle Moment Activated, please share your Apostle Glory!]

The mirage-like image appeared in the sky, within it was the image of countless bats flying about, within the bat horde stood a graceful and noble looking man.

Just that his current handsome face was displaying an extremely weird and comical look.

“Gi Ri Gu Lu ##%$#!#!%!#!$$…!”

(General Idea: What? Is it because I completed the mission too fast and took away the opportunity of that unlucky 6th fella, preventing him from having his limelight?)

After speaking, the handsome man disappeared.

[Ding. Stage-Wide Announcement!] [No matter if a High Apostle is an NPC or a monster, they would all become the lord of a territory and a city, allowing them to have greater convenience for their development within the game. Fight and take them for yourselves!] [Ding. Stage-Wide Announcement!] [Seventh Apostle <Bloodthirsty>. Rise!]

Apostle Moment ended, over ten thousand pairs of eyes turned to look at Lin Xiao Bei.

‘Phew… that fella is still here.’ All the Trialist sighed in relieve.

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And continued by turning vicious again.

“Brat, you dare to deceive us, you are dead meat!”

Everyone charged towards Lin Xiao Bei.

Seeing the murderous wave, Lin Xiao Bei turned and shamelessly ran away. As he ran, he heard a notification.

[Ding. For being disrespectful to Mother Earth, your punishment is as follows: Within a day, you will experience 3 unlucky moments!] [Ding. Sorry Player Lin Xiao Bei, during your Apostle Moment, the 7th Apostle had also finished his mission. Due to a lack of energy from Mother Earth, your mission has experienced a bug and the progress is currently stuck. Please wait for 10-30 minutes, Mother Earth will return to solve your problem after a short rest]

“Unlucky? Stuck? F***! Can there be such a coincidence? Mother Earth, you are definitely doing this on purpose!”

Just as Lin Xiao Bei was resenting, a familiar voice came from inside him, causing his spirits to perk up.

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