Chapter 48: Chaos

In the first floor hall, Xiao Xiuwen spotted Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. creeping into a corner and made a phone call.

He felt uneasy. This is already all of the Xiao family’s manpower. Could it be…

As he pondered, a sudden and intense knocking sounded loudly.

No one noticed the first few knocks but soon everyone heard then, they all turned towards that direction.

It was actually the sound of the rolling shutter!

What’s happening outside? Why is someone knocking the door? It can’t be that there are still people coming in?

Xiao Xiuwen didn’t understand what was going on, but Wu Song and Lin Chong certainly knew what it was!

It was obviously the other men from the truck!

At that moment, the two of them quickly utilized what was left of their time to fight. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have the chance to lay a finger on the enemy later.

The people inside the building had completely no idea about what was going on outside. The spies hidden in the dark were stunned. No one could believe what they saw.

Who are these people?!

A big knife on their backs and a Zen stick in their hands; they even had a mace!

A hairy-chested, strong man, stood in front of the rolling shutter with a pair of big axes in his hands. His hair was as long as his beard, covering his whole face.

He yelled as he used his axe to cut open the big iron gate.

Is this an act? Or a joke?

Everyone was stupefied by the scene in front of them, cold chills suddenly shivered down their spines!

After all that strong man actually used his axe to chop open the rolling shutter!

Big brother, that’s a rolling shutter! Could you imagine anyone using an axe to open it?

It was then that the people in the hall suddenly heard a thunderous voice!

“Open this door for grandpa!”

The rolling shutter was opened!

“You’re such a useless dark man. Go away, you took such a long time to open the iron door!”

[TLN: The other men nicknamed him the dark man because of his skin colour. His name is An Tieniu.]

A man shouted while pushing Tie Niu away, before using both of hands to rip the shutter apart with the help of the small slit made by the axe.

Xiao Xiuwen’s mind went blank.

He didn’t understand what was happening. How could there be anyone in the world who could tear open a rolling shutter?

If Su Qiubai heard it, he would definitely ask him this question: Have you ever seen anyone use their bare hands to pull out a willow together with its roots?

[TLN: The person who ripped the door apart was Flowery Monk. In the novel Water Margin, it was told that he had pulled out a willow together with its roots because there was a noisy crow that was said to bring bad luck, on it.]

Killed Zhen Guanxi with only three punches, you think that Flowery Monk’s playing with you!

[TLN: Zhen Guanxi was an abuser. Lu Zhishen/Flowery Monk was angered by his actions so he killed him with only three punches. After that, he moved somewhere else which was where he pulled out the willow.]

Sure enough, as soon as the iron gate was torn open, Lu Zhishen laughed and rushed in with his Zen stick. His bald head as big as a basketball, and the rosary on his chest swaying.

That scene was enough to stun Xiao Xiuwen. He watched as one after another, people barged in from the broken iron gate.

The fighters slowly retreated and stared at each other.

“Which idiot kidnapped my sister, you’d better show yourself now!”

When everyone rushed in, Lu Zhishen waved his Zen stick, ready to kill.

On the other side, Xiao Xiuwen was dumbfounded. Whatever plans he had earlier were all forgotten by now.

“Who the heck are you?”

Holding on to the last bit of the Xiao family’s arrogance, Xiao Xiuwen stared at them and asked.

Su Qiubai thought of a reply. After all, if he let them know that these guys were from Liang Mountain, the whole situation would definitely become a mess.

However, who knew that after Xiao Xiuwen’s words left his mouth, Li Kui had already taken out a pair of axes. He shouted “I’m your grandpa!”, and then sprinted towards the fighters, the excitement in his eyes completely scaring the other party.

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[TLN: Li Kui is nicknamed as Black Whirlwind. Also known as An Tieniu or the dark man.]

Seeing Li Kui dashed out, the other men immediately followed. Just like that, the group of brawny men charged towards the fighters like a pack of wolves.

That situation was simply too strange.

There were clearly only twenty people on Su Qiubai’s side, and about two to three hundred fighters from the Xiao family. However, it looked like Su Qiubai’s side was much more powerful.

After observing the two parties fighting, the whole scene was simply murderous!

The Elite force, the ten hidden cards… They’re all just a joke!

Can you imagine how powerful the men are, smashing walls using a mere Zen stick? A fist hitting your body would feel like a huge rock crushing down on you. If they slap you, your teeth will surely fall off.

That was what Xiao Xiuwen’s fighters were experiencing now.

Those fighters usually enjoyed bullying others. They deceived people and even stole their money.

They had hundreds of more people than Su Qiubai’s side, but some of them were already crying, just from Li Kui’s death stare. They hid in a corner, with their weakened legs, scared to get up!

These people aren’t human at all; they’re a bunch of monsters! In fact, they’re monsters that can kill people without batting an eye!

Fortunately, before Su Qiubai came here, he had warned those courageous men several times. Song Jiang had also nagged them to not kill. Otherwise, there would surely be a river of blood in the Xiao family’s Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den. But one thing different was that the blood would be the Xiao family’s.

“Big brother, let’s go!”

Wan Qiuyang’s legs were also weakened, especially after seeing that only a few fighters were still left standing. Whenever Wu Song appeared, everyone immediately laid on the ground and pretended to be dead.

That wasn’t according to the initial plan at all. It was now obviously a massacre!

Su Xiaoxiao31Su XiaoxiaoSu Qiubai's sister; also written as Xiao Xiao in this novel. and Cao Toufei were also confused. When they were kidnapped, they were worried that Su Qiubai would definitely suffer a big loss to save them. How could he single-handedly fight against the Xiao family?

Just an hour ago, the thugs who were watching them said that if Su Qiubai dared to enter the Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den, he would surely die!

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However, they were all lying on the ground now with their eyes closed, pretending to be dead!

Su Xiaoxiao was relieved as long as her brother was safe.

On the other hand, Cao Toufei was excited. He was tied to a pillar but he couldn’t wait to join the fight!

He had made up his mind: I’ll definitely have a bright future following this boss!

Xiao Xiuwen heard Wan Qiuyang’s words and slowly recovered from his sluggishness. Then, he hurried away with Wan Qiuyang in order to escape the place.

“You dare to run, stand still!”

With that, an axe flew over and stuck into the wall in front of them!

If Wan Qiuyang hadn’t ducked fast enough, his head would definitely have fallen off.

Xiao Xiuwen and Wan Qiuyang were half scared to death. Normally in their business, it was inevitable that they would hurt people, but that was because they had no choice.

However, it was nothing compared to that hairy man.

Viewing his posture as he threw the axe, it was obvious that he would have killed them! But his eyes were still filled with excitement!

Xiao Xiuwen and Wan Qiuyang finally determined that these people were demons!

No one knew what was happening in the Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den at that moment. The forces from all parties couldn’t resist any longer, especially when they saw the last man come out from the truck.

In a bar near the building, dozens of fighters were quietly waiting for Gu Qianshan’s orders. They were ready to go in and help Su Qiubai.

Gu Qianshan frowned as he waited for the next step.

His plan was simple. He must save Su Qiubai. But what method could he use so that Su Qiubai would be grateful to him? Of course rushing in to help during the most critical moment!

After all, the Xiao family was tough. He might lose a lot of people in saving Su Qiubai. To pay such a huge price, undoubtedly he must get something worthy in return.

“Boss, I just got the news. The Xiao family has sent out all their elite forces into the Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den. Even the ten men were back!”

A voice sounded from the phone call.

Having that heard, Gu Qianshan was anxious. He didn’t expect the Xiao family to make such preparations. Su Qiubai mustn’t die!

Tensed, he quickly ordered.

“Go! Go now! No matter what, we must save Su Qiubai!”

With that, the group of fighters immediately stormed out of the bar and charged towards the building.

Upon arriving at the door, they could already hear screams inside. That made Gu Qianshan even more anxious; he secretly prayed that Su Qiubai was alright.

After scrambling over the roller shutter, before he could comprehend what was going on, Xiao Xiuwen, who was hiding in a corner, shouted at him.

“Big brother Gu, help!”

Subconsciously, Gu Qianshan agreed right away.

Then, he stopped.

Dumb arse, I’m not here to save you!

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