Chapter 49: Xiao Xiuwen’s Territory

Xiao Xiuwen didn’t bother about what Gu Qianshan was doing here.

In the past, despite the Xiao family treating the Gu family politely, they had always wished for their death.

That was why Xiao Xiuwen had always targeted the Gu family the entire time. In fact, all the arrangements he made were for the Gu family.

But today, he felt as if he was seeing his father when he saw Gu Qianshan.

Using his last bit of strength to rise from the ground, Xiao Xiuwen scrambled towards Gu Qianshan.

Those few tens of meters it took made him feel as if he was escaping from hell.

Gu Qianshan was dumbstruck.

What happened to Xiao Xiuwen? Has he gone crazy? Why is he running towards me? He actually thinks I’m here to save him!

However, seeing that he had already come over and was even pulling on his sleeves, Gu Qianshan kept his thoughts to himself.

Looking at the situation, he had an unbelievable idea of what had happened.

Not only him, even the rest of the Gu family’s people could clearly guess what had happened. They discovered the Xiao family’s most skilled fighters lay out on the ground, including one of the ten men who was held above the ground by a brawny with a mace.

The Xiao family really had a huge problem!

Finally able to confirm his guess, Gu Qianshan immediately devised a new plan.

It seemed that from the beginning everyone had underestimated Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel.’s ability. He was 10,000 times more terrible than what anyone could’ve ever imagined!

Since the Xiao family was stuck in such a situation, if Gu Qianshan could save Xiao Xiuwen, then maybe the Xiao family would be grateful to the Gu family!

“Oh, there are more fighters! You guys came in at just the right time. I’ll let you have a taste of grandpa’s punch!”

Lu Zhishen was feeling depressed since there weren’t a lot of Xiao family’s fighters left. Just a short fight and they had all fallen to the ground!

Unexpectedly, another bunch of fighters actually came in! He yelled in excitement before charging straight at them.

Su Qiubai spotted them as well and immediately recognized Gu Zhanchuan27Gu ZhanchuanGu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter.'s bodyguard. who was in the group.

He guessed that they were Gu family’s fighters, but didn’t they say that they were going to help me? Why are they rescuing Xiao Xiuwen?

The confusion stopped him from halting Lu Zhishen and preventing him from rushing towards them.

On the other side, Gu Qianshan had spotted the brawny man dashing over to them, but he didn’t look like the Wu Song Gu Zhanchuan had described. Gu Qianshan was relieved and made up his mind to attack the man. First, he would let Su Qiubai bear witness to the Gu family’s strength, then he would save Xiao Xiuwen so as to not offend both parties.

If Xiao Xiuwen heard ​​Gu Qianshan’s plan, he would have definitely called Gu Qianshan an idiot.

Do you really think that the Gu family is that powerful? Please use your brain. My people have already been crushed by Su Qiubai’s helpers. You dare to get involved? The bald man and that hairy man are basically monsters!

May Buddha bless you.

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However, Gu Qianshan didn’t know what Xiao Xiuwen was thinking. He ordered an equally tall bodyguard to fight with Lu Zhishen.

The bodyguard was instantly thrown back.

The whole process was swift. The two men’s fists clashed against each other, the momentum causing the bodyguard to fly backwards.

The flying body landed beside Gu Qianshan’s foot. Other people also spotted broken bones sticking out of the elbow.

Knowing that he had made a wrong decision, Gu Qianshan took a deep breath. But it was too late. Lu Zhishen had already appeared before him. Xiao Xiuwen hid behind him, so any punches would land directly on Gu Qianshan.

Seeing how terrible his bodyguard had ended up after a punch, cold sweat slowly rolled down Gu Qianshan’s forehead.

Fortunately, Gu Zhanchuan was able to dash forward and block Lu Zhishen’s fist.

Gu Zhanchuan was pushed back several steps before colliding with a wall. His chest shook, but he was able to block the punch in the end.

Lu Zhishen laughed and grabbed Gu Qianshan by his collar, raising him high up into the air.

The Gu family was deathly terrified. If Gu Qianshan was thrown to the ground from that high, he would end up dead or unconscious. Then, the rest of the Gu family would definitely not be able to escape. But who else could dare to block the bald man? No one would do it.

“Mr. Su, help!”

With the last remaining piece of hope, Gu Zhanchuan desperately cried out for help.

Su Qiubai heard Gu Zhanchuan and spotted Lu Zhishen lifting Gu Qianshan. He quickly yelled at Lu Zhishen.

Lu Zhishen didn’t throw Gu Qianshan. Hanging in the air, Gu Qianshan felt his whole body shaking. This is too terrifying!

“Brother, put the person down. This may all just be a misunderstanding.”

While saying that, Su Qiubai sprinted over. He had just finished untying the ropes on Su Xiaoxiao31Su XiaoxiaoSu Qiubai's sister; also written as Xiao Xiao in this novel. and Cao Toufei. He didn’t expect the situation to become life-threatening.

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In the hall, almost everyone from the Xiao family was beaten up, so the remaining courageous men ended up following behind Su Qiubai.

It painted a picture that was permanently set into everyone’s mind.

This is too shocking!

One might expect this kind of human beast to only appear in movies, not in reality! No wonder the Xiao family called this place the Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den. It was truly prepared for today.

“Mr. Su, it’s really a misunderstanding. We’re here to save you.”

Clutching onto his chest, Gu Zhanchuan trudged towards him while anxiously trying to explain the situation.

Gu Qianshan, who was still held in the air by Lu Zhishen, also cried. “Yes, it’s all a misunderstanding! We’re really here to save you.”

After listening to the both of them, Su Qiubai asked Lu Zhishen to put Gu Qianshan down.

Gu Qianshan felt his life return to him once his feet safely touched the ground.

He glanced at Xiao Xiuwen, still hidden amongst his fighters. A sudden anger burned through his back.

It was all because of that idiot’s scream, because of it, he had almost got himself killed and even his bodyguard broke an arm.

With no hesitation, he dragged Xiao Xiuwen out.

Gu Qianshan no longer planned to take advantage of the situation. In fact, he was regretting a lot right now.

He secretly scolded himself for what he had though earlier! Let Su Qiubai see the Gu family’s strength? Save Xiao Xiuwen at the same time? I was simply digging a hole for myself!

“Mr. Su, it’s all because of this rascal. I don’t even know him. You can just get rid of him!”

As Xiao Xiuwen remained stunned speechless, Gu Qianshan responded seriously to Su Qiubai.

Xiao Xiuwen almost vomited blood upon hearing his words!

I understand if you don’t want to save me, but what do you mean by you don’t know me? Sorry to say, but the truth is that we’re the closest families in Donghai City!

But it wasn’t the time to say that now. Xiao Xiuwen was really afraid!

He was very worried that Su Qiubai would make a fuss, if he did then his bones would surely be crushed by Su Qiubai’s brothers.

Xiao Xiuwen immediately kneeled on the ground.

“Brother Su, all of the previous accidents were my family’s fault. It was my son Xiao Yun that forced your sister to jump first, I even requested the hospital to threaten your sister. I owe you. Please, I’m willing to cut off an arm as an apology. I just hope that you could let my family go.”

With that said, before anyone could understand what was going on. Xiao Xiuwen picked up a machete from the ground and cut off his left arm without hesitation.

This was, in fact, how Xiao Xiuwen was able to survive all those years, facing groups of forces and thugs while protecting and expanding his territory. In the end, it was purely professional: Whoever loses must pay the price!

The only difference was that in the past he was always the winner, but today he had lost!

Gu Qianshan felt that it was unbearable to listen to Xiao Xiuwen’s words. After all, they had been fighting each other for so many years to no end. He had never expected that the Xiao family would be completely knocked down today, all at the hands of a taxi driver.

However, no one had anticipated that the machete would be kicked away only a few centimeters away from Xiao Xiuwen’s arm.

After a moment, Xiao Xiuwen looked up at Su Qiubai in shock, as it was he who kicked the machete away.

“What would I do with your arm?! Just remember not to mess with me!”

Su Qiubai yelled.

The reason as why he was willing to let Xiao Xiuwen off so easily was because he had checked over Su Xiaoxiao and Cao Toufei and found both of them unharmed, as a result most of his anger had already dissipated earlier.

Besides, he had broken the bones of almost everyone from the Xiao family, so his revenge was pretty much done.

Plus, Xiao Xiao would still be attending school here. Su Qiubai was certain that after this incident, no matter how courageous the Xiao family was, they wouldn’t dare to provoke Xiao Xiao anymore.

That was enough for him. Obtaining XIao Xiuwen’s arm as well would be even more troublesome!

However, before Xiao Xiuwen could say anything more, Li Kui became anxious!

Holding an axe, he directly pulled on Su Qiubai’s arm.

“Brother, is that it? I just got into the mode. How about we beat up these people too?”

The Gu family’s expression changed.

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