Chapter 50: Find Out the Truth

“Mr. Su, we’re really here to save you!”

Before Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. could speak, Gu Qianshan quickly reassured. He had no choice… That group of courageous men was too ferocious!

They were going to beat up a person just because they had a different opinion. The more important thing was that so far, they were the ones beating up others, no one was capable enough to fight back.

Gu Zhanchuan27Gu ZhanchuanGu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter.'s bodyguard. also continued, “Yes, we’re really here to save you!”

They spoke in fear. The other bodyguards at the back also had the same expression. They shivered as they faced the courageous men.

Looking at Li Kui, Su Qiubai smiled, “Forget it, they really came here to help us.”

The Gu family was relieved upon hearing that.

However, Li Kui was just the opposite. After a moment’s hesitation, he chased after Su Qiubai and asked, “Are you sure? These people look exactly like the ones lying on the ground. Who knows what’s their true intention is brother. It’s best that we fight them as well to find out the truth!”

Li Kui’s eyes were as big as a brass bell, putting Su Qiubai into a daze.

He had long known that Li Kui was aggressive. It seems that it’s really true!

However, after some consideration, he glanced back at the courageous men behind him, they’re all not someone you’d want to fight with.

The Gu family had their hearts up to their throats after hearing Li Kui’s words.

Some people even angrily muttered… Darn it, what do you mean by it’s better to fight us to find out the truth? Do you think we’re animals?

Of course, no one dared to utter a single word. Otherwise, those men would really kill them.

“Tie Niu, if you dare hustle one more time, I’ll go back and tell brother. Then, we’ll see how he’ll handle you.”

Suddenly, Lin Chong stood out and gave a warning.

Sure enough, Li Kui was still afraid of Song Jiang the most. When he heard Lin Chong’s warning, he immediately shut his mouth and picked up his axes. Su Qiubai was relieved. He felt even more fortunate that he didn’t forget to bring Lin Chong before coming here.

Watching Li Kui picked up his axes, Gu Qianshan became much more relaxed.

However, he had an odd feeling after hearing Lin Chong call the man Tie Niu. That name, that pair of axes, and that thick beard… He felt as if he had seen them somewhere before. But he couldn’t recall where.

Su Qiubai led Su Xiaoxiao31Su XiaoxiaoSu Qiubai's sister; also written as Xiao Xiao in this novel. and Cao Toufei out of the building. After all, there was no problem for the Liang Mountain’s brothers to occasionally show their faces. However, if they stayed any longer, they might be recognized which would be a really big trouble!

Therefore, after making Gu Qianshan and Xiao Xiuwen promise to keep the night’s matter a secret, Su Qiubai led the courageous men to the truck; they then disappeared into the rainy night.

When the truck was finally out of sight, Xiao Xiuwen sat down at the entrance of the Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den. He had never felt as free as he was now. What happened earlier was like a nightmare.

One that he felt that he would never wake up from.

Although Gu Qianshan’s experience wasn’t as bad as Xiao Xiuwen’s, his eyes shone with the same fear.

He originally had planned that no matter what, he would bring Su Qiubai to the Gu family that night as his daughter’s illness couldn’t be delayed anymore. But who knew that because of his stupidity, he had almost lose his life instead.

Gu Zhanchuan was also frustrated with Gu Qianshan. He had warned him beforehand that Su Qiubai wasn’t someone to provoke and that his brothers were just like demons!

Who knew that Gu Qianshan wouldn’t take his advice, and even tried to benefit from the incident.

No wonder Grandpa Gu hadn’t given him the position as the Gu family’s boss just yet. Grandpa Gu even said that Gu Qianshan wasn’t capable enough and that he wouldn’t be successful.


Since Su Qiubai already left, there was no need for the Gu family to stay any longer. Although the Xiao family were all badly injured, they could easily get back up. No one knew what Su Qiubai meant by keeping the matter a secret, after all, he was the one who beat up the Xiao family.

The Gu family needed Su Qiubai to check on Gu Chengya’s illness, so they probably would have to send someone to visit him the next day.

Gu Qianshan directly left the place.

Seeing Gu Qianshan leave, Xiao Xiuwen finally saw hope for his family’s survival. He spent till next morning calling backup to help with all the wounded people and the damages in the Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den.

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He went home at sunrise.

Upon entering the house, his wife, Fang Chunyu, greeted him, “Mister Xiao, I’ve been trying to call you the whole night. Are you deaf? Why didn’t you pick up? Did you manage to kill the Su siblings?! You’re so useless. You can’t even handle such a small matter!”

Standing quietly opposite her, Xiao Xiuwen glared at Fang Chunyu.

His gaze made Fang Chunyu a little nervous. She had been married to Xiao Xiuwen for so many years and he always listened to her. He had never stared at her like this.

“What… What are you staring at? Don’t you plan to avenge Yun Er?”

Xiao Xiuwen slapped Fang Chunyu, directly knocking her to the ground.

It was all because of this woman that Yun Er behaved in such a way and did such a stupid thing!

It also why the entire Xiao family, including himself, got completely beaten up the night before!

Xiao Xiuwen recalled that ever since he got married, Fang Chunyu would always boss him around using her position as the daughter of the Fang family. She would be happy at one second but mad the next… He couldn’t resist slapping her at that moment.

Fang Chunyu was stunned; she stared blankly at Xiao Xiuwen.

“You… you dare to slap me! Xiao Xiuwen, you’re crazy!”

Holding her cheek and rising from the ground, Fang Chunyu wanted to beat Xiao Xiuwen, but he kicked her away.

“Get lost, I want a divorce! Go back to your family. Don’t let me see you again!”

With that said, Xiao Xiuwen turned around and stormed out of the house, leaving the slowly becoming bitter Fang Chunyu startled.

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After Su Qiubai left Dongkou Lane, he sent Su Xiaoxiao back to the hospital and requested his brothers from the Street Racers Gang to look after her. He planned to bring the courageous men back to Liang Mountain.

Other than the courageous men, his truck was also filled with wine bottles and cigarettes that he had bought along the way.

Originally, the shop owner said that he was out of stock. But after a stern look by Li Kui and Lu Zhishen, he immediately went out in the rain to buy more. When he came back, he let out a sigh of relief, seeing those people were satisfied.

Su Qiubai had his own company account provided by Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City, so it was a trivial matter to buy some cigarettes and wine for everyone!

Upon arriving at Liang Mountain, he originally planned to return right away. However, Wu Song and the rest were unwilling to let him go, forcing him to drink with them.

Su Qiubai was somewhat helpless, but everything had been solved now. Xiao Xiao was definitely safe. If it weren’t for these courageous men who willingly followed him down the mountain, things would certainly be much more troublesome. He was just staying back for a drink anyway. No big deal.

Besides, he would never know the excitement of drinking with them if he didn’t try!

There was good wine and good meat; the hall was full of smog.

Song Jiang confessed that he liked Yu Xi; Chao Gai said that he preferred smoking Ruan Zhonghua (a cigarette brand); Li Yi had a cigar in his mouth. He smoked so much that his eyes became red…

The men drank for a long time, and in the end Su Qiubai couldn’t drive anymore so he was led into a room to sleep.

He didn’t know how long he slept but he suddenly felt the urge to pee, so he got up and went a distance.

Then, he noticed a figure sitting under a tree, facing the far away river. Su Qiubai felt a bit embarrassed and strange.

He took a few more steps to have a closer look at the figure.

It was actually Lin Chong!

Su Qiubai was very surprised. Why is Lin Chong awake in the middle of the night and what is he doing here alone?

He shouted to big brother Lin.

Lin Chong stood up immediately but after realizing that it was just Su Qiubai, he let out a breath and sat down once more. Su Qiubai also sat next to him. He had drunk too much wine so it was quite comfortable to just sit and look at the river, enjoying the cool breeze.

After a bit chatting, Su Qiubai finally found out why Lin Chong was out there late at night.

“I’ve been away from Dong Jing for so long and my wife has been dead for nearly a year. Late at night, I’d always think of the revenge that I haven’t yet gotten, so it’s difficult to fall asleep which is why I came here. But the brothers laugh at me.”

[TLN: According to Water Margin novel, a fellow of Gao Qiu fell for Lin Chong’s wife so Gao Qiu did whatever he could to cause trouble to Lin Chong, forcing Lin Chong to escape to Liang Mountain in the end.] [TLN: Gao Qiu was a government official who lived during the Song dynasty of China and served in the court of Emperor Huizong. In Water Margin, he was fictionalised as one of the primary antagonists and a nemesis of the protagonists.]

Although Lin Chong said that with a smile, Su Qiubai could hear the sadness permeated within in his words.

Last time he watched TV, he pitied Lin Chong the most, especially when Song Jiang let Gao Qiu off; he was so angry that he wanted to smash the TV. He watched Lin Chong pass away, and he was left in an unhappy state for several days.

[TLN: Gao Qiu was captured in the Liang Mountain but Song Jiang let him off unexplained, which angered Lin Chong that he vomited blood.]

Su Qiubai understood the pain and despair after actually listening to Lin Chong’s words.

He’s determination suddenly strengthened. He didn’t have the ability to help last time but it was just a trivial matter now!

Su Qiubai got up, looked at Lin Chong and said.

“Brother, get into the car with me now. We’re going to Dong Jing tonight to kill Gao Qiu!”

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