Chapter 47: Brothers, Fight Now!

Having heard the report, Xiao Xiuwen swallowed back his words.

He suddenly felt uneasy. The Gu family hadn’t appeared, yet it definitely wasn’t their style to hide in the truck.

They’d have come out by now if they were in there! What the heck is hidden in that ruck?! Is this Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel.’s trick?

He realized that he had made a mistake. This whole time he had been cautious of the Gu family, so he never thought to investigate the taxi driver!

Images flashed through his mind.

The dozens of sports cars roaring through Qingjiang City at night, the sudden change of mind of the Dean in the hospital, and then his son inexplicably jumping off a building!

It can’t be that the Gu family had never helped him? That’s impossible!

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Only now did Xiao Xiuwen finally realize how stupid of a mistake he had made!

What he should have prepared for since the beginning, was the anger and vengeance of the rascal, not the darned Gu family!

Cold sweat rolled down his back at the thought.

Just as said before, he had never been aware of what it meant to be afraid, after all he had fought for decades.

But today, he actually felt powerless even before the fight had started.

Wan Qiuyang probably noticed that Xiao Xiuwen wasn’t alright, so he gently patted him.

The whole hall was silent. No one understood why the atmosphere had suddenly turned stiff. The arrogant rascal had called their boss stupid, but Xiao Xiuwen actually tolerated it!

What’s going on?

Xiao Xiuwen quickly calmed himself down and forcefully reignited his fighting spirit. For the third time in a row, he ordered Wan Qiuyang to send people to investigate what was inside the truck.

This time, he deliberately added another sentence: Send one of the ten men.

After the order was given, he once again stared at Su Qiubai.

Su Qiubai had guessed what had happened.

He pitied Xiao Xiuwen. Why do you send people to the truck? Don’t you have other things to do? Why are you making this hard for yourself? I still think that sending out all of the people from the truck would be overkill. Yet, you still keep sending people in there!

Secretly shaking his head, Su Qiubai took a glance at Su Xiaoxiao31Su XiaoxiaoSu Qiubai's sister; also written as Xiao Xiao in this novel..

In fact, the main reason why he hadn’t done anything till now was because he was worried about Xiao Xiao and Cao Toufei. However, they didn’t seem to have suffered any injuries, so he was quite relieved.

It was quiet in the hall. Xiao Xiuwen had ran out of ideas on how to delay any further. He was just stalling in order to figure out what exactly was inside the truck!

Outside, a man in black trench coat arrived at the truck.

His name was Xiao Jiu. He was the Xiao family’s biggest secret, and what allowed them to control Dongkou Lane for so many years!

All ten men were stronger than Gu Zhanchuan27Gu ZhanchuanGu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter.'s bodyguard.. Usually, they helped the Xiao family in high risk businesses, so they rarely gathered in one place.

Knowing that they were dealing with the Gu family this time, the ten of them came back together.

Initially, they were prepared to fight. But then, one of them was actually asked to check out what was inside the truck.

That puzzled Xiao Jiu, especially when Wan Qiuyang warned him to be very careful!

Was this some kind of joke? He was clear after all of his experiences. In Dong Hai, besides the other nine men, was there any risk worthy of being careful?

So, when he got to the back door of the truck, he straight away grabbed the handle and opened the door.

At the same time, a rough voice spoke.

“Haha, come in, Grandpa has been waiting for you for a long time!”

Then, a big hand stretched out to grab Xiao Jiu.

Without thinking, Xiao Jiu stepped back to dodge, but another hand quickly reached out to grab him as well.

After being caught, Xiao Jiu tried to break free. However, the grip was so strong that he couldn’t escape at all, he was then pulled into the truck.

The door closed once more!

Xiao Xiuwen became pale-faced after receiving the same report for the third time. Even Xiao Jiu was caught. It seemed that the night was destined to bear witness to a fierce battle!

Taking a deep breath, Wan Qiuyang inquired if he wanted to send another man to investigate, but he rejected.

Since even Xiao Jiu couldn’t figure out what was inside the truck, sending another man would be like sending him to his death.

Furthermore, by now he had finally noticed that he was feeling uneasy. If that kind of thing happened once again, he would go crazy even without a fight.

Xiao Xiuwen tried to regain his confidence before locking his gaze with Su Qiubai.

“Since you’re already here, then don’t you dare think that you can leave. Fight!”

As he shouted out the last word, the fighters in the hall who were ready for a fight this whole time, marched towards Su Qiubai.

Su Qiubai and his brothers had already anticipated the fight, so they had gotten themselves ready beforehand. Seeing the opponent rushed towards them, they split into three directions and started fighting.

Xiao Xiuwen originally thought that Wu Song and Lin Chong only looked powerful, and that they were probably just slightly stronger.

But seeing the fight going on right now, he knew that he was wrong. It was just as Su Qiubai said, he was simply an idiot!

Wu Song’s two hands were like steel tongs as they caught the steel pipes that were aimed at him! Then, with just a light push, the man was thrown away, and the steel pipe in his hand broke into two pieces.

Wu Song was like a tiger that had come down from the mountains. Both of his fists were strong and swift, quickly knocking down the fighters in his way.

If Wu Song was a tiger, then Lin Chong was an eagle. His every movement was fierce and he was easily able the dodge the attacks aiming for his back as if he had eyes on his back, he would then turn around and fight them!

Xiao Xiuwen and Wan Qiuyang panicked. They initially hid and planned to send out the elite force and the remaining nine men during a critical moment, but they couldn’t wait any longer.

The situation was really out of control!

Those ordinary fighters were simply being slain and had no way to fight back!

Even Su Qiubai, whom they hadn’t worried too much about, was strange. Although his fists and kicks were somewhat weird, he still managed to bring the fighters down.

If someone told Xiao Xiuwen before the fight that the fighters he had prepared would be easily beaten up by three people, he would immediately claim it impossible!

But today, the impossible was happening right before his eyes!

Su Qiubai was also shocked. First by his own strength, and the second was from the horrific scene caused by Wu Song and Lin Chong!

This was also the first time he had ever seen these brawny heroes fight. It was no wonder they were all on Liang Mountain. Anyone would be afraid of this kind of power!

He secretly glanced at them sideways. No one could stop these two people. Fortunately, the other party had a lot of fighters. If there were only a few, this battle would have been over by now.

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Su Qiubai relaxed. However, just as he was contemplating about whether or not it was necessary to let the others come in, Xiao Xiuwen finally sent out the Xiao family’s final trump card.

Descending from upstairs, there suddenly appeared more than a hundred men in black suits, and nine others in trench coats. The air around them was definitely different from the people before.

With them joining the battle, the fight clearly entered a stalemate. Wu Song was gradually surrounded by the group and so was Lin Chong. There were definitely way too many opponents now!

With a sigh of relief, Xiao Xiuwen’s eyes turned cold once more.

All of his cards had been revealed. These people were the reason why the Xiao family was able to stand guard in Dongkou Lane for so many years!

Although he didn’t know exactly where Su Qiubai found those two scary helpers, there shouldn’t be any more mistakes now!

However, despite what Xiao Xiuwen thought, Wu Song and Lin Chong didn’t actually feel any pressure.

Both of them were still fighting with enthusiasm! They usually had no such chance, so before the rest from the truck came in, they were going to take advantage of the whole fight!

They didn’t feel tired, but Su Qiubai felt tired!

Darn it, this is plain bullying! Hold on!

An idea flashed across Su Qiubai’s mind and he quickly hid in a corner. Then, he called the other men in the truck that had been anxiously waiting for him.

“Brothers, fight now!”

Almost as soon as he hung up the phone, loud laughter could be heard from outside, and the entrance door was forced open!

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