Chapter 46: What the Heck Is in the Trunk?

“They’re here!”

Someone shouted in the street that had originally been filled with the sound of rain, resulting in the people from both sides of the street to instantly stare into the distance.

During the day, the Xiao family had already made an announcement that the street would be closed for the night. It was best for the people to stay indoors in order to avoid any accidental injuries!

Everyone fully understood how determined the Xiao family really was, so the bustling street was currently empty as everyone hid in their shops.

The car engine roared in the heavy rain.

But… it didn’t seem to be coming from a taxi?

When everyone was still a little confused, a black truck appeared!

Is he coming the wrong way? Isn’t that rascal a taxi driver? Why is he driving a truck?

No one knew what happened. Xiao Xiuwen, who was silently watching from the building, frowned, not knowing why Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. would switch to a truck.

“Where did he get a truck? Are his helpers inside?”

Xiao Xiuwen had investigated Su Qiubai’s background and clearly knew that he drove a taxi, so he was in a daze when he saw the truck.

“I don’t know… Could they be people from the Gu family?” The same brawny man from earlier in the day replied. His name was Wan Qiuyang, the head of the Xiao family’s Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den.

“It’s possible, but how many people can this big truck carry? It can’t be that the Gu family sent their elite force?”

Xiao Xiuwen was even more dignified. Some time later, he asked Wan Qiuyang once more, “Are they back?”

“They’re back… All ten of them are present.” Wan Qiuyang immediately answered.

Xiao Xiuwen felt more at ease upon hearing that. As long as all of his ten men were present, they would make sure that the Gu family wouldn’t be able to leave the Dragon’s Pool, Tiger Den easily.

Just as Xiao Xiuwen worried about the Gu family’s power, the Gu family was curious about the truck.

“Did you see it clearly? How many people are there in the driver’s cabin?”

Staring at a man in front of him, Gu Zhanchuan27Gu ZhanchuanGu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter.'s bodyguard. was very nervous. He couldn’t help it, especially after finding out that there was a possibility that the horrific man from Kangzhuang Avenue28Kangzhuang AvenueThe place where Su Qiubai first met the Street Racers Gang, Cheng Ya, Xiao Dao, Gu Zhanchuan and others. It was also where he first raced with Cao Toufei and Xiao Dao. might be present too.

“Yes, I saw it clearly. There are three people in the driver’s cabin, Su Qiubai and another two.” The man who relayed the news also knew the importance of the fight that night, so he dared not be sloppy.

“Three people… Then, what’s inside the trunk?” Standing by the side, Gu Qianshan couldn’t help but ask. He really couldn’t understand why Su Qiubai had wanted to drive a truck. It wasn’t even convenient if he needed to escape.

 “I don’t know, the door’s locked.” Said the man while shaking his head.

The room suddenly became silent. Everyone including Gu Zhanchuan stared at Gu Qianshan and awaited for his instruction.

Su Qiubai had arrived, so they should take action soon.

But who knew that after a long time hesitating, Gu Qianshan looked up. “Everybody don’t act yet. We’ll see how the situation goes. Listen to my orders.”

Gu Zhanchuan felt a little anxious upon hearing that, but nothing left his mouth when he tried to speak.

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Although he knew how horrific Wu Song’s strength was, and that Su Qiubai wasn’t a simple man, it wouldn’t be easy for only the two of them to barge into the Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den!

However, Gu Qianshan had already given the order so he had to obey. He could only hope that Su Qiubai would be able to persist for a while and wait for the Gu family’s assistance.

The truck traveling on the long street finally reached the building and parked directly at the main entrance.

The sky was dark. The front door of the building was brightly lit without a single soul in sight. The whole place was eerie in the rain.

After a moment, the surrounding spies spotted Su Qiubai jumping out of the truck.

There were still two people in the driver’s cabin: one was Wu Song and the other was Lin Chong.

Both of them were like two demon gods. Lin Chong wasn’t as burly as Wu Song, but his gaze was cold as he glanced around.

He was a lance instructor of the 800,000 Imperial Guards, do you think he’s simple man?

Lin Chong’s strength could be seen from the fact that no one had ever managed to snatch his title. His strength and prestige weren’t ordinary!

After the three people got off the truck, Su Qiubai glared at the towering building in front of him. A gleam of hostility flashed in his eyes. He then walked towards the back of the truck.

He didn’t open the door after unlocking it; the bunch of courageous men inside the trunk also didn’t come out.

That was what they had discussed: Su Qiubai would leave a mobile phone in the trunk and the men would only get off once they receive a call from him.

Su Qiubai was worried about what the Xiao family would do if all of them directly rushed in.

With a glance at Wu Song and Lin Chong, the three men walked towards the door of the building. Su Qiubai was in the middle, the other two on both sides.

Upstairs, Xiao Xiuwen naturally knew that Su Qiubai had arrived. When he saw the three of them daringly enter the Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den, he was somewhat puzzled.

How come I don’t see any people from the Gu family? It can’t be that they didn’t come at all? Or… are they in the trunk?

Everything he had prepared for tonight was to fight with the Gu family.

Xiao Xiuwen was a little bored after seeing that the Gu family wasn’t there. It was meaningless with only Su Qiubai and two other thugs.

With the last dregs of dread and caution, Xiao Xiuwen ordered Wan Qiuyang to send people to investigate the truck after Su Qiubai entered the building.

With that order, Xiao Xiuwen turned around and began to go downstairs.

Since Su Qiubai was already here, Xiao Xiuwen had to avenge his son. His son had end up in a vegetative state for the rest of his life, he refused to believe that the taxi driver had nothing to do with it!

After Su Qiubai entered the building with Wu Song and Lin Chong, the door slammed shut and the shutters were pulled down.

Wu Song’s eyes became stern. Su Qiubai quickly calmed him down.

In a split second, the hall in front of them was brightly lit up.

In front of them were people with steel pipes and choppers. At a simple glance, there were more than a hundred of them, not to mention that there were more people on the staircase, coming from upstairs.

No one uttered a single word. Su Qiubai was just waiting. He knew that the Xiao family would come down as well. Surely they would never start a fight without saying a few words.

Su Qiubai was right. After a minute or so, Xiao Xiuwen and Wan Qiuyang came down. By then he was already surrounded.

“You’re Su Qiubai?”

Xiao Xiuwen stared at him and asked.

“Where’s my sister and Cao Toufei?” Su Qiubai demanded, not bothering to answer his question.

He was here to save people. It was obvious from the fact that he drove a truck all the way from the Liang Mountain, so he had no mood for chatting.

“They’ll be down soon, rest assured… No one will be leaving here tonight.” Xiao Xiuwen sneered.

Soon, Su Xiaoxiao31Su XiaoxiaoSu Qiubai's sister; also written as Xiao Xiao in this novel. and Cao Toufei were brought down. Everything seemed alright except their mouths were stuffed.

“Just say it. What do you plan to do now?” Raising his head, Xiao Xiuwen asked Su Qiubai.

Frankly, he really couldn’t resist starting the fight. However, since Wan Qiuyang had sent people to check out the trunk, he had to deliberately delay it for a while.

At that moment, just outside the building, a man was sneaking towards the black truck. He was glad to see that the trunk was unlocked!

He slowly reached out and pulled open the door.

But he only had time to open it to a bare slit, when suddenly a big hand grabbed onto his throat tight and dragged him into the trunk. Then, the door was closed again!

Shivers went down the spines of the people who saw the scene!

Could it be that the trunk was filled with ghosts?!

The spies didn’t dare to hesitate a second more, so they quickly passed back the news. All of them reported differently since no one knew what was actually in the trunk.

Wan Qiuyang quickly received the news. He frowned and trotted towards Xiao Xiuwen and whispered into his ear.

Xiao Xiuwen, initially felt like he was about to spurt out his anger, suddenly calmed down. While commanding Wan Qiuyang to send another spy to investigate once again, he looked at Su Qiubai differently now.

“Hey rascal, do you really think you can leave my Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den tonight?” He sneakily grinned and asked.

Su Qiubai also laughed because the question sounded so stupid.

This is such a joke! Just because you hung a sign board with the words “Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den”, you really think it’s a dragon’s pool and tiger’s den?

Then if you hang a board saying “Ling Xiao Palace”, do I have to call you Your Majesty?

Idiot…You just wait to be crushed!

Su Qiubai secretly scolded, “Stupid…”

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Xiao Xiuwen was stunned. He had fought with multiple people for decades. How can he still swear at me? Shouldn’t he start saying some good words by now?

He was bewildered; feeling the blood rushing to his brain, his eyes turned red.

However just as he was about to fight, Wan Qiuyang back came again with the same report.

The second spy was also dragged into the trunk!

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