Chapter 45: The Whispering of the Wind and the Cries of Cranes

Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. left the hospital and went into the heavy downpour. After entering a quiet street, he drove through the shuttle channel.

Gu Zhanchuan27Gu ZhanchuanGu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter.'s bodyguard. had informed him that the Xiao family had snatched all the businesses during the early years, thus Dongkou Lane had become the most chaotic street in Dong Hai; there were all kinds of people there and they could do anything they want!

However, that place had been under the Xiao family’s control for many years. It was conceivable that the Xiao family must have some unknown power. And those were th f their Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den!

Speaking of which, Gu Zhanchuan had specifically reminded Su Qiubai that if he wished to enter the Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den, he must inform the Gu family; they would definitely help him.

Although it was a reminder, Su Qiubai didn’t think too much of it.

Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den? Xiao family’s special card? Hehe, the 36 Heavenly Spirits and the 72 Earthly Demons would be afraid of your Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den? Dongkou Lane, you just wait to be crushed! No matter what card it is, I’ll surely wipe them out!

And with that thought, Su Qiubai disappeared into the street in a flash.

On the other side of Dongkou Lane, rumors that the Xiao family’s young master had jumped off a building spread out fast. For several years, no one had a better understanding of how powerful the Xiao family was than the people living here.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the Xiao family were the Gods of Dongkou Lane!

Especially the building that housed the Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den, where all the Xiao family’s power was hidden!

There was another rumor that followed the news of Xiao Yun jumping off the building: Xiao Yun was actually forced to jump off the building, and the person who did it was a mere taxi driver.

Everyone who heard it said that the taxi driver must have been tired of living! The Xiao family had been in Dong Hai for so long that they had even forgotten how it felt to be provoked.

Therefore, for the accident, Xiao Xiuwen definitely wouldn’t care much for the consequences of his actions, especially since the other party had hurt his own son.

As expected, towards the evening there was rumor spreading out that the Xiao family had kidnapped the driver’s sister and brother. It was assumed that the grudge would be settled by that night.

In a bar next to the street, several people gathered to drink wine as they watched the heavy rain outside.

“Oh no, there’ll surely be another dead body by the riverside tomorrow.”

“Of course, how could those that provoke the Xiao family have a good end? Besides, Xiao Xiuwen directly brought the hostages into the Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den. If that rascal dares to come, he’ll surely die.”

“I think he’ll come. After all, it’s his sister and brother.”

“Well, that’s not necessarily true but I do hope he doesn’t come. If he does, he’ll end up dead.”

All over Dongkou Lane, similar conversations were going on. Some people even started placing bets on whether Su Qiubai would come or not!

At the same time, Xiao Xiuwen, who was in the tallest building in Doukou Lane, stared at the heavy rain. His eyes narrowed slightly.

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“Sixth brother, do you think that rascal will come?”

After a while, he asked without turning back.

“I don’t know, but if he does, then the Gu family will definitely come as well!”

The one who spoke looked like a very strong man. He sat on the sofa behind Xiao Xiuwen, playing with a knife in his hands.

“So what? I want to see if the people from the Gu family can survive in the Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den!”

Having that said, a stern look took over Xiao Xiuwen’s face.

In fact, the bureau that the Xiao family had set up was initially formed to fight the Gu family.  Due to Gu Chengya’s illness, Grandpa Gu had sent out an order that whoever dares to touch Su Qiubai would end up against the Gu family!

Usually Xiao Xiuwen would definitely try to avoid a fight with Gu family, after all they were the most influential family in Dong Hai.

However, this time he couldn’t just give in; the person who got hurt was his son. If Xiao Xiuwen couldn’t even protect his own son, how could he convince everyone else in the clan!

Thus, he brought Su Xiaoxiao31Su XiaoxiaoSu Qiubai's sister; also written as Xiao Xiao in this novel. and Cao Toufei to the building. On the surface, it may seem like he was going against Su Qiubai. But in actual fact, he didn’t even care about Su Qiubai.

He believed that the Gu family had been helping Su Qiubai the whole time, so he had always regarded them as his only opponent.

What he didn’t know was that even the Gu family was unaware of what cards Su Qiubai had up his sleeve. Xiao Xiuwen underestimating him from the beginning had doomed him to encounter the biggest problem in his life.

Outside, a large group of people from the Gu family gathered in a house not far away from Dongkou Lane

Even Gu Chengya’s father, Gu Qianshan was there.

“Zhan Chuan, are you sure that Su Qiubai’s younger brother has such incredible strength?”

Gu Zhanchuan had just revealed the details of his first meeting with Wu Song. The people who heard him were all in awe, feeling astonished.

“Maybe I’m underestimating him. Although I didn’t fight against him, I’m certain that his strength was even stronger than Tou Tuo.”

Gu Zhanchuan’s expression was very serious. As for the man he mentioned, Tou Tuo was a very famous international mercenary, he was easily ranked among the top in the world.

Gu Qianshan, who had earlier been relaxed, felt nervous after hearing that.

He was very clear about Tou Tuo’s strength. If that person actually had the same level of strength as Tou Tuo, then he should easily be able to protect Su Qiubai and safely bring him out of Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den.

“We just act accordingly if there’s opportunity. If Su Qiubai really does bring his brother, then we only help when needed.”

Finally, Gu Qianshan made a decision after taking a deep breath.

“But Xiao family also has their own card to play, won’t it be too dangerous for Su Qiubai?” Gu Zhanchuan hesitated after hearing the plan. After all, their plan was to ensure Su Qiubai’s safety. If something happened to him, it would all be for naught.

However, Gu Qianshan didn’t answer his question. He was actually thinking of something else: If that person really is as powerful as Tou Tuo, there might be a chance to invite him to join the Gu family.

Of course, those thoughts were just a matter of Gu Qianshan’s wicked idea.

If Su Qiubai knew it, his reaction would surely be of scorn.

You guys dare to take advantage of my brother! What a joke, your Gu family is powerful but can you even compare to the heroes of Liang Mountain?

As for Su Qiubai, he didn’t know that the entirety of Dongkou Lane had already tensed up; even the whispering of the wind and the cry of cranes could scare the soldiers into running from their own shadows.

In a meeting hall at Liang Mountain, Su Qiubai stared at the group of courageous men in front of him.

The taxi could only carry five people, but the courageous men were all big in size, so it was difficult to even fit four of them.

Su Qiubai had to be the driver, so he could only take three men at a time.

Knowing that they were going down the mountain to fight, especially with the fact that Su Qiubai’s sister had been kidnapped, the courageous men instantly turned furious!

Brother Su’s younger sister is also our sister. Those people are really too bold to kidnap her! It’s just the same as signing their own obituary!

Therefore, the group of men argued for those three seat allocations.

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Since Wu Song and Lin Chong were going to join for sure, there was only one spot left available, so Lu Zhishen and Li Kui almost started to fight each other for it. Li Kui even took out his axe.

[TLN: Lin Chong is a fictional character in Water Margin, nicknamed “Panther Head”. He ranks 6th among the 36 Heavenly Spirits. He was described as a person with sense of justice, open, righteous and generous.] [TLN: Lu Zhishen is a fictional character in Water Margin, nicknamed “Flowery Monk”. He ranks 13th among the 36 Heavenly Spirits. He was described as a person with fiery character, herculean, sense of justice and faithful.] [TLN: Li Kui is a fictional character in Water Margin, nicknamed “Black Whirlwind”, he ranks 22nd among the 36 Heavenly Spirits. He was described as a person with violent temper and murderous, herculean and simple minded.]


Song Jiang just felt annoyed after seeing the brothers in such a mess. He also wanted to follow Su Qiubai although he didn’t say it out.

[TLN: Song Jiang is a fictional character in Water Margin, nicknamed “Protector of Justice”, he ranks 1st among the 36 Heavenly Spirits. He was described as a person who is filial, righteous and generous.]

The mess caused Su Qiubai headaches, he didn’t know what to do.

Coincidentally, Wu Yong murmured.

“It would be better if this thing was bigger!”

His words gave Su Qiubai an idea. The navigation system was bound to his mind anyway, so it wasn’t too hard to switch to a bigger car!

After leaving a message, Su Qiubai quickly ran out and drove straight to find Niu Baiwan.

Niu Baiwan knew a lot of truck drivers due to his business deals. Therefore, Su Qiubai was able to smoothly borrow a heavy truck, and then drive it through the shuttle channel and back to Liang Mountain!

Seeing that the car had changed into a big truck, all of the brave men were ecstatic. Nobody needed to fight nor snatch a seat anymore. After picking out twenty people and seating them in the truck’s carriage, Su Qiubai started driving down the mountain!

The rain in Donghai City was getting heavier by the second. Everyone had closed their stalls at dusk, but they didn’t lock the door, instead they waited and looked towards the building.

Everyone was waiting for the taxi driver to come.

Many of them had already foreseen his ending.

However, nobody would expect how much trembling force was hidden in the heavy truck that Su Qiubai was currently driving into Dongkou Lane.

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