Chapter 44: You Were the One Who Forced Me

Staring at Xiao Yun laying on the hospital ward, Fang Chunyu was stuck feeling confounded for a long time before she could accept the fact that it was indeed her son on the bed.


She felt as if the sky was falling on her head, especially after hearing the doctor’s diagnosis, even her son recovered, he would be in a vegetative state.

Many of the Xiao family members stood outside the ward. There were even more people entering the hospital.

A few bodyguards kneeled on the ground, trembling with fear.

“I’ll ask you one last time, did Yun Er really jump down by himself?” Taking a deep breath, Fang Chunyu glared at the bodyguards and coldly asked.

The bodyguards dared not delay a second to answer; they almost cried out.

“It’s true. Everyone there saw it. Young master jumped out of window himself. The gang had already left by then.”

The bodyguards had already confessed for the third time. They knew that they would face terrible consequences, but they would be totally finished if they had talked anymore nonsense.

Fang Chunyu remained quiet after hearing the confession. She was waiting for Xiao Xiuwen to come.

Her son was so brutally treated. She just couldn’t vent it off as long as the other party still remained breathing in this world.

After ten minutes of silence, the sound of hustling footsteps rang through the corridor.

Sure enough, Xiao Xiuwen had arrived. He was dumbfounded after finding out that Xiao Yun jumped off the building.

Along the way to the hospital, he’d imagined various consequences, but he never expected that Xiao Yun would actually end up in a vegetative state.

Fang Chunyu kept quiet. She knew that she wasn’t the only one who loved their son. Xiao Xiuwen loved him too!

Soon, the trace of sadness faded from the face of the big brother of Donghai City.

“Who did this? Su Xiaoxiao31Su XiaoxiaoSu Qiubai's sister; also written as Xiao Xiao in this novel.’s brother?” The cold-faced Xiao Xiuwen asked Fang Chunyu.

Without hesitation, Fang Chunyu nodded but she frowned immediately and said: “But I don’t know how, these people all said that Yun Er jumped on his own.”

Xiao Xiuwen remained unmoved with those words.

“They aren’t important. Since he dared to do this kind of thing to Yun Er, we must let him know that our Xiao family will send him to his grave! I’ll call my second brother right away. We’ll catch him first since he was the one who beat up Yun Er. Besides…”

Just a brief consideration, Xiao Xiuwen had already made up the plan action in his mind.

His targets were obvious. Only when both Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. and his sister were dead, would he be able to calm his anger.

Su Qiubai didn’t know that the Xiao family’s retaliation would be fiercer than he thought. He didn’t expect them to be so unscrupulous.

At that moment, there was an unexpected visitor standing outside of Su Xiaoxiao’s ward!

After watching Su Xiaoxiao go back to sleep, Su Qiubai left the ward and spotted Gu Zhanchuan27Gu ZhanchuanGu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter.'s bodyguard., who had been waiting for him for quite some time.

When he saw Su Qiubai came out of the ward, his reluctance immediately changed to anxiousness.

“Mr. Su.”

He only managed to call out the name as Su Qiubai had turned around to leave, not giving him any opportunity to speak.

“Mr. Su, please don’t go. Let’s talk this out.” Gu Zhanchuan was about to cry, he quickly rushed forward to block Su Qiubai.

Cao Toufei was deeply amazed by his attitude. Obviously he knew that person who kicked him out last time at Kangzhuang Avenue28Kangzhuang AvenueThe place where Su Qiubai first met the Street Racers Gang, Cheng Ya, Xiao Dao, Gu Zhanchuan and others. It was also where he first raced with Cao Toufei and Xiao Dao..

He was so arrogant that time, what the heck is he doing now?

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“What do you want from me?” Su Qiubai stopped and demanded coldly.

Gu Zhanchuan was getting more awkward, but he tried to squeeze out a smile, “The Gu family’s Grandpa would like to invite you to his house.”

“Go away. I’m not going!”

Su Qiubai shouted without any hesitation. He then sat on a chair at the corridor.

Gu Zhanchuan froze, looking dreadful.

“Mr. Su, the two doctors that you invited last time…” He had no choice as he tried to persuade Su Qiubai once more. Although the Gu family had warned him several times before he left to not mention the two old doctors, after seeing Su Qiubai again now, he just couldn’t help it!

Gu Chengya’s illness had already bewitched the Gu family for so long. Now that she finally had a glimmer of hope, but he ended up destroying it!

If he couldn’t get Su Qiubai’s help back, he even had the idea of sacrificing himself to death!

However, Su Qiubai stood up instantly before he could continue his words.

“Nonsense. Those two weren’t doctors at all, they were just two old liars! Besides, you should find your own way to treat your mistress’s illness. I’m merely a taxi driver.”

Su Qiubai’s sudden serious look stunned Gu Zhanchuan, even the two girls and Cao Toufei were wide-eyed.

What are these two people talking about? It seems interesting.

Gu Zhanchuan watched Su Qiubai take a seat once more. Not knowing where to put his hands, Gu Zhanchuan scratched his head, before begging one more time.

“Mr. Su, it’s all my fault. I’ll kneel to you if you wish but our mistress is innocent. I beg you to save her.”

After all, Gu Zhanchuan was an upright man so he couldn’t see that Su Qiubai was acting because he was still angry at his attitude at that time.

“Mr. Su, let’s go somewhere else to discuss this further. On behalf of the Gu family, I’m here to invite you to our home. In order to show our sincerity, we’ll do our best to help you with the issues regarding the Xiao family.”

Gu Zhanchuan couldn’t resist saying that after he saw Su Qiubai stay silent.

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Glancing at him, Su Qiubai remained quiet. Frankly, he could just ignore the Gu family’s request because of Gu Zhanchuan’s rude attitude earlier.

Gu Chengya was indeed innocent. However, Hua Tuo25Hua TuoAlso known as Hua Yuanhua or Yuan Hua. An ancient Chinese godly doctor/acupuncturist and Zhang Zhongjing were crystal clear that they would never treat Gu Chengya again.

So that was what he was actually thinking at that moment.

Of course, Gu Zhanchuan wouldn’t know. In fact, he thought Su Qiubai was still angry so he anxiously continued, “Mr. Su, let me warn you about the Xiao family’s strength. The Gu family will help you to fight as long as you’re willing to save our mistress.”

That man was near crying by the time. Su Qiubai finally stopped rejecting.

After informing Cao Toufei and Xiao Xiao’s roommates, he left the hospital with Gu Zhanchuan. They found a small teahouse nearby. Taking a seat, Su Qiubai planned to ask about the situation in detail.

It turned out that after Gu Chengya went home that day, she was totally fine.

However, she suddenly felt feverish that night, which worried her grandpa a lot. So he invited a doctor from the capital that very same night. After examining Gu Chengya, he announced that Gu Chengya’s health condition had actually improved!

A few acupoints that had been stilled in the past seemed to have become active.

The good news excited the whole Gu family, and Gu Chengya suddenly recalled that it was the position where Hua Tuo had inserted his needles.

Upon hearing that, and then finding out that it was Gu Zhanchuan who chased away the two doctors, Grandpa Gu almost slapped him. Grandpa Gu immediately gave him a death order: If he couldn’t invite Su Qiubai and the two godly doctors to the Gu family’s home, then don’t ever return!

So on that very night, Gu Zhanchuan headed straight to Qing River, but he failed to find Su Qiubai. Then, he got the news that Su Qiubai went to Dong Hai, so that was the reason he was here.

Su Qiubai didn’t want to put Gu Zhanchuan in a difficult position, but he couldn’t hope for the two old men’s help. He could only agree to visit the Gu family as soon as possible and try and help treat Gu Chengya.

Gu Zhanchuan was overjoyed upon hearing his words!

Ever since he found out that he had ruined the mistress’s chances to live, he wanted to kill himself!

Now that everything was going to be okay, he could finally calm down. However, he immediately recalled his earlier promise, so he began to advice Su Qiubai about the Xiao’s family capabilities.

On the other hand, Xiao Xiuwen, who had been waiting to send Su Qiubai to jail, suddenly received a call from his brother.

“Brother, it’s impossible to catch that rascal.”

Upon hearing that, Xiao Xiuwen frowned, “Why?”

“Someone from the top disagreed, plus there’s no evidence that he pushed Xiao Yun down. Also, the Gu family’s involved.” Xiao Xiuwen’s brother sounded depressed. They had never encountered such a strange position before, especially when going against a taxi driver.

After interrogating his brother a bit more, Xiao Xiuwen hung up. Fang Chunyu immediately called her mother’s side for help, but after a while, she got the same answer.

Someone was helping Su Qiubai, and that person’s power was unusually huge!

Both husband and wife coincidentally realized that they seemed to have encountered a big trouble this time.

But Xiao Xiuwen’s eyes soon gleamed with a tint of madness!

Since it’s impossible to ask for help, then I’ll just solve this problem my own way! I must avenge Yun Er!

And with that, he fished out his phone, dialed a number, and informed the other party to follow the plan.

Su Qiubai didn’t know that the Xiao family’s revenge plan had already encountered several setbacks.

After a long discussion with Gu Zhanchuan, he drove to the Hua Tuo’s place. However, just like before, once Hua Tuo got to know that his patient was Gu Chengya, he resolutely disagreed.

Su Qiubai then kept persuading until Hua Tuo finally gave in. He gave Su Qiubai a medical book, allowing him to read it on his own and learn it, after which Su Qiubai would be able to treat Gu Chengya.

The old driver was dumbfounded. Do you think all of my effort to convince you was just for your medical book?

Fortunately, no one heard him. If they did, they’d definitely be furious.

Are you crazy? That’s Hua Tuo’s medical book! It’s already lost in history! And yet you don’t want it!

Su Qiubai reluctantly took the medical book and drove back home.

He guessed that Su Xiaoxiao should be awake by now, but when he got there, he noticed that there was no one in the ward!

Exiting the ward, he happened to meet Zhang Wen and Xiao Li rushing over.

Both of them were pale-faced; their voices shook as they spoke.

“Big brother Su, a few people came in earlier saying that they were doctors and they were here to examine Xiao Xiao. But then later they directly took her away. Even Cao Toufei was kidnapped!”

Su Qiubai just felt a bang deep in his head upon hearing the news!

“Oh yeah, they also said to hand this to you!”

With that said, Xiao Li took out a note with her shaking hands.

Opened up the note, Su Qiubai noticed a sentence on it!

“Eight o’clock in the evening, Dongkou Lane Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den!”

Taking a deep breath, Su Qiubai was sure that the Xiao family was the culprit, just that afternoon, Gu Zhanchuan had told him that the Dragon’s Pool, Tiger’s Den at Dongkou Lane was the Xiao family’s headquarter!

Su Qiubai crumbled up the note in his hand. A cold glimmer shone in his eyes. He was determined.

Xiao family, don’t blame me, you’re the one who forced me!

With that thought, Su Qiubai went directly to Liang Mountain.

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