Chapter 43: Protect

The entire hall became silent. Who would have thought, a few minutes ago, that something like this would ever happen!

The Xiao family’s dignified young master was actually hit on the head with three wine bottles, consecutively. And now he was laid out on the ground like a dead person.

Xiao Yun’s bodyguards only reacted then. All of them became pale-faced.

The whole incident happened too fast. Before they could even understand what was going on, Xiao Yun had already fallen to the ground. In fact, the most shocking thing was that there still were people in Donghai City who dared to go against the Xiao family.

Gazing at the intruder, it was obvious that he would end up dead!

Without a word, several bodyguards rushed over to start fighting. After all, they were the bodyguards in charge of protecting Xiao Yun. The question was whether Xiao Yun was still alive or not!

If Fang Chunyu found out about this, these bodyguards would surely end up dead!

However, a lot of people didn’t even see clearly what had happened. Several of the bodyguards were scattered out in all directions, but the taxi driver seemed to be unharmed. The crowd took a shuddering breath and slowly retreated to the corners.

Darn it, since when did Donghai City has such a person? He’s obviously not one to be provoked!

Glancing around and noticing that the people had stopped fighting, Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. picked up Xiao Yun from the ground and dragged him towards a window. The hall’s window was made up of floor to ceiling glass. Everyone stared as Xiao Yun was dragged across the floor by Su Qiubai like a dead dog, but no one dared to say a word. It was obvious that Su Qiubai was gunning for the Xiao family, so the crowd merely acted as passerby.

Su Qiubai toiled to the window and opened it.

Then, he released Xiao Yun, slowly squatted down and whispered in his ear.

No one knew what Su Qiubai said. They only saw him stand up and ignore Xiao Yun, he turned and languidly walked towards Cao Toufei. The group of onlookers were surprised. Did he really come here just to smash his head?

However, everyone reminisced the prior incident, this person was already brave enough to throw wine bottles at Xiao Yun, could he still possibly dare to kill the Xiao family’s young master?

The most doubtful group was probably the youngsters of the Street Racers Gang. Cao Toufei couldn’t help but anxiously ask. The culprit’s right there. How could you just go back now?

Who knew why Su Qiubai stopped him with his gaze. Cao Toufei had no choice but to sigh. It was not until all the Street Racers Gang’s youngsters had left that someone started to make a phone call. The bodyguards also got up and ran to Xiao Yun. Several of them kneeled down to see if the young master was still alive.

However, to everybody’s surprise, Xiao Yun suddenly stood up and jumped out of the window before anyone could respond.

At that time, everybody in the hall was really stock-still!

No one knew what had happened. They were even more confused as of why Xiao Yun suddenly jumped out of the window. Nonetheless, everyone was simultaneously aware of the consequences of that incident: Donghai City was going to be chaotic!

At that moment, Su Qiubai, who knew exactly what happened, just came out from the washroom. To him, it was merely a loss of a few growth points24growth pointsProtagonist earns this when he completes tasks given by the navigation system.

Cao Toufei finally couldn’t help but ask him: What was in his mind? Was he afraid to offend the Xiao family?

Shaking his head, Su Qiubai didn’t bother to reply him which made Cao Toufei feel even more frustrated and wanting to query Su Qiubai. Suppressing his temper, the gang came out from the Spring House and then spotted a crowd.

Without a glance, Su Qiubai walked straight towards his taxi. Cao Toufei was so annoyed with Su Qiubai. Feeling like he was about to explode, he squeezed through the crowd to have a look. However, he was stunned with just a glance!

How could this be Xiao Yun! Why was he down here?

His mind just couldn’t react. The onlookers screamed out loud.

He ran straight to Su Qiubai’s taxi. Looking around to ensure that the coast was clear, he put his head through the window. In a low voice, he asked, “Big brother, did you do that?”

Taking a glance at Cao Toufei, Su Qiubai grinned but kept quiet.

Cao Toufei immediately understood the whole situation from that smile. He couldn’t hold back his excitement anymore. After a long press on the honk, he followed the gang in his Ferrari.

When all was said and done, the people who bared witness to the whole incident at the Spring House were particularly curious about one thing.

What did Su Qiubai say to Xiao Yun that made him end his own life?

The old driver didn’t know that he had left a permanent question in many troubled people’s mind. After settling the issue, he felt the anger in his heart had dissipated. He wasn’t a usual him after finding out Xiao Xiao’s accident. He felt like he was back normal now.

After he parked his car at the hospital and went upstairs, he saw Zhang Wen and Xiao Li. The both of them obviously were very excited.

“Xiao Xiao’s awake, the doctor just checked on her. Everything’s stable. She can be discharged after some recuperation!”

Su Qiubai laughed upon hearing the good news. No longer able to control his happiness, he turned around and dashed into the ward. All the other people didn’t disturb them, knowing that it had been a while since they were last alone together.

Cao Toufei led the gang out to look for a place to stay the night. They would meet up later. After those youngsters left, the corridor was finally cleared.

Zhang Wen and Xiao Li knew that Su Qiubai went out to look for Xiao Yun. Seeing Cao Toufei standing at a corner, they couldn’t help but asked him about Xiao Yun.

“Jumped off a building. Maybe he was too pressured or guilty.” Peeking at the two girls, Cao Toufei simply answered.

“Jumped off a building?” Zhang Wen was left wide agape while Xiao Li who stood next to her, just felt unbelievable.

“Really?” Still plagued by doubts, Zhang Wen asked once more after a few seconds.

“I’m not lying, you’ll find out soon enough.” After that, Cao Toufei started laughing like a loon.

The two girls didn’t pay attention to his strange behavior. They were completely immersed in shock.

The Xiao family’s young master, Xiao Yun!

To put it in a wretched way, that boy had hurt so many girls. Just in the past few years alone, several girls in the school had encountered accidents because of him.

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They originally thought that the evil boy could never be conquered. But… what kind of person is Su Xiaoxiao31Su XiaoxiaoSu Qiubai's sister; also written as Xiao Xiao in this novel.’s brother? Su Xiaoxiao said he was a taxi driver, but how could a mere taxi driver know so many rich brothers? And how could he easily transfer so much money for the hospital fees? Most importantly, he had just inquired about Xiao Yun’s whereabouts earlier and then Xiao Yun jumped off the building. Were these all a coincidence? Is he not afraid of the Xiao family seeking revenge?

All of this made them feel a kind of pressure from the man. Even Su Xiaoxiao had become a mysterious person to them, despite their constant belittling of her in their hearts.

Su Qiubai and Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know what was on the two girls’ minds. The smile from Xiao Xiao calmed Su Qiubai down.

“Why are you here?” Her voice was soft.

“This is such a huge incident and yet you didn’t plan to tell me?” Su Qiubai demanded with a little angry voice, although he knew that Xiao Xiao just didn’t want to worry the family.

Fortunately everything went well. If something bad really happened, how would the family feel?

“I was wrong” Su Xiaoxiao whispered while lowering her head.

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Her posture dazed Su Qiubai. This girl was always like that. Since young, his anger would immediately dissipate after she admitted her mistake.

There was no exception this time as well.

“Brother, can you please not fight?” It might be that Su Xiaoxiao still worried about that matter, so she looked up and asked after a while.

Su Qiubai didn’t answer, instead he just smiled and looked out of the window.

The rain was getting heavier. The entire Dong Hai City had completely been shrouded in it, just like several people’s moods.

The reason why Su Qiubai couldn’t agree to Xiao Xiao’s request was because he knew that the Xiao family would never give up, what he really needed to face in Donghai City was on its way.

Although he didn’t direct it to Xiao Xiao, Su Qiubai muttered to himself.

“No matter how big the storm is, as your brother, I’ll be sure to protect you!”

The situation was exactly as he had thought. At that moment, the whole Xiao family was awfully murderous because of Xiao Yun’s accident!

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