Chapter 201: I Am Your Support (4)

The humorous Xia Jinyuan is back!

Feeling relieved, Ye Jian felt as if the alertness and wariness she used to have… return in an instant. The elegant and funny Xia Jinyuan was the only one she was familiar with!

As she secretly thought about it, the humorous Xia Jinyuan became extraordinarily serious in the next second. He took his gas mask off and stood in the faint gleam of light. His handsome face turned incredibly strict and cold, and his eyes were like stars in the winter night as they focused on the front exit, “I will cover for you by drawing their attention later.”

“J5, several of them have left. It’s not suitable for the members in my action team to expose ourselves in a group. And you, little lass, surely mustn’t expose yourself, because the Interpol personnel thinks that you have already been rescued and admitted to the hospital with another kidnapped Chinese student.”

After Gao Yiyang had exited, the Chinese soldiers had told the Interpol that in order to protect and keep Ye Jian hidden. After all, Ye Jian was merely just casually informing the police about the targets who were participating in Red Scorpion’s activities in the hotel.

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Besides, no one would believe that the Red Scorpion, who had been giving the Interpol and the Vietnamese military forces a headache, would end up dying in the hands of a middle school student.

Frankly, it wasn’t about whether others believed it or not; instead, it was about Ye Jian’s personal safety.

The entire building was crowded with members of the Interpol. Ye Jian, who was a few steps behind Xia Jinyuan, saw that he was immediately halted as soon as he stepped out and was interrogated by a police officer who was standing inside the police line.

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However, Xia Jinyuan did not utter a single word and extended his arm. A flash of bright colours, displaying the miniature version of a flag with five golden stars made the European police officer who was interrogating him stand upright, raise his hand and salute. Without another word, the police officer allowed him to pass.

Xia Jinyuan pointed to the walkie-talkie that hanging from the police’s chest before smiling lightly and saying politely, “I need to borrow your walkie-talkie to speak to your chief.”

“Of course!” The police officer agreed without even contemplating over it. He looked at the Chinese soldiers, his eyes still having a hint of admiration hidden in them, before he passed the walkie-talkie to Xia Jinyuan.

After thanking him, Xia Jinyuan turned his back to the officer, deliberately blocking the officer’s view so that he could also observe Ye Jian’s movement.

His smile faded and his tone was no longer warm; instead, it sounded immensely harsh and cold, like the strictness of the country’s soldiers, as he spoke to the local police commander, “Please tell the general commander that the thing that he wants is in the hands of our soldiers. If he wants to get it, he has to first apologize to us Chinese soldiers.”

His voice was stern and powerful, seemingly stabbing into everyone’s hearts.

He spoke in standard American English; anyone with their walkie-talkie could clearly hear what he had just said. At the same time, his words had shamed the European police officers who had once believed that the Chinese soldiers were incompetent.

Anyone who would dare to say so must have a certain conviction. He then returned the walkie-talkie to the red-faced European police officer. Xia Jinyuan slightly grinned once again, not forgetting his courtesy as he said, “Goodbye.”

Suddenly, a sound could be heard. It wasn’t very loud, but it was enough to attract the attention of a police officer on duty. He saw Ye Jian staying close to the corner of the wall, and swiftly hiding behind a tree.

She stayed hidden for a while like a fox that had just exited its cave as she cautiously scanned her surrounding. Then, she lightly jumped over the police line that was parallel to the green belt, successfully avoiding the policeman’s sight.

Watching her leave, the corners of Xia Jinyuan’s mouth rose faintly, … Her actions were quick and strong… She was definitely worthy of being one of the “prepared soldiers” that were trained by first-class sergeants and world-class snipers.

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