Chapter 18: The Birth Of The Spiritual Vein

A day later.

Inside the cavern, Mo Wentian sat cross-legged as layers of sword origin energy circulated in his body. The aura which he emitted gradually grew stronger.

“So it’s like that!”

Widening his eyes, the aura on him immediately broke past the 2nd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm, reaching the 3rd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm.

The whirlpool of sword qi within him doubled!
“The Devouring Heaven Cultivation Technique can swallow all kinds of spirit in order to mend all the defects in the body. It can increase the grade of a person’s spiritual root!”

“Other than that, It can devour demonic beast essence qi. However, it can only devour mutated demonic beast essence qi.”

Mo Wentian muttered to himself as he revealed a smile.

At this moment, Mo Wentian finally understood that the Devouring Heaven Cultivation Technique didn’t devour the essence qi of the demonic beasts he killed as the quality was too low!

The first time the Devouring Heaven Cultivation Technique activated was when he killed the Black Ice Snake. Today, the Devouring Heaven Cultivation Technique finally activated again when he killed the Purple Leopard.

These 2 demonic beasts were a lot stronger compared to the other demonic beasts. According to the classification in the Sword God Continent, these 2 demonic beasts were a kind of mutated beast!

Of course, there were beasts which were too strong to be classified as demonic beasts. They were the spiritual beasts, sage beasts, and the god beasts!

It also meant that the Devouring Heaven Cultivation Technique could devour the beast once it was at least in the mutated beast stage. If the beast was not in the mutated beast stage, the Devouring Heaven Cultivation Technique won’t want it.

“Wentian, you broke through!”

A clear and bright voice transmitted over. Turning his head, Mo Wentian took and look and as he thought, it was Mo Tianxiao.

“I advanced a small realm!”

Mo Wentian grinned. Although this leopard was only in the late stage of the 1st grade, the accumulated essence qi in it was sufficient for Mo Wentian to break through the bottleneck of the 2nd layer of Qi Condensation.

He reached the 3rd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm!

“This 1st grade spiritual root of yours is comparable to an ordinary 5th grade spiritual root!”

Mo Tianxiao’s eyes flickered and a light flashed in his eyes as he stared at Mo Wentian. Although he was keeping guard outside the cavern, he was still able to sense the speed at which Mo Wentian had absorbed the spiritual qi.

“It’s just a small fortuitous encounter…”

Mo Wentian smiled faintly.

1st grade spiritual root? His Heaven Devouring spiritual root was certainly the strongest spiritual root in the entire Sword God Continent. Although his spiritual root was a 1st grade spiritual root, there would be a day where he obtained a 9th grade spiritual root. He would form the exceptional god physique and he would…

“Wentian, your spiritual root is sufficient to compare to a 5th graded one. How about following me back to the Heaven Sword School?”

Mo Wentian suddenly enquired.

“Heaven Sword School?”

Mo Wentian trembled slightly before shaking his head, ”I will certainly go to the Three Great Sword Sect! However, now is not the time.”

Mo Wentian’s eyes flickered.

Entering the Heaven Sword School?

Heaven Sword School was part of the south domain in the Three Great Sword Sect. If it was anyone ordinary, they would be filled with joy if they were able to join the Heaven Sword School. However, to Mo Wentian, the Three Great Sword Sect was just an ordinary influence.

In the Three Great Sword Sect.

Although the Heaven Sword School was the strongest, Mo Wentian didn’t wish to enter it. Instead, he wanted to enter the Immortal Sword School which was in the last place…

“Not now?”

Mo Tianxiao trembled slightly before grinning, ”With your aptitude, sooner or later you will enter the Three Great Sword Sect. However……”

Mo Tianxiao”s expression changed.

“However what?”

Mo Wentian enquired heavily.


Mo Tianxiao glanced at Mo Wentian before smiling, ”Do you fancy the Vermillion Fruit? If you want, I can seize it and give it to you.”

“Give it to me?”

If Mo Wentian were to rely on Mo Tianxian’s strength to obtain the Vermilion Fruit, it would be like a walk in the park. However……

“For you to appear in this place, I don’t think that you are here to see me.”

Mo Wentian looked at Mo Tianxiao as he replied profoundly.


Mo Tianxiao smiled awkwardly. The reason he came here this time was because of some other matter. Since he bumped into Mo Wentian, he conveniently stopped.

“Between the four sword city, a spiritual vein appeared. This spiritual vein is so big that the Three Great Sword Sect was disturbed by it. I’m the Heaven Sword School’s core disciple and they sent me here to deal with it!”

Mo Tianxiao replied softly.

“Spiritual vein!”

Mo Wentian’s eyes twinkled and a light flashed in his eyes. A spiritual vein was where spiritual qi converged. It would be able to produce spiritual stones which contained a huge amount of spiritual qi. Sword Cultivators were able to use spiritual stones in order to advance their cultivation.

This spiritual vein was definitely something good!
“The matter regarding the spiritual vein is extremely important. If you don’t head over, I’m afraid that the four sword cities would fall out with each other. I’ll handle the Vermillion Fruit myself. You should deal with your problems!”

Mo Wentian smiled to Mo Tianxiao.

“You really don’t need my help?”

Mo Tianxiao questioned with a serious expression on his face.

“Off you go!”

Mo Wentian beckoned his hand.

“I’m going to leave. This is a sword formation talisman. There is sword qi sealed in it and it’s able to kill an expert at the pinnacle of the Leaving Sword Realm. You should hold on to it!”

Mo Tianxiao took out a green talisman and handed it over to Mo Wentian.

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Mo Wentian wanted to decline but after thinking about it, his strength was still a distance away from reaching the Leaving Sword Realm. In addition he saw Mo Tianxiao’s ferocious expression which didn’t allow him to refuse it.

Mo Wentian accepted it with a smile, ”Then, I’ll have to thank you!”

“The both of us are brothers… There’s no need for that!”

Mo Tianxiao laughed out and he disappeared into the forest with a flash. When Mo Tianxiao disappeared, Mo Wentian’s expression gradually turned solemn.

“Mo Tianxiao came from the same place as me. But……”

Mo Wentian sighed. It was very obvious that because the current Mo Wentian was too weak, Mo Tianxiao didn’t continue with his speech!

“Thank you!”

Looking at the direction where Mo Tianxiao left, Mo Wentian muttered to himself. A sword formation talisman that could deal with an expert at the Leaving Sword Realm Pinnacle. Even if it was Mo Tianxiao, Mo Wentian believed that he only had a single talisman like that.

“The East Barbarian Mountain Range gave birth to a Vermilion Fruit. Between the four sword city, a spiritual vein appeared. It seems like the four sword cities will start to turn lively soon!”

With a flash, Mo Wentian also disappeared.

In the instant Mo Wentian disappeared…

A figure appeared before the cavern. When he saw that Mo Wentian had disappeared into the forest, Mo Tianxiao’s expression turned incomparably complex.

“Wentian, if you are unable to reach the Four Constellation Realm in 3 years time, then I will have to return back to our clan alone. Wait for me to seize back everything which belongs to us. I will come looking for you!”

After muttering to himself, Mo Tianxiao’s figure gradually disappeared again.

East Barbarian Mountain Range.

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In the Outer Region.

Along with the passing of time, Mo Wentian realized that there were more and more people coming into the East Barbarian Mountain Range. In just the span of a day, Mo Wentian had not only bumped into the Yuan Family’s disciples, he even met the disciples from the Qiu Family and Mo Family.

“Do you know, I heard that the four sword cities sent their people here. Even the disciples from the furthest East Sword City came. The East Barbarian Mountain Range has been sealed off by the experts from the four sword cities!”

“Don’t lie!”

“The enticement from this Vermilion Fruit is so big? The ranking battle in the four sword city is about to commence. Can it be that the four sword cities want to determine their ranking here?”

“I don’t think so. I heard that the Li Family’s expert from the South Sword City had already withdrawn themselves from the East Barbarian Mountain Range.They said that they would allow their younger disciples to participate in the contest. ”

“They will let their younger disciples participate in the contest… Does that mean that we will stand a chance?”


Discussions happened everywhere.

Mo Wentian leaned on a ancient tree as the smile on his face grew wider and wider!

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