Chapter 19: Sudden Changes

Younger generation taking part in the contest?

This was precisely what Mo Wentian was looking for. If those old men were to join in, Mo Wentian would still control himself. However, if it was only the younger generation…

There was nothing for Mo Wentian to fear!

“Only the younger generation is staying behind…”

After wandering around at the outer region, Mo Wentian discovered that those group of 3 to 5 people were all filled with disciples from the big families. Moreover, all of them were from the younger generation. The strongest cultivator among them was only Qi Condensation Realm Pinnacle expert.

“Hurry up, take a look! Someone said that the Yuan Family’s disciples found the location of the Vermillion Fruit!”

All of a sudden, a cry of surprise filled the air.

Throughout the entire outer region…

Countless sword cultivators rapidly charged towards the core region and Mo Wentian followed behind them as he made his way towards the core region.

An hour later!

Mo Wentian entered the core region before long.

When he just entered the core region, howling sounds could be heard.

“Howl! Howl! Howl……”

“Awohh! Awohh! Awohh!…..”


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The threatening howls were willed with anger.

“This is……”

Mo Wentian’s complexion changed and his gaze turned to a distant place. He sensed layers of violent aura fluctuating about the

“Middle Stage 2nd grade demon beast, Thunder Condor!”

“Initial Stage 2nd grade demon beast, Ice Snake!”

“Middle Stage 2nd grade demon beast……”


More and more demon beasts appeared before Mo Wentian. All of them were in the 2nd grade… Among them, the strongest one had already reached the Late Stage of the 2nd grade!

“No wonder there were no demon beasts near the border. It seemed as though all of them knew that the Vermillion Fruit was about to mature and they were all hiding near the fruit.”

Mo Wentian muttered to himself under his breath.

He circulated his agility arts.

Mo Wentian rapidly advanced into the depths of the core region and as he went deeper and deeper the amount of corpses would increase. Among the corpses, there were disciples from the Mo Family in the East Sword City.

In the Four Great Sword Cities…

All of them disciples from the younger generation were in the Qi Condensation Realm. Unless they were a heaven-defying genius, none of them were able to reach the Leaving Sword Realm before the age of 20!

According to Mo Wentian’s memories…

In the entire East Sword City, there were only 3 such people who managed to enter the Leaving Sword Realm before 20!

One of them was the Mo Family’s disciple, Mo Han!

This person was the son of the East Sword City lord and he was also one of the top candidates among the Battle of the Sword Son.

Other than him, Qiu Yuan from the Qui Family was also one of the geniuses.

From the Yuan Family, Yuan Chong was the genius disciple who broke through to the Leaving Sword Realm before 20.

They were the only three people in the younger generation who were in the Leaving Sword Realm. Apart from them, the strongest disciples were in the Pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm.

How could they fight against the 2nd grade demonic beasts?

“Damn it! Somebody, save me…”

Layers and layers of miserable shriek resonated out and filled the mountain range. The nearer they got to the Vermillion Fruit, the more corpses laid on the ground.

“Look! Qiu Yuan is here!”

All of a sudden, a sword beam shot over. A figure charged into the mountain stream at lightning speed and layers of sword qi filled the area.

“3rd layer of the Leaving Sword Realm!”

Mo Wentian’s eyes flickered with radiance. This Qiu Yuan was actually a sword cultivator in the 3rd layer of the Leaving Sword Realm!

“Brother Yuan’s speed is really fast… However, one of the Vermillion Fruit should belong to me, Li Yuanxin!”

“I, Yuan Chong, want one of it as well!”

“I, Mo……”


10 figures charged into the mountain stream and in an instant, the mountain stream was filled with sword qi.

Outside the mountain stream.

A group of Qi Condensation Realm sword cultivators looked at the scene unfold in front of them and they were completely dumbstruck. The started to leave one by one with bitter smiles..

This Vermillion Fruit…

It wasn’t something they could fight for.

“Sire, it’s better for you to leave as soon as possible. All the genius disciples are making their move right now. I’m afraid that we no longer have chance to obtain the Vermillion Fruit.”

A voice echoed out beside Mo Wentian’s ears.

The person who spoke……

He was a fatty. His cultivation was at the Pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm. His dressed extremely casually as he looked towards the mountain stream which was filled with sword qi.

In the eyes of the fatty, traces of unwillingness could be detected as he sighed at Mo Wentian.

“Genius disciples?”

Mo Wentian smiled indifferently. He ignored this fatty. With a flash, he disappeared from his original spot and by the time he reappeared, Mo Wentian was in the mountain stream..

“Aishh…… Another person seeking death. A disciple in the 3rd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm dares to fight over the Vermillion Fruit…”

The fatty sighed once again. However, he seemed to have discovered something in the next instant. When he turned around, he realized that Mo Wentian who was beside him just a moment ago had disappeared.

“What quick speed!”

The fatty was bewildered!

“That person seems to be the cripple from the Mo Family, Mo Wentian!”

The fatty seemed to have thought of something as he muttered to himself. Following which, he muttered, ”How could his speed be so quick? That speed of his was comparable to the 3 genius in our East Sword City!”

Fatty’s bewildered voice resonated throughout the void.


Mo Wentian had already appeared inside the mountain stream. In the instant he appeared before the mountain stream, a dense layer of spiritual qi assaulted Mo Wentian. He also smelled a fascinating fragrance.
Mo Wentian raised his head and looked into the mountain stream.

In the depths of the mountain stream, a cold deep pool could be seen. Above the deep pool, the dense spiritual qi seemed to have changed into a liquid state as it hovered above the deep pool. It supported a blazing sapling!

“This place is so cold, yet a fire attributed Vermillion Fruit grew here… The profoundness of heaven and earth is truly boundless!”

Mo Wentian’s eyes slowly became excited.

A young blazing colored sapling and 3 blazing red fruits. There were several demonic beasts which surrounded the deep pool.

Around those demonic beasts…

The genius disciples of the big families were gathered!

“Everyone, I, Mo Han, want one of these 3 Vermilion Fruits!”

A handsome male spoke arrogantly.

This person was the Mo Family’s disciple, Mo Han.

“Mo Han, this is not East Sword City. If you want a Vermilion Fruit, you will have to rely on your abilities!”

Li Yuanxin looked at Mo Han and spoke implicitly.

“No need to be anxious. Although the effects of the Vermillion Fruit is very beneficial to us, one has to be alive in order to enjoy it. It’s not that easy to deal with the demonic beasts!”

A youngster voiced out his thoughts.

“We should kill these demonic beasts first before doing anything else. As for those vermillion fruits, it will have to depend on our abilities. What do you think?”

The Yuan Family’s disciple, Yuan Chong, stood out and commented.

“I agree with this suggestion!”


“I, Li Yuanxin, agree as well!”


Once all of them agreed. In an instant, the few of them stood up and layers upon layers of sword qi burst out. The surroundings became extremely terrifying.

“Howl! Howl……”

The several demon beast turned enraged when they discovered the intruders. Both sides immediately started attacking each other.

While all of them were fighting, none of them saw a green snake beneath the Vermilion Fruit. Even though the snake looked extremely ordinary, there were two small horns on his head.

A snake with 2 horns?

There was only one such possibility. It would mean that this snake possessed the blood of the dragon race. Those demon beast with dragon blood would at least be at the spiritual beast rank. It was even possible for them to be in the…

They might even be sage beasts!

“Fight! The more intense the fight is, the better for me!”

Mo Wentian smiled and a mocking expression appeared on his face. Fighting against tens of demonic beast?

These people were really stupid.

Since they wished to help him by obstructing the demonic beasts, he wouldn’t need to be polite any longer…

With a flash.

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Mo Wentian charged into the mountain stream like a phantom.

“3 Vermilion Fruit. I wonder much stronger my spiritual root will become?”

Mo Wentian’s eyes grew passionate as he walked towards the deep pool. Meanwhile, no one have detected Mo Wentian’s presence.

Ghostly Shadowed Concealment Track was a nearth grade agility art. It was not something easily detected.

Just as Mo Wentian was about to harvest the 3 Vermillion Fruits, a sense of intense danger overwhelmed him.

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