Chapter 20: Ice Soul Flood Dragon

“There’s something abnormal going on!”

Mo Wentian’s silhouette stopped beside the deep pool. Before Mo Wentian appeared in front of everyone, it seemed as though his presence had already been detected.

“Someone is here!”


“That bastard is really looking to die. Someone actually dares to oppose our Four Great Sword Cities? Wait till he comes out, I will kill him off personally!”

“Damn it!”


The disciples of the Four Great Sword Cities were enraged and the few of them with a higher cultivation base charged straight into the mountain stream.

“They found me!”

Mo Wentian inhaled sharply. However, he ignored everyone who was rushing towards him as his attention was all on the red sapling in front of him.

There were three fiery-red fruits on the sapling in front of him and they were faintly glowing. Anyone who saw it would be filled with a desire to possess it!

“That’s it!”

Instantly, Mo Wentian discovered the abnormality. Under the sapling, there was a small green snake which was looking at him with wary eyes.

The snake hissed and emitted an extremely dangerous odor!

“2nd grade pinnacle demonic beast, Ice Soul Flood Dragon!”

Mo Wentian hissed.

The combat abilities of a 2nd grade pinnacle demonic beast was comparable to a sword cultivator at the pinnacle of the Leaving Sword Realm. Although Mo Wentian was very strong himself, facing this demonic beast, he was still somewhat……

“No wonder all the demonic beast are gathered here. This Ice Soul Flood Dragon should be the monarch in this central region. It gathered all of the beasts here!”

Mo Wentian’s mouth twitched.

In that instant…

Mo Wentian didn’t dare to make a move as the Ice Soul Flood Dragon continued to glare at him. Mo Wentian had already been locked on by the Ice Soul Flood Dragon. As long as he made a move, this spirit beast would certainly make a move against Mo Wentian.

“Brat, this Vermilion Fruit belongs to me. Get lost!”

All of a sudden, an egotistical voice echoed out and a silhouette appeared in front of the Vermillion Fruit. As the figure extended his hand, he tried to grab a piece of the Vermillion Fruit.

That person was Yuan Family’s genius disciple, Yuan Chong!

“You are Mo Wentian?”

A bewildered voice resonated out. Turning around, Mo Wentian saw Li Yuanxin and 3 other youngsters. They were all charging into the Mountain Stream.

“Li Yuanxin!”

Mo Wentian’s eyes grew cold. Previously, if it wasn’t because Li Mo was around, he would have killed Li Yuanxin!


“The Vermilion Fruit is mine!”

Yuan Chong laughed out. He looked at Mo Wentian with disdain. Although he wasn’t sure how a 3rd layer Qi Condensation Realm sword cultivator managed to arrive at the Vermillion Fruit after hiding from all of them, he didn’t care.

Yuan Chong had never placed Mo Wentian in his eyes at all.

He was a 2nd layer Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman!

Mo Wentian was just a 3rd layer Qi Condensation Realm sword cultivator. They were not even in the same realm! In Yuan Chong’s heart, Mo Wentian was just an ant!

“Yuan Chong, stop!”

The eyes of the other disciples were filled with anger. Only Mo Wentian who was in the depths of the deep pool laughed out coldly.


In the next instant, a miserable shriek resonated out. A extremely cold aura pervaded out frantically, covering the whole area. The only place which was unaffected was a small area around the red sapling.

Everywhere else was covered in a layer of frost and everything turned into ice

Even Yuan Chong was frozen on the spot!

“What’s going on?”

“S***! This is a 2nd grade Pinnacle demonic beast, Ice Soul Flood Dragon!”

“Quickly escape!”


The mountain stream instantly broke out into chaos. Everyone who had been charging towards the Vermillion Fruit started to retreat.

“2nd grade sword formation talisman, break for me!”


It was at that moment, snarling could be heard within the mountain stream. Layers of sword qi surged out willfully, scattering the ice on Yuan Chong.


After vomiting a mouth of blood, Yuan Chong didn’t have the luxury of time to feel heartache after using his one and only 2nd grade sword formation talisman. He rapidly retreated and left the mountain stream.

“Yuan Chong……”

When the disciples saw that Yuan Chong managed to make his way out, there was a lingering fear in their eyes. Pinnacle 2nd grade demonic beast. If it wasn’t because Yuan Chong had a 2nd grade sword formation talisman, he would have died inside.

“Not right. Isn’t there still another person inside?”

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At that moment, Mo Han suddenly spoke out with a frown.

A moment ago, before he even managed to make his way into the depths of the mountain stream, he had already managed to spot Mo Wentian’s figure!

Mo Han had a feeling in his heart that he knew who the person in the mountain stream was.

“That person is gone… Could he have been killed by the Ice Soul Flood Dragon?”

A youngster spoke bewilderedly.

“He must have been killed by the Ice Soul Flood Dragon. I can tell that the person is not in the Leaving Sword Realm yet. With his level of cultivation, he dares to enter the mountain stream? He is looking for death.”

Yuan Chong’s eyes were filled with mockery.

“Not right. That person isn’t dead yet!”

It was at that moment, Li Yuanxin’s pupils shrunk as he commented gloomily.

Looking for death?

If he hadn’t met Mo Wentian beforehand, Li Yuanxin would never consider the chance of Mo Wentian being able to escape from the Ice Soul Flood Dragon’s grasp. However, after meeting Mo Wentian…

Li Yuanxin would never believe that Mo Wentian would die inside the mountain stream.

“Awohhh! Awohhh! Awohh!!”

It was at that moment, the demonic beast in the mountain stream started bellowing frantically. It was as if they were infuriated by something. All the demonic beast started to charge towards the 10 of them crazily!

“S***. These demonic beasts have gone mad!”

“Quickly escape!”

“Not right. Look at the Vermilion Fruit sapling!”

Someone cried out in alarm. All of them looked at the Vermilion Fruit sapling instantly. The vitality of the blazing red Vermilion Fruit sapling was rapidly disappearing.

The 3 Vermillion Fruits were already gone. There wasn’t the slightest trace of it left.

“The Vermilion Fruit was taken away?”

Everyone blanked out. In the next moment, an extremely violent aura burst out from the mountain stream, followed by another incomparably cold aura.

“It’s that young man who took away the Vermilion Fruit! Why else would the Ice Soul Flood Dragon fly into a rage?”

“Damn it! I actually became a tool to help others!”

“If I ever see him again, I’ll chop him up into a thousand pieces!”


At the entrance of the mountain stream, the gazes of the 10 youngsters were filled with wrath as they stared into the distance. They were the ones who fought against the demonic beasts and risked their lives. However, the Vermillion Fruit was stolen away by someone else! How could they maintain their calm?

“Sure enough, it’s him……”

Li Yuanxin’s eyes were cold.

“Just now, I heard someone say the name ‘Mo Wentian’. Mo Han, is he someone from your family?”

Yuan Chong looked at Mo Han as he enquired implicitly.

With that speech from Yuan Chong, all the eyes fell onto Mo Han.

“Mo Wentian?”

Mo Han frowned before replying coldly, ”Yuan Chong, if you want to shift the blame onto me, you need not find a cripple to be the scapegoat. Mo Wentian is the number 1 trash in my Mo Family. Furthermore, he doesn’t even possess a spiritual root. It’s not possible for him to enter the mountain stream to steal the Vermilion Fruit!”

“Number 1 trash?”

All of them paused. Meanwhile, Yuan Chong’s face grew red. Subsequently, he seemed to have recalled something and retorted, ”Rumors has it that Mo Wentian had already awakened his spiritual root. That person in the mountain stream was in the 3rd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm. I believe that it’s possible for thr person to be Mo Wentian. ”

“3rd layer of Qi Condensation Realm?”

Everyone broke out into discussion as everyone looked at Yuan Chong with an expression of ridicule.

Someone in the 3rd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm dared to intrude into the mountain stream? Furthermore, he even dared to snatch away the 3 Vermilion Fruits in front of a Pinnacle 2nd grade Ice Soul Flood Dragon!

“Regardless of who that was, if I were to ever capture him, I will never let him off!”

“Even if he has the Vermillion Fruits, he won’t be able to leave the mountain range. My Yuan Family’s disciples will chase him to the ends of the earth.”

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“My Qiu Family will also not let him off……”


Killing intent filled the eyes of the 10 disciples. Only Li Yuanxin’s eyes were filled with fear.

Other people might not believe that the person who stole the Vermillion Fruits was Mo Wentian

Only Li Yuanxin… He believed that the person who stole the Vermillion Fruits was Mo Wentian! Other than him, there would be no Qi Condensation Realm disciples who would dare to do such a thing!

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