Chapter 21: Devouring The Spiritual Fruit

“Could it be him?”

Mo Han frowned. He had heard the rumors about how Mo Wentian awakened his spiritual root. However, it was supposed to be a 1st grade one!

When Mo Han heard of the news, he didn’t bother about Mo Wentian any longer.

1st grade spiritual root?

The difference between someone with no spiritual root and someone with a 1st grade spiritual root was basically non-existent. In the Sword God Continent, a 1st grade spiritual root cultivator would at most be able to reach the Pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm.

It was impossible for them to breakthrough to the Leaving Sword Realm!

“3rd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm……”

Murderous intent grew in his eyes as he looked at all the departing genius disciples. With a flash, Mo Han disappeared from the entrance of the mountain stream!

“Howl! Howl! Howl……”

In the Core Region of the East Barbarian Mountain Range, fierce howls could be heard. The disciples who were adventuring in the Outer Region were intimidated by it.

“So many demonic beasts…… What exactly happened in the Core Region?”

“I heard that someone took away the Vermillion Fruit. Moreover, that person is only in the 3rd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm!”

“What? Only in the 3rd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm!”

“The Yuan Family’ genius, Yuan Chong, had already started to spread the information. The person who stole the fruits was the Mo Family’s disciple, Mo Wentian. There was a rumor going around saying that he doesn’t have a spiritual root. As long as we locate him, we’ll be able to receive a low-grade spiritual artifact from the Yuan Family!”

“Receive a low-grade spiritual artifact? That is such a generous reward…”


Discussion started to fill the area. All of the sword cultivators in the East Barbarian Mountain Range were instantly fired up.

None of them had the guts to covet the Vermillion Fruit.

As for the spiritual artifact……

A low-grade spiritual artifact was worth more than a thousand gold coins. If this money was used to exchange for Qi Condensing Pills, it was sufficient to allow an ordinary Qi Condensation Realm sword cultivator to reach the Pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm!

Furthermore, Mo Wentian’s cultivation level was only in the……

He was only in the 3rd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm!

Countless people started to hunt for Mo Wentian.

In the East Barbarian Mountain Range.

In a small valley…

Mo Wentian gradually stabilized himself beside a small river.

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“What a formidable cold qi!”

Mo Wentian’s eyes slowly opened as he muttered to himself.

A pinnacle 2nd grade spirit beast, the Ice Soul Flood Dragon.

It was an absolutely frightening existence. If it wasn’t because of his powerful physique as well as the sword qi accumulated in his 9 sword jade, Mo Wentian might have…

“I finally obtained the 3 Vermillion Fruits!”

A grin slowly blossomed on Mo Wentian’s pale face when he thought about the 3 Vermillion Fruits.

3 blazing red fruits immediately appeared in Mo Wentian’s hands. The moment it appeared, dense spiritual qi converged around Mo Wentian.

The Vermillion Fruit was a pinnacle black-rank spiritual fruit!

Not to mention the fact that there were 3 fruits.

The blazing red fruits emitted an extremely captivating luster under the illumination of the sunlight.

“I’m not sure how much my spiritual root will improve after consuming these 3 Vermillion Fruits…”

A hint of expectation flashed in Mo Wentian’s eyes.

Devouring Heaven Spiritual Root!

This was the 2nd time he devoured a spiritual object.

The first time was he devoured Lin Xiao’s spiritual root.

Lin Xiao’s spiritual root was only in the 5th grade. After Mo Wentian had devoured it, his spiritual root only managed to rise from the initial stage to the pinnacle stage of the 1st grade. It didn’t even manage to reach the 2nd grade!

“Devouring Heaven God Art, devour it all!”

Mo Wentian’s eyes started to glow brightly and he placed the 3 Vermillion Fruits on his palm. The sword energy in his body started to circulate.

“Buzz Buzz Buzz……”

The surrounding spiritual qi rapidly converged towards Mo Wentian and the 9 sword jades in his dantian started to revolve around frantically.

An abnormally strong suction force came out from Mo Wentian’s body.


The 3 Vermilion Fruit seemed to have turned into 3 stoves as 3 streams of terrifying blazing energy circulated around Mo Wentian’s arm before entering his body.

“What a formidable energy!”

Mo Wentian inhaled a deep breath as his face grew extremely red. The energy started to revolve around Mo Wentian’s body, causing his meridians to start swelling up. Mo Wentian was wrecked in pain.

“Refine it for me!”

Mo Wentian yelled coldly. The terrifying energy immediately converged towards his dantian and the 9 sword jades started to absorb the blazing energy frantically.


An extremely profound concept rose in Mo Wentian’s mind and he felt as though he entered a world of fire.

An hour later…

Mo Wentian was still meditating at the riverside. However, water vapor could be seen rising from the river nearby. The temperature in the valley had also increased by a few degrees!

Mo Wentian continued cultivating in the valley and he remained oblivious to everything else.

In the East Barbarian Mountain Range…

The entire mountain range was lively. All of the loose cultivators in the Qi Condensation Realm charged into the mountain range in order to join in the manhunt.

All of them were searching for Mo Wentian!

There were some people who were aiming for the 3 Vermillion Fruits in Mo Wentian’s possession. Of course, there were some who were not so ambitious and they wanted to obtain the low-grade spiritual artifact from the Yuan Family.

In the Mo Family.

“Missy, we received news saying that Young Master Mo Han didn’t manage to obtain the Vermillion Fruit in the East Barbarian Mountain Range.”

In a small courtyard, a servant whispered to Mo Qingcheng respectfully.

“He didn’t get it?”

Mo Qingcheng frowned before continuing coldly, ”My brother is one of the 3 genius disciples in East Sword City. If he didn’t manage to obtain a Vermillion Fruit, who in the world got it?”


When the servant heard Mo Qingcheng’s words, she started to hesitate. She didn’t know if she should continue speaking.

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“Did you turn mute? Hurry up and speak. What exactly happened? If you dare to conceal any information, I will let you have a taste of my Mo Family’s torture method!”

Mo Qingcheng looked at the servant icily.

“Yes yes yes. I will speak immediately!”

When the servant heard Mo Qingcheng’s words, she was terrified and she quickly started to speak. ”It’s said that the Vermilion Fruit fell into Young Master Wentian’s hands.”

“Mo Wentian……”

Mo Qingcheng’s pupils shrunk. Subsequently, she replied with suspicion in her voice, ”How is this possible? He only has a 1st grade spiritual root! It’s impossible for him to snatch away the Vermillion Fruit.”

“Are you sure you didn’t make a mistake?”

Mo Qingcheng interrogated.

“No. Absolutely not!”

The servant replied hastily.

“Mo Wentian!”

An terrifying coldness flashed past Mo Qingcheng’s eyes.

Unknowingly, ever since Mo Wentian was almost killed by Lin Xiao, this cripple turned more and more mysterious.

“Missy, we have located Captain Lin!”

At that moment, a voice resounded in Mo Qingcheng’s courtyard.

“You found Lin Yu?”

Joy could be seen in Mo Qingcheng’s eyes and she coldly replied, ”Get him to see me!”


A strange expression appeared on the little lass’ face.

“What’s wrong?”

Mo Qingcheng frowned as she enquired.

“Missy, our people came across Captain Lin’s corpse outside the East Barbarian Mountain Range. When they discovered Captain Lin… He was already…”

“Was already what?”

When Mo Qingcheng heard the description from the little lass, a bad premonition grew in her heart.

“Missy, when we discovered Captain Lin, Captain Lin was already dead. According to the appraiser from the Family Elder, he should have been killed by sword qi!”

The little lass replied gloomily.


“Killed by sword qi?”

Mo Qingcheng was stunned for a moment and she instantly replied, ”Do you know who killed him?”


“The Family Elder is still searching for an answer!”

The little lass’ voice echoed out.

“Still searching for answer…”

Mo Qingcheng’s heart sunk.

“Could it be Mo Wentian?”

“Impossible. He only has a 1st grade spiritual root. It’s impossible for him to kill Lin Yu.”

Mo Qingcheng dispelled the idea in her head. She didn’t dare to believe that Lin Yu was slain by Mo Wentian. Deep in her heart, she tried to convince herself that there was no way it could have been Mo Wentian.

Lin Yu certainly did not die under Mo Wentian’s hand.

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