Chapter 22: 3rd Grade Spiritual Root

A day later!

Inside the East Barbarian Mountain Range.

As they couldn’t locate Mo Wentian, those loose cultivators that had gathered here slowly started to disperse. Only the people from the 3 big families, as well as their disciples, remained in the East Barbarian Mountain Range.

As for the other people who hailed from the other 3 Sword City, they had long since departed from the area!

Inside the valley.

The aura coming from Mo Wentian became more and more profound.. The spiritual qi in the valley was already incomparably dense as it condensed to form a whirlpool above Mo Wentian’s head.

The spiritual qi turned into a whirlpool as it charged into Mo Wentian’s body.

The aura coming from Mo Wentian’s body had already broken through the 3rd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm. It already reached the 4th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm. In addition, the aura on him was still growing stronger.

“Buzz buzz buzz……”

It was at that moment, the absorption rate of spiritual energy increased by several folds.

The 3 Vermilion Fruits on Mo Wentian’s palm was turned into fire origin qi as it charged into Mo Wentian’s body.


The meridians inside of Mo Wentian’s body were expanding insanely as the terrifying fire origin qi surged around his body. Throughout the process, Mo Wentian was suffering from unspeakable pain.

“Devouring Heaven God Art, swallow for me!”

Suddenly, a yell resonated out from the valley. Mo Wentian’s qi started to circulate as the 9 whirlpools in his dantian started to revolve at an incredible speed.

“Damn it. This physique is still too weak!”

Mo Wentian groaned. As he only had a 1st grade spiritual root, his physique was many times weaker compared to his previous life.

Refining 3 Vermilion Fruits at once was too much of a burden to this physique!

“God damn it! In any case, this life of my was chanced upon by luck. I don’t believe that I will die like this!”

Countless amount of origin qi charged into Mo Wentian’s dantian.


Being battered by the 3 different terrifying fire origin qi, the 9 whirlpool shook crazily. Even the 9 brute swords within the started trembling.

“Break for me!”

Inside Mo Wentian’s dantian, it was as if something broke as the sword jades started to slow down by several folds.

“My spiritual root increased in grade!”

Mo Wentian became delighted. Although the revolving speed of the sword jades became much slower, the absorption rate of spiritual qi increased by several folds.

Countless fire origin qi was rapidly refined!

An hour later.


A terrifying wave of qi extended out from Mo Wentian’s body. The aura on him immediately broke through from the 4th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm to the 5th level!


Mo Wentian stood up as he hissed.

The terrifying strength jolted around his body and Mo Wentian felt invigorated. Although it was his misconception, he felt that he was unrivalled.

“Unexpectedly, I broke through 2 grades!”

Standing at the riverbank, Mo Wentian was filled with astonishment. 3 Vermilion Fruits had actually allowed Mo Wentian’s spiritual root to reach the 3rd grade!

The absorption rate of a 3rd grade devouring heaven spiritual root was equivalent to an 8th grade spiritual root!

Apart from this…

Under the influence of the fire origin qi, Mo Wentian’s meridians had expanded by 3 times. At the same time, the 9 sword jades within his dantian had amplified by several folds!

“3rd grade spiritual root, 5th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm!”

Mo Wentian was filled with excitement.

“Questioning Heavens Slash!”


Mo Wentian circulated his god arts as an terrifying aura converged around Mo Wentian.

In that instant, Mo Wentian seemed to have turned into a Sword God.

That sharp aura……

It seemed as though it wanted to destroy the 9 firmament!


The sword qi swept past the void, disappearing inside the forest.

A moment later.

A vibration could be felt. 3 trees that were as thick as a bucket was immediately chopped into two by the sword qi.

“So strong!”

Mo Wentian sucked in a breath of air. This sword qi was even stronger than any ordinary Leaving Sword Realm cultivator’s sword qi!

“If I can utilize endless amount of sword qi, the current me will be able to forcefully fight against a Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman!”

Mo Wentian sighed.

Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman.

They were strong due to their sword qi. They were also strong because of their concepts.

Unfortunately, even though Mo Wentian had already formed his sword jade, his cultivation was after all, still in the 5th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm. With just a cultivation at the 5th layer the Qi Condensation Realm, it was still insufficient for Mo Wentian to utilize boundless sword qi.

Mo Wentian reckoned that if he were to use sword qi to battle, he would at most be able to use 3 moves. After 3 moves, the sword jade would completely wither up. If this happened, he would become a fish on a chopping board!

“It’s time for me to leave!”

After exhaling a mouthful of turbid air, the smile on his face instantly reappeared.

The harvest in this East Barbarian Mountain Range had exceeded what he anticipated. With his spiritual root promoting to the 3rd grade and his cultivation level reaching the 5th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm, the current him was able to fight against a cultivator at the pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm without using his sword qi.

If he were to use his sword qi……

He could actually fight against a Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman!

“Who’s squawking?”

“Young Master, I will go and get that person out. That person actually dares to disturb Young Master’s rest. Simply seeking death!”

“What are you still waiting for?”

“Yes yes yes…”


Just when Mo Wentian was about to leave, he heard some noise around him. Before long, he saw a group of people in front of him.

“Kid, you disturbed my Young Master’s rest. Quickly report your name and acknowledge your wrongdoings in front of out Young Master! Our Young Master might let you keep your dog life.”

When they saw Mo Wentian, an old man came forth and ordered viciously.

“Disturbed his rest?”

Mo Wentian paused. Subsequently, he recalled that when he woke up from his cultivation state, because of his raging mood, he hissed out loudly!

Making noise was able to attract trouble!

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“Young Master, why is that person so familiar-looking?”

It was at that moment, an young man beside the old man suddenly spoke.


The group of them stared at Mo Wentian. Instantly, a few of them recognized him.

“Hahaha…… I remember! He’s Mo Wentian! He’s the one the Yuan Family is looking for! They are paying a low grade spiritual artifact for his capture! He should still have the 3 Vermillion Fruits on him!”

If we obtain the 3 Vermillion Fruits, I, Qiu Sanjin, will be able to become a Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman!”

The youngster suddenly laughed out loud. He gazed at Mo Wentian with eyes filled with passion!

“Low grade spiritual artifact?”

“3 Vermilion Fruits?”

Their eyes instantly became extremely zealous. Within a few breaths, several of them had already blocked out the valley as the remaining encircled themselves around Mo Wentian.

“Low grade spiritual artifact, what’s that?”

Mo Wentian frowned. For the past day, he had been cultivating inside this valley. He had no idea what happened outside!

“Kid, I’m afraid you are still uninformed. The current you has a bounty of a a low grade spiritual artifact. I am really curious about what kind of dog luck you came across to obtain the Vermillion Fruit!”

Qiu Sanjin replied Mo Wentian in an envious voice.

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He was a Qiu Family’s disciple. Furthermore, he was the 3rd Young Master of the Qiu Family. Although he usually acted like a scion, he managed to cultivate to pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm. As for his spiritual root it was at the 7th grade!

He, a magnificent cultivator who possessed a 7th grade spiritual root couldn’t even obtain the Vermilion Fruit.

What qualifications did Mo Wentian, someone who only had a 1st grade spiritual root, possess?

“You are someone from the Qiu Family?”

Mo Wentian enquired with a profound voice.

“That’s right. I’m from the Qiu Family!”

Qiu Sanjin laughed coldly before continuing complacently, ”Kid, it’s your luck to bump into me. As long as you hand over the Vermillion Fruits, I can consider letting you off!”

“Letting me off?”

Mo Wentian smiled indifferently. Although there were tens of them, the strongest cultivator among them was the old man who was in the 1st layer of the Leaving Sword Realm.

As for the others, they were all in the pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm!

They actually wanted to rob Mo Wentian? What a joke.

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