Chapter 23: A Sword

“Brat, quickly hand the stuff over!”

Qiu Sanjin ordered viciously when he saw that Mo Wentian was not moving.

“Hand it over?”

Mo Wentian laughed coldly before continuing, ”Indeed, I have obtained the 3 Vermilion Fruits. If you want it, you can come and take it!”


“Impudent! You are merely in the 3rd layer of the Qi Condensation Realm. You are currently surrounded by a group of people at the pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm yet you still dare to act so arrogantly.”

The group of them glared at Mo Wentian furiously.

Qiu Sanjin/s complexion turned gloomy and his face started to twitch.

He was a 7th grade spiritual root genius!

Mo Wentian, a 1st grade spiritual root trash should be kneeling down and begging him for mercy as soon as he bumped into Qiu Sanjin. However…

“Capture him!”

Qiu Sanjin ordered coldly.

“Yes, Young Master!”

The ten of them immediately walked towards Mo Wentian arrogantly.

Meanwhile, a terrifying intent flashed past the eyes of the old man in the Leaving Sword Realm.

Vermilion Fruit!

This thing was even more enticing to the Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman.

“Kid, you are the one seeking death yourself, don’t blame it on us!”

The old man looked at Mo Wentian nonchalantly. A beam of sharp sword qi accumulated on the old man’s body.


Mo Wentian ignored the old man and looked at the ten people who were surrounding him. He took out his heavy sword in the next instant.

With the thick black steel sword on hand, the aura on Mo Wentian instantly rose dramatically by several folds.

“Old man, come over if you wish to kill me. If you want to rely on these pieces of trash to kill me, you can dream on!”

Mo Wentian harrumphed as he placed the heavy sword beside him.

“Black steel heavy sword?”

The old man eyes was filled with disdain. In the Sword God Continent, there were very little sword cultivators who used a heavy sword. That was because in front of sword qi, regardless of how heavy the sword waas, it wouldn’t be of the slightest use!

“What are you waiting for? Quickly kill him!”

Qiu Sanjin commanded impatiently.

“Yes, Young Master!”

Coldness came out of the old man’s eyes before speaking to Mo Wentian, ”Today, I will let you experience what’s called supreme sword qi. You should be honored to die under my sword qi!”

“Green Wood Sword Qi!”

The old man had just spoken out the words when the Green Wind Treasured Sword on him suddenly came out from its sheath. A beam of green sword qi swept past the inexhaustible void as it shot towards Mo Wentian at lightning speed.

“Sword qi!”

Mo Wentian’s expression turned stern. He launched a horizontal slash back with his heavy sword.

The moment the heavy sword made a move…

The surrounding atmosphere became a lot more oppressive. The surrounding people only felt a terrifying pressure arriving as they rapidly retreated!


A sharp and crisp sound resonated out. When the sword qi collided against Mo Wentian’s heavy sword, the large amount of force caused Mo Wentian’s body to jolt slightly.

“Sure enough!”

Mo Wentian’s smile slowly became sinister as he placed his sword down.

With his cultivation level promoting to the 5th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm, the power he could harness was comparable to a ordinary cultivator at the pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm. Adding on his physical power, the current him was sufficient to forcefully resist an attack from someone at the initial stage of the Leaving Sword Realm!

“He actually blocked it!”

The old man cried out in surprise. He looked at Mo Wentian with a face filled with shock.

A cultivator at the Qi Condensation Realm actually blocked the sword qi of a Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman!

How long has it been since such an event had happened in East Sword City? Today, he had personally witnessed it. Furthermore, the person who had achieved it was the East Sword City Mo Family’s famous…


The corner of the old man’s mouth twitched. Could he count Mo Wentian as trash? If Mo Wentian was a piece of trash, what about the others? Even the 3 great genius in East Sword City wasn’t so abnormal!

“This brat actually blocked housekeeper Yu Yuan’s sword qi!”

“How is that possible? How can a Qi Condensation Realm cultivator block sword qi?”

“Could this brat be in disguise the whole time? He is disguising as a pig in order to devour the tiger!”

The other cultivators were filled with astonishment. A simple collision caused all of them who were preparing to step forth to kill Mo Wentian halt in their tracks. They no longer dared to advance even half a step..

“Old man, was it fun? Now it’s my turn!”

It was at that moment, an arrogant voice echoed out.

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“Questioning Heavens Slash!”


An extremely cold voice resonated out. Just when all of them woke up from their daze, they saw a golden sword qi in front of them.

That sword qi was like a sword monarch!

It brought forth a terrifying and acute momentum as it swept down!

“S***, quickly retreat!”

The old man was the first who to react. The sword qi streaked across the void as if it wanted to eliminate all obstacles. It terrified the old man instantly.

“How can he send out sword qi? This is impossible!”

“Isn’t he a trash in the Qi Condensation Realm?”

“Doesn’t he only possess a 1st grade spiritual root?”


All kinds of thoughts rose in their mind. However, the only thing which replied them was the arrival of a reaper-like sword qi.


The sword qi disappeared in a flash. Everyone who was around Mo Wentian instantly became quiet.

That included the only Leaving Sword Realm old man.

“Sword qi?”

Qiu Sanjin trembled in fear. The moment he saw the incoming sword qi, he only had a thought which flashed through his mind. It was to run!

However, his feet seemed to be glued to the ground. He was actually unable to even lift it off the ground!


An depressing sound transmitted over. Qiu Sanjin felt his heart twitching for a second seeing the aged figure in front of him collapse to the ground.

The figure had a face full of disbelief!

“Bam, bam, bam……”

Once again, depressing sounds echoed out. Everyone of them other than Qiu Sanjin had collapsed on the ground. A fresh cut could be seen at their waist as blood seeped out from it.

Killing tens of people with just a sword!

“Who exactly are you?!”

Qiu Sanjin’s legs trembled in fear as a stinking odor came out from his body.


A pair of eyes glared at Qiu Sanjin in disdain. 7th grade spiritual root? How was he considered a genius?

“You… I……”

Qiu Sanjin’s face grew red. Following which, he seemed to have remembered something as his face gradually turned extremely white.

“Don’t kill me. I can get my dad to gift you 1000 gold coins. No, 5000 gold coins……”

Qiu Sanjin suddenly knelt down on the floor as he pleaded in fear.



The corners of Mo Wentian’s mouth rose but his expression was still bland. In the next instant, he appeared in front of Qiu Sanjin.

“Don’t kill me……”


A miserable shriek echoed out. Qiu Sanjin’s body immediately fell to the ground and when he breathed his last, endless regret rose in his heart.

He was a 7th grade spiritual root cultivator!

He was the 3rd Young Master of the Qiu Family! As long as he cultivated painstakingly, it was only a matter of time before he reached the Leaving Sword Realm. When the time came, he would be revered from countless number of people.

In addition, he would have the chance of entering the 3 Great Sword Sect!

But now, because he offended someone he shouldn’t, all of that turned into dust!

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If he got a second chance, he would absolutely not provoke Mo Wentian.=!

An existence that was able to use sword qi when he was only in the Qi Condensation Realm could no longer be classified as a genius. Instead, he would be classified as a monster instead! The East Sword City monster. The southern region monster. A monster of the whole Sword God Continent!


Mo Wentian stood before Qiu Sanjin and frowned profoundly.

Just now, he had undoubtedly circulated the Devouring Heaven God Art.

Why… Why wasn’t it able to devour Qiu Sanjin’s spiritual root?

“Is there a requirement for the Devouring Heaven God Art to devour spiritual root?”

Mo Wentian’s eyes was filled with puzzlement. Previously, he was able to devour Lin Xiao’s 5th grade spiritual root. This time, Qiu Sanjin had a 7th grade spiritual root. However, he was unable to…

“Could it be……”

It seemed as though he had recalled something and Mo Wentian’s pupils shrunk. He loosened the palm he had placed on Qiu Sanjin’s dantian as he stood up.

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