Chapter 24: The 3 Big Families Retreating

An evil smile emerged on Mo Wentian’s face.

Previously, the reason why the Devouring Heaven Technique was able to devour Lin Xiao’s spiritual root was because Mo Wentian’s spiritual root was only at the 1st grade.

1st grade Devouring Heaven’s Spiritual Root was equivalent to a ordinary 5th grade spiritual root.

While a 3rd grade Devouring Heaven’s Spiritual Root……

Was comparable to a 8th grade spiritual root. Although Qiu Sanjin had a 7th grade spiritual root, it was still somewhat lacking compared to Mo Wentian’s spiritual root.

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A spiritual root that was worse than what he had would have no effect if he devoured it. As such, the Devouring Heaven God Art would devour it.

That also meant that if Mo Wentian wished to strengthen his spiritual root, he would need to devour even stronger spiritual objects. Otherwise, he had to devour a spiritual root which was at the 8th grade or higher.

“This Devouring Heaven God Art is too wicked!”

Mo Wentian smiled slightly. Immediately after that, he disappeared with a flash. In the instant Mo Wentian left, over 10 people appeared in the valley.

“Qiu Family 3rd Young Master, Qiu Sanjin, has been killed by Mo Wentian!”

Cries of surprised resonated out.

The entire East Barbarian Mountain Range became lively once again. It was especially so for the people of the Qiu Family. They all stared at the people from the Mo Family with murderous intent.

“Mo Han. You still dare to say that person isn’t from your Mo Family? He even dares to kill the genius disciple of my Qiu Family! I think your Mo Family incited this!”

Qiu Yuan stared at Mo Han and questioned him seriously.

Beside Mo Han were 3 other people. The 3 of them seemed to have concealed their aura but even though they concealed their aura, the air around them was extremely sharp.

These 3 old men were the elders of the Mo Family. The one at the forefront was the one who had helped Mo Wentian inside the Mo Family battle arena, the great elder!

“Impudent! Qiu Yuan, what rubbish are you spouting? Mo Wentian doesn’t even have a 1st grade spiritual root. Who wouldn’t know of this in East Sword City!”

“For him to be able to kill your Qiu Family disciple only meant that your Qiu Family disciples are useless. They couldn’t even fight against a piece of trash! It seems like your Qiu Family disciples are just a bunch of trash!”

Mo Han rebuked.

“Mo Han, you are seeking death!”

Anger rose within Qiu Yuan.

The Qiu Family disciples stared at Mo Han in fury. The atmosphere became extremely tense.

“Yuan’er, step down!”

It was at that moment, a low voice echoed out.

A gray-haired old man walked out from the Qiu Family troops as he glanced at Mo Han apathetically. Ultimately, the old man’s gaze fell onto the other old man who was standing in front of Mo Han.

“Mo Yu, your Mo Family disciple killed a direct disciple of my Qiu Family. Isn’t this somewhat overboard?”

The old man looked at Mo Yu as he questioned gloomily.


Mo Yu curled up the corner of his mouth before continuing, ”The younger generation likes to quarrel with each other. We are already so old, why are we interfering with them?”

“Why do we interfere?”

The old man’s eyes grew cold before replying, ”Are you saying that you are going to protect that piece of trash?”


Mo Yu couldn’t help but laugh. To be able to kill a Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman. How could he be considered trash?

Serve your Qiu Family disciple right! He deserves to be killed!

“My Mo Family would never interfere with the disputes between the younger generation. However, if someone were to shamelessly make a move, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Mo Yu’s eyes became cold as an awe-inspiring aura was emitted from his body.

The expression of the disciples standing beside Mo Yu instantly changed.

“Leaving Sword Realm Pinnacle!”

The old man’s expression turned unsightly as he replied coldly, ”Mo Yu, the person who got killed was my Qiu Family 3rd Young Master. Although Sanjin was somewhat a scion, Sanyuan was a disciple in the Heaven Sword School. Even if I choose to ignore this matter, Sanyuan might not. If he were to make a move himself, don’t blame it on me!”

“Qiu Sanyuan!”

Mo Yu frowned slightly.

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“Let’s go!”

Qiu Yu glanced at the Mo Family disciple gloomily before ordering his Qiu Family disciples.

“Great Elder!”

With Qiu Yu departing, Qiu Yuan’s expression turned ugly.

The contest over the Vermilion Fruit was over and the Qiu Family didn’t manage to obtain a single fruit. They even lost quite a number of disciples. Even Qiu Sanjin, a 7th grade spiritual root disciple had also died inside the East Barbarian Mountain Range.

If they were to leave like this, wouldn’t it……


Qiu Yu yelled coldly before disappearing.

With Qiu Yu leaving, the other Qiu Family disciples also started to leave.

After the people of the Qiu Family had left, the expression on the Mo Family’s disciples started to turn extremely grave. Mo Yu’s words showed that he was ready to offend the Qiu Family.

The Qiu Family and the Mo Family were the big families in the East Sword City. Offending the Qiu Family was absolutely not a good action for the Mo Family.

“Great Elder, could that trash really kill Qiu Sanjin?”

Mo Han looked at Mo Yu and enquired curiously.

“You need not bother yourself about this. All the disciples of the Mo Family are to withdraw back to East Sword City! The matter regarding the Vermillion Fruit ends here.”

Mo Yu glanced at Mo Han before speaking to Mo Family disciples indifferently.


Mo Han’s expression changed slightly before replying in a heavy tone, ”Great Elder, we are currently fighting over the spiritual vein. For us to offend the Qiu Family at this timing is somewhat unwise. That trash is just a 1st grade spiritual root sword cultivator. Why don’t we hand him over to the Qiu Family and let them deal with him?”

“Hand him over to Qiu Family to let them deal with him?”

Mo Yu’s eyes turned cold as he glared at Mo Han, ”You aren’t even comparable to a tenth of him!”

After Mo Yu spoke, he disappeared in a flash.

“I couldn’t even be compared a tenth of a trash……”

Mo Han stood lifelessly on the ground. Subsequently, a sinister expression appeared on his face.

“How did that trash bewitch the Great Elder? The Great Elder was actually willing to offend the Qiu Family in order to protect him…”

“The Battle of the Sword Son is about to start. I would like to see how powerful is that trash……”

Coldness grew in Mo Han’s eyes.

He was one of the 3 great genius in East Sword City. Now, the Great Elder said that he wasn’t even a tenth of Mo Wentian?

How could Mo Han possibly tolerate such an insult?

“Let’s go!”

Mo Han commanded as he brought the Mo Family disciples out of the area.

In the East Barbarian Mountain Range.

Mo Wentian’s figure was like a demon.

After 3 days, Mo Wentian finally understood what exactly happened. As it turned out, the Yuan Family had placed a bounty on him and they were willing to pay a low-grade spiritual artifact to whoever handed him over.

As long as anyone was able to capture him, they would be rewarded with a low-grade spiritual artifact. Adding on the 3 Vermillion Fruits on his body, which sword cultivator wouldn’t be motivated to try?

Helplessness could be seen on Mo Wentian’s face. In the past 3 days, he had fought countless battles. Even if Mo Wentian’s cultivation was extremely profound, it was difficult for him to keep it up!

“Do you know that the Yuan Family released another piece of news? They said that they are revoking the arrest order. Furthermore, the disciples of the Yuan Family are retreating back to East Sword City!”


“Not only the Yuan Family. Even the Mo Family and Qiu Family went back. There were rumors that Mo Wentian killed the Qiu Family’s genius disciple, Qiu Sanjin!”

“Qiu Sanjin? He was a Qi Condensation Realm Pinnacle expert. He also had a 7th grade spiritual root! It was just a matter of time before he became a Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman!”


All of a sudden, discussion broke out in the area.

“The 3 big families retreated?”

Mo Wentian stood above a tree as he frowned slightly.

Even with the enticement of the Vermilion Fruit, the 3 big families actually retreated?

Mo Wentian stared at the departing group of people. An extremely sharp radiance swept through his eyes!

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