Chapter 25: Returning Back To The City

“Brat, it’s really you!”

At that moment, a pleasantly surprised voice resonated beside Mo Wentian. Mo Wentian was caught by surprise and subconsciously activated his Ghostly Shadowed Concealment Track. His figure instantly disappeared from the treetop.

When he reappeared, Mo Wentian was already standing on another tree.

Looking back at the tree which he was standing on a moment ago, Mo Wentian’s expression turned grave.


A shocked voice echoed out. A moment later, a pale figure appeared in Mo Wentian’s line of sight.

Mo Wentian stared at the old man in front of him blankly.

“Great Elder!”

Mo Wentian greeted the old man who just appeared.

The person who appeared before Mo Wentian was the Great Elder of the Mo Family, Mo Yu!

Mo Yu stared at Mo Wentian with an expression filled with surprise.

“Brat, that agility arts of yours is not bad!”

An shocking radiance flashed within Mo Yu’s eyes for a moment. In the next instant, his expression became indifferent again.

“I would like to thank elder for the compliment!”

Mo Wentian clasped his fist at Mo Yu. When it came to Mo Yu, Mo Wentian still had a bit of favourable impression.

“Brat, are the 3 Vermilion Fruits really in your hand?”

Mo Yu glanced at Mo Wentian before enquiring.

“That’s right!”

Mo Wentian nodded. The 3 Vermilion fruits were indeed on him. However, it had long been…

The 3 Vermilion Fruits had long been refined by him!

“Hahaha…… As expected from my Mo Family disciple. With just your Qi Condensation Realm cultivation, you managed to seize away the 3 Vermilion Fruits in front of a group of Leaving Sword Realm cultivators! Those old fellow should be bursting with rage right now!”

Mo Yu laughed out loud.


Mo Wentian somewhat blushed with shame but the smiling expression on his face grew much brighter.

This old man was not too bad.

“Brat, although you obtained the 3 Vermillion Fruits, the fire origin qi in the Vermillion Fruit is extremely terrifying! It’s better for you to refine the fruits after reaching the Leaving Sword Realm!”

The old man seemed to have recalled something as he reminded Mo Wentian with a serious expression on his face.

“Only refine it when I reach the Leaving Sword Realm?”

Mo Wentian found that reminder somewhat ridiculous. Those 3 Vermilion Fruits had long been refined by him.

If it was anyone else, they would never be able to refine those 3 Vermilion Fruits. However, Mo Wentian’s physique was extremely strong. He wasn’t too far away from an ordinary Leaving Sword Realm Cultivator.

Refining 3 Vermilion Fruits wasn’t difficult at all!

“Thank you for your concern, Great Elder.”

Although Mo Wentian felt that it was an unneeded concern, he still thanked the old man. After all, the old man was caring for him.

“Good, good!”

The old man nodded his head happily. The more he looked at Mo Wentian, the more satisfied he got.

Subsequently, he recalled something and he warned, ”Brat, since you have the Vermilion Fruit on you, you need to be careful of a certain person!”


Mo Wentian enquired with a frown.

Someone capable of causing Mo Yu to show such a grave expression was definitely not someone simple.

“That person is called Qiu Sanyuan. He’s the Eldest Young Master of the Qiu Family. He is also Qiu Sanjin’s brother. He always dotes on Qiu Sanjin. Now that you…”

Mo Yu’s expression turned somewhat grave.

“Qiu Sanjin’s brother!”

Mo Wentian expression turned slightly cold.

“Be careful. Although you possess some skill and you managed to kill Qiu Sanjin, Qiu Sanyuan isn’t an idiot like Qiu Sanjin!”

“He should be at the Pinnacle of the Leaving Sword Realm. Furthermore, he is an inner disciple in the Heaven Sword School!”

Mo Yu explained the details to Mo Wentian.

“Leaving Sword Realm Pinnacle?”

“Heaven Sword School inner disciple?”

Radiance flickered within Mo Wentian’s eyes. This person was someone capable of being his opponent!

However, if he were to find trouble with Mo Wentian…

An acute sword radiance swept past Mo Wentian’s eyes. So what if he was a Leaving Sword Realm Pinnacle Swordsman? If he dared to provoke him Qiu Sanyuan would be provoking a death reaper!

“Brat, you don’t have to be too worried. Although that person has good innate talent, if he dares to make a move on you, our Mo Family will definitely stop him! Remember, you are a disciple of our Mo Family.”

Mo Yu chuckled.

“Mo Family’s disciple?”

Mo Wentian’s mouth twitched before displaying a sneer.

The current him was a Mo Family disciple.

Wasn’t he already a disciple of the Mo Family even before awakening his spiritual root?


When the old man saw Mo Wentian’s expression, how could he not know what was Mo Wentian thinking?

He sighed.

“Brat, you need not worry about the matter of you obtaining the Vermilion Fruit. However, no matter where you are, you will only be able to gain respect with formidable strength. If you are able to obtain the top 3 spot in the Battle of the Sword Son, come and look for me again!”

Before Mo Wentian was even able to react, the old man had already vanished.

“Only with formidable strength will you be able to gain respect!”

Mo Wentian inhaled deeply. He certainly knew of this principle.

Only when you were standing at a position that was looked upon by others would you be able to obtain revere.

“Battle of the Sword Son. I don’t want to simply be in the top 3, what I want is…”

Mo Wentian paused slightly. His eyes looked towards the void as the radiance within his eyes grew drastically.

“The 1st spot!”

He had to win the 1st position.

This was only the first step. Of course, there would be a day where he would stand at the summit!

3 days later, in East Sword City!

With the Vermilion Fruit incident coming to a close, East Sword City had once again returned back to its peaceful times.

Outside the City Gate.

A young man carrying a heavy sword slowly advanced towards the gate.

“Who is that person? Why would he be carrying a heavy sword?”

“A person carrying a heavy sword…… Could it be the Mo Family’s number 1 trash, Mo Wentian?”

“Hiss…… Don’t ever call him a trash again! I heard that all 3 Vermillion Fruits are in his hand!”


“I also heard about it. Even the Qiu Family’s 3rd young master, Qiu Sanjin, fell under his sword!”

“How is this possible? Qiu Sanjin is a Qi Condensation Realm Pinnacle expert. Even if he had awakened his spiritual root, it’s impossible for him to reach the Pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm in such a short period of time! How can he kill Qiu Sanjin?”


With Mo Wentian returning back to the city, the peaceful small city immediately started bustling again.

Within the city.

Concealed silhouettes started vanishing.

In the Mo Family.

“Miss, Mo Wentian is back. I heard that Qiu Sanjin died in his hands.”

A voice echoed out from inside the exquisite courtyard.

“Qiu Sanjin!”

Mo Qingcheng turned rigid. She didn’t dare to think about how Lin Yu died. However, what about Qiu Sanjin?

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Qiu Sanjin was an expert with a 7th grade spiritual root!

He was the Qiu Family’s genius. In terms of strength, he was certainly a lot stronger than Lin Yu.

Since Mo Wentian had killed Qiu Sanjin, then Lin Yu……

“You don’t have to continue monitoring him…”

After Mo Qingcheng spoke, her pale face became despondent.

This trash had already exceeded her control!

In the Qiu Family.

“Good, very good! Killing my Qiu Family’s genius disciple and he still dares to come back. He’s not placing my Qiu Family in his eyes at all!”

In the Qiu Family hall, a middle age man with terrifying aura coming from his body spoke.

That person was the Qiu Family’s patriarch, Qiu Li.

“Dad, Mo Family’s unbridled disciple dares to kill 3rd brother. Aren’t we going to take revenge?”

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Qiu Yuan spoke coldly.


Anger rose in Qiu Li’s eyes as he replied coldly, ”Didn’t they say they want to see the younger generation fighting against one another? The murder must die in the upcoming Battle of the Sword Son!”

The cold and detached voice caused the temperature in the hall to drop by a few degrees!

At the same time.

Inside the Yuan Family, because of Mo Wentian’s return, it became extremely lively.


Mo Wentian was strolling towards the Ocean Skyline Pavilion heedlessly. Layers of fur hung on the heavy sword behind him.

Those fur was obtained from the demonic beasts Mo Wentian had killed in the East Barbarian Mountain Range!

In front of the Ocean Skyline Pavilion.

“Young Master Wentian, you finally came!”

Mo Wentian had yet to entered the Ocean Skyline Pavilion when a soft and delicate voice appeared in his ears. The person who greeted him was Hu Mei.

“Miss Hu!”

Mo Wentian grinned before continuing, ”Not sure if you will accept these?”

“Accept! We will definitely accept them!”

Hu Mei paused slightly. Her gaze fell onto the fur= behind Mo Wentian’s heavy sword. The radiance within her eyes immediately grew by several times.

Out of all of them, none of the fur came from a demonic beast weaker than the Pinnacle of the 1st rank. Furthermore, she was able to spot 3 pieces which came from Initial Stage 2nd rank demonic beasts!

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