Chapter 26: Changes In Attitude

2nd rank Initial Stage demonic beast’s strength was comparable to a 3rd layer Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman.

In the entire East Sword City, such a rare object was hardly seen.

Because, to kill a 2nd rank demonic beast, one had to lead a group of Leaving Sword Realm swordsmen!
“Young Master Wentian, welcome inside!”

The butler beside Hu Mei greeted passionately.

“En, en!”

Mo Wentian nodded. He carried his heavy sword and walked into the hall.

“Thud thud thud…”

The dull footsteps caused all the gazes inside the hall to land onto Mo Wentian.

“Heavy sword!”

When they saw the heavy sword behind Mo Wentian, their mouth twitched. When they saw the fur of the demonic beasts on the sword their expression instantly changed.

“Is the young one the Mo Family’s Mo Wentian?”

A light voice was transmitted over.

A Young Master walked towards Mo Wentian with a smile on his face.

“You are?”

Mo Wentian frowned.

In his memory, he had never seen this person before.

“I’m a Han Family disciple, Han Shuo!”

The man smiled.

“Han Family?”

Mo Wentian paused. The Han family was a 2nd grade family in the East Sword City. Compared to the 3 big families, they were just lacking by a little.

“It seems like Young Master Wentian just returned from the East Barbarian Mountain. Han Shuo congratulates Young Master Wentian for obtaining the 3 Vermillion Fruits!”

The male continued smiling.

“Thank you!”

Mo Wentian glanced at the man indifferently. Walking around the man, Mo Wentian made his way into the hall.

“Unexpectedly, the Mo Family’s cripple, Mo Wentian, had managed to awaken his spiritual root. Furthermore, he obtained 3 Vermilion Fruits!”

“His innate talent was originally not any worse off compared to the current geniuses. Now that he has 3 Vermillion Fruits, he will definitely become the Mo Family Elder in the future!”

“What a pity. If only I formed a good relationship with Mo Wentian in the past. I could have gotten something out of it!”


Discussion broke out in the hall. The gazes on Mo Wentian’s body was no longer filled with disdain.

“Young Master Wentian, please proceed up to the 3rd floor!”

Hu Mei’s voice echoed out. The gaze of those people in the hall became a lot more grave.

3rd floor of the Ocean Skyline Pavilion?

That was a symbol of status! In the Ocean Skyline Pavilion, only experts at the Four Constellation Realm had the qualifications to enter the 3rd floor!

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In the whole East Sword City…

The amount of people who could enter the 3rd floor could be counted on one hand!

But today……

Hu Mei actually invited Mo Wentian to the 3rd floor!

“Thank you!”

Mo Wentian glanced at Hu Mei indifferently before disappearing from the hall.

Along with Mo Wentian’s departure, the news of Mo Wentian entering the 3rd floor of the Ocean Skyline Pavilion immediately started to spread around East Sword City. Once again, Mo Wentian became the center of attention of East Sword City.

But this time……

It wasn’t about him being the Number 1 cripple of the Mo Family……

On the 3rd floor of the Ocean Skyline Pavillion.

Mo Wentian’s expression was extremely tranquil as he sat on the soft chair!

This was strength!

When you had sufficient strength, everyone would respect you!

“Young Master Wentian, my Ocean Skyline Pavilion already came up with a price for those beast skins. With a total of 17 demonic beast skins, there are 2 of them which came from demonic beasts at the 2nd rank.”

“Adding up the total value of the demon skins and the demon cores, the total will be 30 thousand gold coins.”

Hu Mei walked to Mo Wentian and smiled.

“30 thousand gold coins!”

Mo Wentian’S eyes flasheD with excitement and he quickly replied, ”Deal!”

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17 demonic beasts would at most fetch a total of 10 thousand gold coins. Yet, the Ocean Skyline Pavilion had actually offered him 30 thousand gold coins. It was more than twice the amount!

Of course, the prices were offered after they took into account Mo Wentian’s strength!\

“Young Master Wentian, this is my Ocean Skyline Pavilion’s purple card. Using this card, you will be able to enjoy 20% off all purchases in my Ocean Skyline Pavilion!”

Hu Mei handed over a purple card to Mo Wentian with a smile on her face.

“Thank you!”

Mo Wentian took the card and stood up.

Subsequently, he seemed to have remembered something as he replied with a heavy tone, ”May I know if you have pills to improve one’s physique?”

“Improve one’s physique?”

Radiance flashed in Hu Mei’s eyes before she continued, ”There are very little pills that can improve one’s physique. East Sword City is only a small city. If Young Master Wentian truly needs it, Hu Mei is able to get the headquarters to send some over. However……”

“How much gold?”

Mo Wentian enquired with a frowned.

“Young Master Wentian misunderstands… This isn’t a problem of gold coins anymore. Instead, it’s about the time. The distance between the headquarters and East Sword City is extremely far apart. If Young Master wishes to purchase it, it will take at least 3 days before the pills arrive!”

“3 days?”

Mo Wentian paused before replying seriously, ”I will come over to get it 3 days later. There are 10 thousand gold coins here. Count it as a deposit!”

After speaking, Mo Wentian took out the purple card and handed it over.

“What is Young Master Wentian saying? Why would my Ocean Skyline Pavilion be afraid of Young Master Wentian not being able to pay for the pills? The timing is just right. In 3 days, my Ocean Skyline Pavilion will be holding an auction. If Young Master Wentian is interested, you can come over to have a look!”

Hu Mei chuckled.


Mo Wentian’s eyes lit up. Ocean Skyline Pavilion was the biggest trading company in the southern region. In this upcoming auction, there would certainly be high leveled products!

If he managed to buy 1 or 2 spiritual objects, his spiritual root might be able to break through to the next level!

“I will come again 3 days later!”

After leaving behind a sentence, Mo Wentian left.

“Take care! Goodbye Young Master Wentian!”


When he left the Ocean Skyline Pavilion, Mo Wentian did not have the slightest hesitation as he returned back to the Mo Family.

Along with Mo Wentian’s return, the Mo Family started becoming lively again.

A group of Mo Family disciples stared at Mo Wentian.

Their gaze was extremely complicated.

“Young Master, you finally returned!”

A surprised voice echoed over. In the next instant, a figure ran over to Mo Wentian like the wind.

Qingyu looked at Mo Wentian with her eyes filled with joy.


Mo Wentian smiled slightly.

“Mo Wentian has returned. I heard that he managed to obtain 3 Vermillion Fruits!”

“Rumors states that the Qiu Family’s 3rd Young Master died in the hands of Young Master Wentian. Previously, when I bumped into Qiu Sanjin, he was extremely arrogant. He actually died to Young Master Wentian! I feel extremely satisfied now.”



Discussion echoed through the entire Mo Family..

Mo Wentian smiled indifferently when he heard the discussion around him. On the contrary, it was Mo Qingyu who looked at everyone complacently.

Her expression was telling everyone that she was proud to be Mo Wentian’s maid!

“Little lass, let’s return home!”

After patting Mo Qingyu’s head, Mo Wentian walked towards the direction of his courtyard.

“Young Master, the housekeeper came over just now to tell us to move back to the Questioning Heaven’s Pavilion!”

Mo Qingyu spoke happily in the worn-out courtyard.

Witnessing Mo Wentian growing stronger, Mo Qingyu felt proud for him.

“Return back to the Questioning Heaven’s Pavilion?”

Mo Wentian paused before replying, ”We will stay here for today. We will return tomorrow!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

Mo Qingyu withdrew herself respectfully.

During the night.

Mo Wentian sat in his room cross-legged. His sword origin qi circulated around his body as the aura on him became more and more profound.

“Buzz buzz buzz……”

The surrounding spiritual qi rapidly entered into Mo Wentian’s body as the aura he emitted got more and more powerful!

However, something happened in that instant!

Mo Wentian suddenly opened up his eyes and an extremely awe-inspiring radiance flashed through them.

With a flash, Mo Wentian disappeared from his room.

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