Chapter 27: Was It Worth It?

Mo Wentian moved around the Mo Family courtyard nimbly.

A moment later, he appeared at the back mountain of the Mo Family mansion.


Mo Wentian frowned slightly. A moment ago when he was cultivating, his spiritual sense had picked up a fluctuation of sword qi.

Following the fluctuation of sword qi, Mo Wentian eventually reached his current location.

“Mo Wentian!”

A figure walked out from the darkness.

“Mo Han!”

When he saw the person who appeared, Mo Wentian’s eyes started to glow.

The person before him was the Mo Family’s genius disciple, Mo Han!

What came into Mo Wentian vision was Mo Han hugging onto a lady. Her eyes were tightly shutted, and she seemed like she had fainted.


When Mo Wentian saw the appearance of the lady in Mo Han’s embrace, he cried out in alarm. The coldness within his eyes instantly intensified.

“Mo Han, you are looking for death!”

Mo Wentian’s icy voice resonated out.

“Mo Wentian, isn’t this just a little maid of yours? If you want, I can exchange a few more of them with you.”

Mo Han replied implicitly.

“Switch a few more?”

The killing intent in Mo Wentian’s eyes grew more and more dense as he stared at Mo Han. Mo Wentian sucked in a deep breath before replying, ”Mo Han, you are the Mo Family’s genius disciple. Now, you are actually using a little maid to threaten me? Isn’t this somewhat beneath someone of your status?”

“Beneath someone of your status!”

Mo Han paused. Following which, he spoke to Mo Wentian with an envious voice, ”You can’t blame me for that. It’s this lass’ fault for caring too much about you.”

“Do you know? Yesterday, I asked her to poison you. However, she would rather die than submit! Such a stubborn maid really deserves death!”

“But luckily for her, her face is pretty decent looking……”

Mo Han’s gaze fell onto Mo Qingyu’s face.

Mo Qingyu might be Mo Wentian’s maid, however, her looks were incomparably exquisite.

From her current looks she was just like a beauty in the budding stage!

“Mo Han, what exactly do you want?”

Mo Wentian’s voice grew even colder.

“What do I want?”

Mo Han’s eyes started to glow before replying coldly, ”Hand over the 3 Vermilion Fruits and I will let this little lass off!”

“Vermilion Fruits?”


Mo Wentian started laughing out loud. Subsequently, he sneered, ”You possess an 8th grade spiritual root. I thought that you would at least act like someone of status. From what I see, it seems like I thought too highly of you!”

“It’s me who have thought too highly of you!”

That nonchalant commented echoed through the courtyard.

Mo Han’s expression instantly turned hideous when he heard the comment.

He suddenly thought about Mo Yu’s comment..

‘You aren’t even a tenth as good as Mo Wentian!’

Adding on to Mo Wentian’s comment, the fury in Mo Han’s heart instantly exploded.

“Mo Wentian, you are merely a 1st grade spiritual root piece of trash. What rights do you have to comment about me? You think that just because you obtained the 3 Vermillion Fruits you are stronger than me? Wait till I consume the Vermillion Fruit! I will become a Swordsman at the Pinnacle of the Leaving Sword Realm!”

Mo Han glared at Mo Wentian and he raged.

“Swordsman in the Pinnacle of Leaving Sword Realm?”

Mo Wentian eyes was filled with disdain as he replied in an arrogant voice, ”You are not fit to be my opponent!”

”You are not fit to be my opponent!”

That nonchalant comment was said with an immense amount of confidence. A kind of despise that came from an expert!

8th grade spiritual root?

Initial Stage Leaving Sword Realm?

To Mo Wentian, these things were like a joke to him after breaking through to the 5th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm.

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Mo Wentian’s fighting power was not any weaker than Mo Han’s!

“Mo Wentian, I will defeat you personally. I will stamp on you and tell everyone that you are the true trash!”

Mo Han’s expression grew incomparably hideous.

“Defeat me?”

“Stamp on me?”

No fluctuation could be sensed from Mo Wentian’s eyes. A minor Mo Han was no longer of any value to Mo Wentian.

“Release Qingyu. Otherwise, I will let you live in regret for the rest of your life!”

Mo Wentian spoke indifferently to Mo Han.

“Hahaha…… Mo Wentian, you actually care about this lass so much. As long as you hand over the Vermillion Fruits, I will allow Qingcheng to marry you. How about that?”

“Qingcheng is my Mo Family’s 2nd miss. As long as you marry her, you will become someone of the Mo Family. In the future, you might even become the Mo Family Patriarch!”

Mo Han seemed to have recalled something and laughed.

“Mo Qingcheng!”

Mo Wentian paused as a jealous expression appeared in Mo Wentian’s mind.

“She has no qualification to be my woman!”

Mo Wentian commented nonchalantly.


Mo Han’s face was filled with anger. Mo Qingcheng possessed a 7th grade innate talent. As long as she entered the Leaving Sword Realm, she could immediately became an outer disciple in the 3 Great Sword Sect!

In the whole East Sword City, which youth wouldn’t be moved by Mo Han’s suggestion? However, Mo Wentian actually said that she had no qualifications to be his woman? Just how arrogant was he?

“Since this little lass is so important to you, I want to see how much you really care about her!”

Mo Han’s palm shot towards Mo Qingyu’s skull at lightning speed.


When Mo Wentian saw that Mo Han had actually made a move, he hastily cried out.

“What? You willing to hand over the Vermilion Fruits?”

Mo Han glared at Mo Wentian in disdain.

A Sword Cultivator caring for a little lass. It was something extremely stupid. As long as one was able to become an expert, what kind of woman would he not be able to attain?

“Mo Han, if you dare to touch Mo Qingyu, I will dismember your body into a thousand pieces!”

Mo Wentian face was filled with killing intent.

The cold voice caused Mo Han’s heart to shudder slightly. Being stared by the cold gaze of Mo Wentian had caused Mo Han to subconsciously feel a layer of cold air rising up from his feet.

“So what if this trash had a 1st grade spiritual root? So what if he managed to obtain the Vermilion Fruit? He can’t be considered a threat to me!”

Mo Han eyes grew cold as his palm smashed down with lightning speed.


“Ghostly Shadowed Concealment Track!”

“Questioning Heavens Slash!”


Mo Wentian’s agility arts circulated at maximum speed with his sword jade spinning around at the highest velocity possible. 3 beams of sword qi formed before him as it shot towards Mo Han’s palm!

“You can utilize sword qi?!”

Mo Han’s pupils shrunk a shocked expression appeared on his face. He withdrew his palm and immediately shot out 3 sword beams in order to counter Mo Wentian’s attack.

“Clang, Clang, Clang!”

3 beams of sword light disappeared. Mo Han was only able to feel an enormous strength overwhelming him. Mo Wentian’s palm had actually landed on his chest!


Mo Han flew out and he felt an explosive impact when Mo Wentian’s hand touched him.

Mo Qingyu’s body also fell down after losing her support.


When Mo Wentian saw Mo Qingyu falling down from the sky, his expression changed. With a flash, he caught Qingyu.

“Mo Wentian, you actually managed to injure me…”

Mo Han crawled up from the ground with blood tickling from the sides of his mouth. That palm strike from Mo Wentian didn’t possess any sword qi but he placed all his strength into it.

Is was comparable to a strike from someone at the Pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm.

As he was caught off guard, Mo Han sustained minor injuries.

“Mo Han, you have to die today!”

Mo Wentian’s eyes were extremely cold. Just now, if he wasn’t able to act in time, if it wasn’t because he had already mastered an earth grade agility art, perhaps…\

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“A moment ago, that sword qi…… You are only in the 5th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm. How can you use sword qi?”

“And your agility arts… How can you be so quick?”

“Your Qi Condensation Realm cultivation…… How can it be so strong!”


Mo Han stared at Mo Wentian in shock.

The trash which he had never placed any importance on actually managed to surprise him!

“Mo Wentian, I’m a Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman. Your strength might be formidable but it’s impossible to kill me!”

Mo Han exhaled a deep breath.


A green jade talisman appeared in Mo Wentian’s hand. A small sword was carved on top of the jade talisman and it looked extremely exquisite.

“2nd grade sword formation talisman!”

Mo Han was frightened.

“Mo Wentian, this is a misunderstanding. Isn’t it just a little lass, I can give you another 10 more.”

“If you kill me, you’ll waste a sword formation talisman! The Mo Family will never let you off as well! My Mo Family is filled with countless experts. Killing you will be an easy task!”

“For a little lass, is it worth it?”

Mo Han expression experienced a drastic change!

Sword formation talisman.

Furthermore, it was a 2nd grade pinnacle sword formation talisman. This sword formation talisman was sufficient to kill any Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman!

“Is it worth it?”

Mo Wentian muttered to himself.

Mo Wentian would never do anything which betrayed his conscience. To Mo Wentian, Mo Qingyu might just be a little lass.

However, she was the first person Mo Wentian approved off after his rebirth!

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