Chapter 28: Ruthless Sword Dao

“No one is allowed to touch my people. Even if she is a maid, she is my maid!”

Mo Wentian’s killing intent filled the skies.


Mo Han was angered to the point where his body started to tremble. However, when he saw the furious Mo Wentian, a trace of fear appeared in his heart.

He was afraid that Mo Wentian would really activate the sword formation talisman in his hand.

A 2nd grade pinnacle sword formation talisman was more than enough to slaughter him alive!

He possessed an 8th grade spiritual root!

He was one of the 3 great genius in East Sword City. Furthermore, he was one of the top candidate of winning the Battle Of the Sword Son. If he were to die in Mo Wentian’s hand today, wouldn’t he……


Mo Wentian lightly clenched the talisman.

An terrifying aura appeared as it converged between heaven and earth. It was as though a supreme sword master was descending. The terrifying sharp aura penetrated the nine firmament!


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It was at that moment, a strict voice resonated out. An incomparably sharp sword qi came with it.


The sword formation talisman on Mo Wentian’s hand immediately fell to the ground.

“2nd elder!”

When Mo Han saw the person who appeared before him, it was as though he saw his savior. The pale expression on his face instantly disappeared. He started to rejoice.

“2nd elder!”

Mo Wentian frowned.

The elder who appeared was the other elder he had bumped into when he fought in the martial arena. The elder was staring at Mo Wentian in fury!

“2nd elder, no one knew where Mo Wentian stole this talisman from. Not to mention the fact that he wanted to use it to kill me! If it wasn’t for you, I would be dead right now!”

Mo Han spoke in fury.

The look on his face…

It made it seem as though Mo Wentian was the one at fault!

“He wish to kill you?”

The 2nd elder’s eyes glowed with a special radiance. Following which, he looked at Mo Wentian and spoke, ”Wentian, you might have awakened your spiritual root. However, it’s better for you to exercise some restraint sometimes.”

“Exercise restraint!”

Mo Wentian inhaled deeply before speaking to the 2nd elder in a cold voice, ”Wentian has a question in mind. I’m not sure if I can ask elder…”


The 2nd elder frowned.

“Wentian wishes to ask the 2nd elder, if one of your relatives was almost killed, how would 2nd elder handle the culprit?”

Mo Wentian stared at the 2nd elder and he asked with an aggressive expression on his face.


The 2nd elder’s complexion turned unsightly before glaring at Mo Han, ”You head back first!”

“Head back?”

Mo Han’s expression turned somewhat rigid. Originally, he thought that the 2nd elder would at least help him out. However, reality proved him wrong.

The reality was not as beautiful as he had imagined!=

“2nd elder. I’m the Mo Family’s genius. Mo Wentian wishes to kill me… It shows how malicious he is. According to the Mo Family’s rules, we should cripple his cultivation and expel him from the Mo Family!”

Mo han urged the 2nd elder.

“Expel him from the Mo Family?”

The 2nd elder frowned before replying coldly, ”I will handle this matter!”

“2nd elder!”


An enraged expression appeared in the 2nd elder’s eyes.

“Yes, 2nd elder!”

Mo Han inhaled deeply. He glared at Mo Wentian for a moment before disappearing from the back mountain.

As soon as Mo Han disappeared, Mo Wentian’s expression returned back to normal. There was a nonchalant expression on his face.

The moment the 2nd elder appeared, Mo Wentian knew that it was impossible for him to kill Mo Han.

The 2nd elder was in the Pinnacle of the Leaving Sword Realm!

He would absolutely not let Mo Wentian use the sword formation talisman to kill Mo Han!

“Wentian, although the great elder thinks very highly of you, if you were to kill Mo Han, the Mo family will not accommodate you for any longer. Do you understand?”

The 2nd elder spoke gloomily to Mo Wentian.

“I understand…”

Mo Wentian nodded.

Mo Han was the Mo Family’s number 1 genius. If he were to be killed by Mo Wentian, the Mo Family would never let Mo Wentian off.


When he saw Mo Wentian nodding his head, the 2nd elder’s expression relaxed for a moment He continued with an indifferent tone, ”In the sword cultivation world, it’s best to abstain from affection!”

“If you wish to protect your loved ones, there is a way. When you turn into an existence no one dares to provoke!”

“Only then you would be able to do whatever you wish!”

When you turned into an existence no one dared to provoke, you would be able to do whatever you wish!

Mo Wentian paused for a moment.

What the 2nd elder said was somewhat blunt. However, how would Mo Wentian be oblivious to the underlying meaning behind his words?

When he realized that the 2nd elder was doing it for his own good, Mo Wentian’s expression became softer.

“If he still dares to touch a single hair on Qingyu’s body, I will certainly kill him!”

Mo Wentian’s voice resonated out in the void.

The 2nd elder was slightly shocked by his response.

The 2nd elder stared at the disappearing Mo Wentian with a bitter laugh.

“What an arrogant disposition!”

Traces of praise could be seen in the 2nd elder’s eyes. Sword Cultivators plundered the world. This was originally something that defied natural order.

In order to be daring enough to plunder the world, how could one be afraid of anything else?

“If his spiritual root was a 9th grade one, he would definitely become an expert in this world. Unfortunately……”

The 2nd elder sighed before disappearing.

Sword cultivation.

Aptitude and will was of utmost importance.

In terms of will, Mo Wentian had superseded countless people. However, when it came to aptitude…

A 1st grade spiritual root was simply too lousy!

In the small courtyard.

Mo Wentian placed Mo Qingyu inside his room while he sat cross legged in front of the bed. The aura on Mo Wentian’s body started fluctuating once again..

“My current strength is still too weak. I might be able to fight against cultivators in the Pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm, however, if I wish to scare them all of, I’m still lacking in abilities.”

Mo Wentian eyes grew in determination.

If he were to be in the Leaving Sword Realm, there was no way Mo Han would try to threaten him with Mo Qingyu.

“We can only wait for three days…”

After inhaling in deeply, Mo Wentian’s expression returned back to normal.

Devouring Heaven God Technique!

Although the cultivation speed of it was extremely fast, the demand on one’s physique was also extremely stringent.

Everytime Mo Wentian raised his cultivation, his physique needed to be strengthened by several times. Previously, he had used the Black Ice Snake essence blood to temper his physique which allowed him to reach the 5th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm!

If Mo Wentian wished to continue breaking through, he had to strengthen his physique once again.

Mo Wentian estimated that if he wanted to breakthrough to the 6th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm, he had to strengthen his physique by two folds

The 2nd day.

Inside the Questioning Heavens Pavilion!

“What’s wrong, Qingyu?”

Mo Wentian enquired with a frown when he saw Qingyu daydreaming in the courtyard.


Mo Qingyu responded promptly before shaking her head, ”I feel a little dizzy… Did I sleepwalk yesterday?”


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Mo Wentian paused for a moment before looking at the cute Mo Qingyu. He couldn’t help but laugh out loud, ”Indeed, you were sleepwalking yesterday!”

“Ah…… I really walked around in my sleep?”

Mo Qingyu’s face instantly grew red!

“Not only did you sleep walk, you even ran to my room. You……”

“No, stop it! Young Master!”

Mo Qingyu shouted out delicately before running away.


Mo Wentian’s face was filled with smiles when he saw Mo Qingyu running away.

Once again, he returned back to the Questioning Heavens Pavilion.

Mo Wentian’s status in the Mo Family had been reinstated. Even though he wasn’t considered a genius, no one in the Mo Family dared to look down on him.

In the afternoon…

Mo Wentian carried his heavy sword and went over to the martial grounds. He sat beneath the waterfall that was at the side.

“Look! Mo Wentian is cultivating!”

“He’s carrying the heavy sword again. Could there be something special about the heavy sword?”

“I heard that Mo Wentian was the one who killed Qiu Sanjin. Qiu Sanjin was an expert in the Pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm and Mo Wentian is only at the 5th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm. Is it possible for the heavy sword to be the key?”

“His cultivation is increasing at an extremely fast speed. Previously, he was still in the 1st layer of the Qi Condensation Realm. Now, he’s already in the 5th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm!”


Along with the arrival of Mo Wentian, discussion filled the area.

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