Chapter 29: Comprehending Sword Concepts

However, what was different this time was that the Mo Family’s disciples did not satirize Mo Wentian. Instead, all of them stared at him curiously.

In the Sword God Continent, there were extremely little cultivators who used heavy swords.

When a sword cultivator reached the Leaving Sword Realm, they would be able to comprehend Hardness Within Softness. The weight of a wooden sword could be increased to 3000 kilograms. Why in the world would anyone want to use a heavy sword?

“Look, he’s about to start cultivating!”

A cry sounded out. All the disciples training in the martial ground had gathered themselves in front of the waterfall.

Meanwhile, Mo Wentian sat himself in a meditative posture under the waterfall.

The water came crashing down onto Mo Wentian’s body.

An hour later!

Two hours later!

Three hours later!


Mo Wentian stood up. The heavy sword behind him was unsheathed immediately.

The heavy sword streaked past the water which was crashing down.

Just like this, Mo Wentian started training his sword technique under the waterfall.

“It’s seem like the Vigorous Sword Technique!”

“That’s right. That’s the Vigorous Sword Technique! It’s surprising that the might of this sword technique is so powerful!”


When they saw Mo Wentian sweeping his heavy sword around, a mountain-like energy billowed out, causing all of them to be dumbstruck.


The waves rammed onto the stone walls at the side and water droplets splattered all around them.

“This is a Vigorous Sword Technique at the consummate stage!”

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Not far away from the waterfall, a figure stood there. Mo Qingcheng stared at how Mo Wentian was training in the sword technique. The look in her eyes was extremely complicated.

Was he really a piece of trash?

Could a piece of trash train one of the 18 black grade sword techniques to the consummate stage?

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A trash in the 5th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm was able to kill an expert who possessed a 7th grade spiritual root and was in the Pinnacle of the Qi Condensation Realm?

Unknowingly, a thought arose in Mo Qingcheng’s mind. If only she hadn’t……

“Mo Wentian, I will defeat you in a majestic manner during the Battle of The Sword Son!”

Mo Qingcheng left behind an apathetic comment before disappearing.

Meanwhile, Mo Wentian was still training under the waterfall.

He had immersed himself into an ethereal state.

“Vigorous Sword Technique might be a black grade sword skill. However, there are 2 different concepts hidden behind this technique!”

“One of it is Softness Within Hardness and the other one is Force Separation!”


Countless thoughts ran through Mo Wentian’s mind. He comprehended a lot of things and as he swung the sword around, his technique became more and more profound.


Along with a shocking air wave, the heavy sword on Mo Wentian’s hand swept out. A terrifying energy charged out.

The wave of air rammed into the riverbank, causing a group of people in the martial ground to cry out in surprise.

“So strong!”

The group of them who were watching Mo Wentian became excited. A light flashed in their eyes. The Vigorous Sword Technique that had been neglected by the Mo Family was actually so powerful.

“I’m gonna cultivate the Vigorous Sword Technique!”

“This is the Softness Within Hardness concept. Unexpectedly, the Vigorous Sword Technique can be so strong!”

“Matching a heavy sword to the Vigorous Sword Technique…… This is simply giving a tiger wings!”


The group of people stared at Mo Wentian in shock.

“I finally reached the great achievement stage for Softness Within Hardness!”

Mo Wentian’s figure came to a stop as he stared at the small pond formed by his sword waves. He smiled lightly before climbing ashore!

Softness Within Hardness was separated into 4 stages!

They were separated into the initial, small achievement, great achievement, and consummate stage!

In the 4 stages, the initial stage would allow someone to wield a 300 kilograms heavy sword. Someone who reached the small achievement would be able to swing around a sword which was 1000 kilograms. As for someone who was at the great achievement stage, they would be able to wave around a sword which weighed 2000 kilograms!

As for someone at the consummate stage, the sword in their hand would be at least 3000 kilograms!

Out of the 4 stages, most of the disciples in East Sword City were not even at the great achievement stage. Those people who had reached the great achievement stage could be counted on one hand.

“Young Master Wentian, I’m the Mo Family’s outer disciple, Mo Yao. Can you teach me the Vigorous Sword Technique?”

It was at that moment, a soft and tender force resounded in the air.

Mo Wentian turned around to have a look.

He only saw someone looking at him with a shy gaze.

“Teach you the Vigorous Sword Technique?”

Mo Wentian grinned as he stared at all the expectant gazes around him. He chuckled for a moment before commenting, ”There are myriads of sword techniques. Use your heart and you will be able to cultivate it till the apex!”

“Use our heart?”

The group of them stared at Mo Wentian with a confused look in their eyes Only some of the Mo Family elders stared at Mo Wentian with their expression turning slightly heavy.

Myriads of Sword Techniques!

To master every kind would allow one to reign supreme

“Young Master Wentian, can we come to you for pointers if we come across any problems?”

A moment later, a voice resonated out.

“Ask me?”

Mo Wentian smiled calmly before replying, ”In terms of sword dao, if I can answer your query, I will certainly do so!”

“As for other stuff, it’s better for you not to find me!”

“Thank you, Young Master Wentian!”

Hearing those words from Mo Wentian, their expression instantly became extremely excited.

Although these disciples had elders teaching them personally, those elders would not teach them the essence behind the sword technique. If they wished to learn the essence behind it, they would have to rely on themselves!

“So what if I teach you?”

Mo Wentian shook his head slightly. His comprehension on sword dao had already reached an extremely profound stage. Even if it was a sword emperor, he might not necessary be more knowledgeable than Mo Wentian.

So what about that?!

How many of them would be able to truly comprehend what he spoke?

Carrying his heavy sword, Mo Wentian left the martial ground.

But what Mo Wentian didn’t know was just because of that sentence of his many people started to support him within the Mo Family.

“What kind of sword dao can this trash know? Isn’t it just a heavy sword and Softness Within Hardness? How can he be compared to me?”

In another small courtyard within the Mo Family.

When Mo Han heard the report from his servant, his gaze turned extremely sinister. Mo Wentian’s appearance was threatening his power!

The Mo Family’s trash, Mo Wentian, had actually obtained the 3 Vermilion Fruits. In addition, he also killed Qiu Sanjin!

The current Mo Wentian had already turned into one of the core members of the Mo Family!

3 days passed by in the blink of an eye.

In the past 3 days, Mo Wentian would head over to the martial ground to train himself. Those Mo Family disciples would occasionally seek out Mo Wentian for some guidance.

When it came to sword dao comprehension, Mo Wentian never had any intentions of conceal anything. After those Mo Family disciples had consulted Mo Wentian, they felt as though his sword dao comprehension was much more profound than those elders in the Mo Family.

Naturally, these Mo Family disciples would rather consult Mo Wentian than those elders in the Mo Family!

“It has only been 3 days. My physique actually increased by a fold!”

Coming back ashore, Mo Wentian couldn’t help but shake his head.

Mo Wentian’s current physique would only allow him to cultivate till the 6th layer of the Qi Condensation Realm. Mo Wentian was definitely not satisfied with the rate at which he was improving!

“Young Master Wentian, are you done training?”

A lovely voice transmitted over as a figure came forward rapidly. She handed him a towel and a bucket of water.

“Thank you!”

Mo Wentian smiled lightly. In the past 3 days, the friendship between Mo Wentian and the Mo Family disciples took a change for the better! They were much closer now.

“Young Master Wentian, I cultivated the sword technique you gave me. However, there are some places I don’t understand.”

Mo Qingyao looked at Mo Wentian with an embarrassed expression on her face.

The Mo Wentian before her was only wearing a pair of pants The refined and clear muscles brought forth an irresistible attractiveness to Qingyao!

“What do you not understand?”

Mo Wentian enquired with a smile.

“Young Master Wentian, when executing this Pliable Sword Technique, why will I always feel that I can’t reach a particular place? It’s as if there is something…”

“Something obstructing you?”

Mo Wentian stared at Qingyao and there was a bright smile on his face.


Qingyao replied while lowering her head.

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