Chapter 742 – Blind

Shang Qiu Yan’s butt seemed to have been bitten, she frantically ran around without any thoughts for where she was heading.

A bundle of red cloud was chasing, closely behind her without any letting up.

Tuoba Yu’er took out a huge cauldron-type magic equipment and covered herself with it, however, the little Killer Bees started digging into the ground like moles without any problems.

Very quickly, Tuoba Yu’er was also unable to endure any longer as a shrill cry was released, she lifted the cauldron from the inside and quickly ran away with it.

As she was unable to see where she was going, she would often run into trees and rocks along the way; the large red cloud was also closely chasing her without letting up.

A red cloud headed towards the direction of the Little Shota who was the first to ran away.

Another group also head towards Mu Rong Xin Nuo’s direction as well.

The only exception was Tuoba Xiang’er and Huan Qing Yan; both who were frozen due to the Ice Shatter Beads, so it was unknown if it was due to the ice encasing them or for some other unknown reason…

In other words, the two of them were in the safest situation; the Honey Bees had circled them several times. Upon seeing nothing that could be done, they flew away.

Earlier on, Touba Xiang’er hated Huan Qing Yan when she could only watch them harvest the Honey Fruits. Now, she felt fortunate to have been frozen.

Inside the ice sculpture, Huan Qing Yan was also experiencing deep gratefulness and admiration towards her master.

This item was truly useful.

Not only could it freeze her enemies, it could also be used on herself.

She just needs to be careful when she targeting her enemies, and not to freeze herself along with them.

Occasionally, womanly screams could be heard from the dense forest not far from her; Huan Qing Yan felt very satisfied whenever she heard it.

“Simply satisfying!”

By the time the bee swarm has flown away, the ice encasing Huan Qing Yan had also started to melt. As a Mid-Stage True Spirit Master, she would only need to struggle a few times to counter the strength of one Ice Shatter Bead.

After Huan Qing Yan freed herself from the ice, she checked her bearings and headed towards a safe direction where there would be no bees.

Tuoba Xiang’er was still trapped inside the ice, there was not a trace of the ice melting at all.

She could only look on helplessly as Huan Qing Yan softly hummed while walking away, in good spirits.

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In tears.

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Had she known that woman was not to be trifled with, she would have curried favor with her. Sobs, she was blind, truly she was! That woman was too terrifying, the next time she sees her, she would make sure to keep her distance, away from her.

As for future brother-in-law and what not, those were just passing clouds…


Frantically running within the dense forest, was the Little Shota who had been the fastest to escape. Suddenly, as he ran, his body started to change.

From the body of a seven-year-old, he slowly grew, bigger and bigger he got, his limbs started to stretch and grow…

A short while later, he had turned into a normal adult male.

The cute face earlier on had turned into a mature and handsome uncle.

He stopped and took out a plant powder, spreading it on his body.

The powder was emitting a strange scent when the red cloud pursuing him scented that, they immediately pulled away and kept their distance.

However, they did not retreat.

The handsome uncle did not hesitate, not being an attack was already good enough for him, seeing that the bees keeping their distance away also showed its effectiveness. He turned around to head back, then located a dense red bee swarm underneath a large tree.

After throwing a large amount of the powder, he successfully rescued Tuoba Yu’er who was surrounded by the bee swarm.

It was hard to see her human form as she had turned into a swollen human meat bun.

The handsome uncle picked up the human meat bun and fed it several precious medicines, before finally covering the powder on her body. Then he brought her with him and continued to run away from the bee swarm.


When Bai Li Zi Xi came out from the mountains, she saw a large red cloud from afar.

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