Chapter 30 – Wolf King Challenge

Twilight Forest, the territory of two powerful wolf packs.

The Black Fang Wolves led by [Black Fang Wolf King (Shadow)] and the Blade Silver Wolves led by [Silver Wolf King (Lupus)].

There was a saying, one mountain cannot hold two owners.

However, these two were brothers of different fathers and together, guarded the Blood Scar Inheritance left behind by their mother, the Black Fang Silver Wolf King. For many years, the two packs have lived in relative peace.

However, not long ago. [Silver Wolf King (Lupus)] committed a grave mistake.

He gave the Blood Scar Inheritance left behind by his mother to the younger sister of his deceased wife, a Blood Wolf outsider.

(Lupus, you bloody hell gave your mother’s inheritance to your sister-in-law who was an outsider, what do you think your younger brother will think? Are you two still brothers who share the same mother? Did you even consider your brother’s feelings? Huh?)

Therefore, Shadow was enraged.

At that moment, Lupus of all times chose to challenge a group of Lobster Man that entered the forest four days ago.

(They just wanted to peacefully pass through, why the hell did you get so agitated for? Who messed with you? Why must you bloody hell go challenge a group alone. See, now you are injured and needed to be rescued by two human rookies. Where is your wolf pride?)

Shadow caught one of the humans, after knowing that Lupus was injured, it made a decision…

Since it was a retard, then it would just have to kill him.

Therefore, it turned into the scene where a sea of wolves was charging towards Lin Xiao Bei.

Currently, as the cause of the entire situation, Scarred Blood Massacre was without a doubt furious.

Wolves were originally a proud species.

As for it, being the inheritor of one of the Ten Great Wolf God Imprints, it was even more proud than others. It would not even submit to its brother-in-law.

It absolutely had no intention to submit to Lin Xiao Bei.

It only tricked Lin Xiao Bei here to attract some of the Black Fang Wolves away before it would use all its power to break through the encirclement around its brother-in-law and save it. Considering it as its way of repaying the grace of letting it inherit the Scar Inheritance.

However, Lin Xiao Bei did not run away as it had thought. Instead, he was fulfilling his responsibility as its owner by charging headfirst into the sea of wolves.

Wolves are proud warriors. Scarred Blood Massacre looked at the majestic figure of Lin Xiao Bei, its eyes changed, turning into…

The same look as to how Shadow looked at Lupus.

An idiot like you wants to become this madam’s master?

(What a damn retard, if you want to die than go somewhere to do so, don’t stay around and spoil this madam’s plan.)

Scarred Blood Massacre cursed constantly in its heart.

However, when the ember on the human’s hand turned into a sea of fire, Scarred Blood Massacre was shocked while it started to break into a sweat.

What did it saw?

The black mass of wolves charged into the fire like moths flying into the fire, heading towards the human in the center.

One minute.

Two minutes.

Heart-wrenching wolf cries filled the sky.

The wolf pack was terrified, they quickly retreated.

These were the Black Fang Wolves that inherited the complete tyrannous power of one of the Ten Great Wolf Gods, the Black Fang Silver Wolf King.

Their viciousness was incomparable, even Scarred Blood Massacre’s Terror Skill: Death Gaze, was easily ignored by them.

Yet they were terrified of the human within the flames.

“Little She-Wolf, since you called me your Master, then I will perform my duties as your Master. Stay there and rest, I will make this unruly wolf pups cry in the fire.”

Lin Xiao Bei’s words that felt like a joke resounded within its ears.

At that moment, Scarred Blood Massacre admitted that it has misunderstood Lin Xiao Bei.

This man was certainly not joking, it was using his strength to prove it right now.

Wolves worship the strong. The domineering manner of how Lin Xiao Bei beat the wolves into retreat had intoxicated Scarred Blood Massacre’s heart.

(Maybe, following a master like this, would not tarnish the pride of a wolf.)

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Now that its master was killing in the frontlines, how could it, a servant stay behind and be a coward?

“Ah… woo…”

Scarred Blood Massacre howled towards the sky, its entire body was charged with energy as it dashed forward.

It charged into the Dark Flames that terrorized the Black Fang Wolves, it picked up its master and ran towards the retreating wolves.

What about Lin Xiao Bei who is within the flames? What is he doing now?

He is feeling extremely refreshed!





[Ding. You are bitten by a Lv.15 Black Fang Wolf. As the opponent was unable to break through your defenses, Health -1]


 [Ding. You killed a Lv.15 Black Fang Wolf and earned 100 experience. Please continue to work hard and kill more enemies]


 [Ding. You have killed a total of 100 Black Fang Wolves, your reputation amongst the wolf species has increased by 100. Please continue to work hard and kill more enemies]


[Ding. You are bitten by a Lv.15 Black Fang Wolf. As the opponent was unable to break through your defenses, Health -1. Your remaining Health is 31 and is about to reach the red zone] [Ding. You have killed a total of 120 Black Fang Wolves and obtained 12,000 experience. Your level has increased]

‘Swoosh’, with a white flash. Lin Xiao Bei’s Health was instantly restored.

Along with his level up, his damage also increased.





[Ding. You have killed a total of 360 Black Fang Wolves and obtained 24,000 experience. Your level has increased]

Another level up, reaching lv.13, Lin Xiao Bei’s confidence exploded.

Once he kills the sea of Black Fang Wolves surrounding the cliff, he would reach Lv.14, the same level as the Third Apostle. Or maybe, he might even reach Lv.15 and overtake the Third Apostle!

Therefore, the instant when Scarred Blood Massacre picked up Lin Xia Bei, he activated his crazy pursuit and kill mode.

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Lin Xiao Bei turned into a mobile flame emitter, wherever he passed, nothing except for charred wolf skeletons was left behind.

[Ding. You have killed a total of 500 Black Fang Wolves, your reputation amongst the wolf species has increased by 500 (Minor Renown)]

Currently, less than 30% of wolves that came down from the cliff remained.

They all cowered in fear, not even daring to look at Lin Xiao Bei as they charged up the cliff towards their Wolf King in tears.

[Ding. You have inflicted great terror to the Black Fang Wolves and earned the hostility of Shadow, the Black Fang Wolf King]

Along with the notification, Lin Xiao Bei shifted his gaze.

On the top of the cliff, stood a jet-black wolf with sharp eyes. It was arrogantly looking down at Lin Xiao Bei from its high vantage point.

[Ding. You consumed one skill point to increase Precise Probe to Lv.3 You can now check the information of monsters 10 levels higher than you] [Ding. You consumed 5 MP and successfully used Precise Probe. You obtained the following information.]

Monster Name: Black Fang Wolf King (Shadow)]

(It has black teeth and a jet-black body, you can even suspect that it came from Africa. However, it might have a black face but please note to not underestimate it. Having inherited all the Tyrannical Gene of the Wolf God, Black Fang Silver Wolf King, it was certainly a death reaper within the dark)

[Species: Beast] [Level: 20 (Mutated Boss)] [Health: 5500] [Attack: 100] [Defense: 20] [Speed: 220] [Element Affinity: Dark (Primary), Fire (Secondary)] [Trait: Black Fire Fission (Hiding its body within the darkness, if you are lucky, you will be able to see a pair of terrifying eyes that held a burning black flame)] [Weakness: Belly (Canine Creatures. Their soft bellies would allow you to deal Critical Damage when attacking it)] [Temporary Weakness: All Attributes reduced by half (Heavily Wounded)]

Skills: Wolfman Transformation, Eclipse, Shadow Hide, Death Bite, Elemental Fission]

This black fella has Fire within its elemental affinity. What a godsend, my Fire Element Affinity and Skillbook are here!

After checking Shadow’s attribute, Lin Xiao Bei smirked. He gave the African Face that was looking down at him a big middle finger.

“Little experience dish, come, hand over the Skillbook and Daddy promise not to hit your ass!”

After he spoke, Lin Xiao Bei urged Scarred Blood Massacre that he was still on to charge up.

However, the heavens would often not let you get the way you want.

Just as Lin Xiao Bei excitedly ran up.

A dark cloud covered the sky, causing the entire area to turn dark.

“Ah… Woo…”

The wolves started to run.

By the time the sun reappeared through the black clouds, Lin Xiao Bei no longer saw the black mass of wolves, only a few dozen huge white wolves remained on the ground.

“Dammit! If you want to bloody run, then why act so high and mighty while looking down from above! Shadow, just you wait for me to deal with you!”

Lin Xiao Bei cursed at the retreating black mass in the horizon.

Suddenly, “Ah… Woo…”

A howl aimed towards Lin Xiao Bei.

It came from the retreating Shadow.

“Little She-Wolf, what did Black Face say?”

“Master, Shadow invites you to the Shadow Cave for a deathmatch!”

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