Chapter 31 – Two Lin Xiao Bei?

The Shadow Cave, the dwelling of [Black Fang Wolf King (Shadow)].

Due to the rich Dark Elements within this place, even when it was daytime, sunlight will still be unable to enter the place. Therefore, this was a place were creatures of darkness rule.

Lupus said that when Shadow was within the cave, its powers would increase by several times, even at if it was at its peak condition, Lupus would still not be Shadow’s opponent.

However, that place was also the only path to the Lobster Man Tribe from the Twilight Forest.

Therefore, no matter if it was for the Lobster Man Tribe, the Elemental Affinity or Skillbook that Lin Xiao Bei wanted, he must venture into it.

Currently, after talking to Lin Xiao Bei, Lupus started to growl and bark at Scarred Blood Massacre.

“What? You are heading to the Shadow Cave with the human? I object, absolutely no!”

Lupus was unable to suppress his anger, it was to be night soon, that period would be when the Dark Elements within Shadow Cave will be at its thickest.

Going there at this period was no different from committing suicide.

“Brother-in-law, more than half of your pack is gone, I need to accompany him to deal with Shadow. Or else, the moment they recover using the Dark Elemental Energies will also be the time when the Blade Silver Wolves become extinct.”

Scarred Blood Massacre said with a determined tone.

The reason why Shadow ran back to his nest was that it had greatly depleted its energy after fighting Lupus. If they miss this opportunity, the consequences will be dire.

“Even if that is the case, I still disagree. Your elder sister asked me to take care of you, it is my responsibility as your brother-in-law to do what’s best for you. Shadow is too powerful when it is inside the Shadow Cave, I will not allow you to die like that!”

Lupus roared.

After its wife passed away and having no children, all she left behind was this proud little sister of hers, that was also why Lupus has been pampering this little sister-in-law.

As a sis-con, how could Lupus watch its own sister deliver herself to the jaws of death?

“No need to worry Brother-in-law, I will not die. You have seen it for yourself how powerful my Master was. He will certainly kill Shadow, once we obtain Shadow’s Dark Fang, you will be able to assume the complete form of the Black Fang Silver Wolf King. After you ranked up, your injuries will also be completely healed, this will also allow me to peacefully accompany my Master on his journey.”

Scarred Blood Massacre was completely unable to understand the feelings of a sis-con.

One moment it called Master, the other moment it mentioned about going on a journey, this had completely deeply shaken the soul of Lupus the sis-con.

And as expected.

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“What Master? What journey? Chris.Terl.Fitzgerald, you better explain yourself clearly!”

Lupus was enraged!

It spent great effort to move its injured body and stared at this younger sister with a gaze filled with an excessive amount of adoration.

“I simply recognized this human as my Master? I made a bet with him, he rides my body and I lost! As simple as that.”

Hearing how Lupus called out its full name in agitation, Scarred Blood Massacre.Chris was starting to feel unhappy at the fierce tone.

However, Chris did not know that her words were a grave mistake.

(What you mean by ‘ride’ your body! You are a girl, yet you spoke of such matters so brazenly? What would your sis-con brother-in-law think when it heard that?)

Lupus’s body started to tremble.

“He, he dares to ride you, scum! A scum that uses an underage girl! No, I cannot allow you to follow that scum, or else I will go and kill that scum right now! Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

Lupus was unable to accept that the fact that its little sister was being taken away.

The injured wolf steeled its body, if Chris dares to utter a no, it would pounce at Lin Xiao Bei without hesitation.

Lupus weird behavior has frustrated Chris, it went to Lupus and questioned:

“Lupus, why is he a scum for riding me? Don’t forget, you also acknowledged that human girl that saved you to be your Master! You also allowed that girl to ride you! Don’t deny it, I saw everything!”

“I… I am only… I…”

When it heard that, Lupus was flabbergasted.

It was a simple matter of it signing a contract with the human girl, that girl has a strong potential, it wanted to use that girl to become even more powerful.

Being powerful would allow it to kill the current Blood Wolf Leader that was currently leading the Ten Great Wolf Packs and take revenge for its deceased wife.

However, this vengeance was something Chris did not know, it has been kept from her ever since she was young. Now that her wings have grown big, even more, Lupus will not let her know. Else with her bad temper and proud character, she will surely commit an irreversible mistake.

Therefore, Lupus was hesitant, its words turned unclear.

Seeing Lupus shrinking back has boosted Chris’s confidence as well.

“What? Why aren’t you saying anything? Brother-in-law, before you scold me, you should first wipe your own ass. In addition, you better stay away from my Master, or else I will do something to that girl as well! Humph!”

After she spoke, Chris silently chanted in her mind, ‘Wolfman Transformation’.

‘Poof’, smoke appeared, she turned into a young girl with a pair of lupine ears, red hair and was carrying a sword. She walked towards Lin Xiao Bei and that loathing woman.

Currently, Lin Xiao Bei was leaning against a rock and rubbing his temples, he was having an aching head.

A girl was standing beside him, it was the Rank 10 of Crab Cries Island, Zhang Meng Meng.

Zhang Meng Meng was mixed blood and was very pretty. She has an angel-like face and a devil-like body. Even though she was currently in the youthful attire of a student, it was still unable to hide the allure and charm that was emitting from her bones.

This girl was basically a walking seduction machine.


Lin Xiao Bei noticed that this girl’s mind has some bloody problems, the instant they met, she gave him a headbutt.

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That’s right, Lin Xiao Bei literally had an aching head right now.

“February 14, 2099, one minute before 6 pm we were together. Because of you, I will forever remember that minute. From now on, let us be friends, you will not be able to change this fact. Due to our past, we can still meet each other again the next time we come online.”

This was Zhang Meng Meng’s first words after she headbutted Lin Xiao Bei.

She spoke everything in English, causing Lin Xiao Bei to spend quite some time before he completely translated it.

(This bloody retard!)

That was Lin Xiao Bei’s voice in his heart.

However, out of courtesy, Lin Xiao Bei used his half-baked English to remind Zhang Meng Meng.

“Pretty girl, today is the 17th. Not, Valentine’s Day.

“@@!#@#$@#%@#!#$@!@#$@. Stop with that act, where is your gun? Give it to me!”

This was Zhang Meng Meng’s second sentence. After she finished, she kissed Lin Xiao Bei on the lips.

Lin Xiao Bei did not understand the front portion, he was only able to somewhat make out the latter part of the sentence as she spoke in Mandarin filled with a heavy English accent.

(Dammit. This is the first time we are meeting, yet she wants the ‘gun’, this chick is really havoc!)

This was Lin Xiao Bei’s, confused heart.

However, for the sake of decency, he softly added.

“Pretty girl, this does not seem to be the right time.”

However, for some unknown reason, this utterly common sentence seemed to have stirred a hornet’s nest.

Zhang Meng Meng headbutted Lin Xiao Bei’s face before showering him with kicks and punches.

[Ding. Your Little Ding Ding has received heavy assault and has lost its function, temporarily. Please seriously guard your important part, or else the damage might turn permanent.]

“F*** me, my Little Ding Ding!”

Lin Xiao Bei tightened his ass and quickly turn around and run.

As for the huffing Zhang Meng Meng, she stood at the same place while cursing Lin Xiao Bei in a language he did not understand.


(General meaning: You liar, you did not give me the gun you promised! You even stole my first kiss!)

Unfortunately, Zhang Meng Meng spoke too quickly, Lin Xiao Bei was unable to understand her.

If Lin Xiao Bei could understand her, he would certainly be surprised, Zhang Meng Meng had thought him to be another person.

Similarly, Lin Xiao Bei also did not notice the dark gaze that Wolf King Lupus was using for some unknown reason while it was looking at him.

At the same time, within the Shadow Cave, Shadow had brought its remnant forces back to its territory.

Then it saw a human figure walking out of a tunnel, it was the man how told him about Lupus’s injury.

“Shadow, have you killed Lupus?”

“No, but I have obtained the Blood Shatter Fang!”

“Then we can start your Soul Summoning Plan?”

“No, we still need Chris’s fresh blood as the medium. However, a powerful human appeared beside her!”

“Oh? Powerful human? From the looks of it, it might be that mysterious Rank One. I will deal with him however after the plan succeeds, you better remember our deal.”

The man that spoke in a sinister tone slowly walked out of the darkness.

His face turned clear as well.

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