Chapter 32 – Shadow’s Suspicions

Lin Xiao Bei and Zhang Meng Meng’s monkey business ended with Chris coming in between them.

Lin Xiao Bei was startled at the fact that the vicious Blood Wolf was actually a Loli, however, he quickly accepted it.

No matter what, a Loli is still a girl, and a girl is always better on the eyes than a beast.

The only thing that caused Lin Xiao Bei to be disappointed, was his dream of riding a mount, how could he ride a Loli?

(If Lupus were to find out that Lin Xiao Bei still harbor thoughts of riding, it’s likely that Lin Xiao Bei would not be able to leave this place)

With that, Lin Xiao Bei and Chris embarked on the journey towards Shadow Cave.

Of course, for the sake of Chris’s safety, Lupus also sent a squad of Elite Blade Silver Wolves to accompany them.


The Shadow Cave was located in the Despair Marshes of Twilight Forest.

From what Chris told him, the Despair Marshes was a strange and dark place that was covered in poisonous marshes. Most of the creatures that passed through that place would all lose their lives; Thus, it also became an area that divided Crab Cries Island in east and west region.

Anyone who wishes to pass through the Despair Marshes would need to travel through the Shadow Cave, a long and narrow dark tunnel that would lead you to the east region of Crab Cries Island.

At the moment, dark night, withered grasses, muddy trails.

Loli Chris walked in front to lead the way, she would occasionally sniff to the right or checked the left to locate the tracks left behind by the Black Fang Wolves, acting like a small adult that was proficient in jungle survival skills.

Little Loli has abilities, that was always something that was welcomed.

Just that spending the night within the Twilight Forest was indeed not a good place to be, the dark forest would sometime release the lone cries of birds.

Following behind Lin Xiao Bei was a group of glowing eyes.

The only one that could speak out to them was Chris, but she had not uttered a single word ever since leaving the territory of Lupus.

Solemn, heavy.

It had caused Lin Xiao Bei to feel uneasy.

“Little She-Wolf, why are you so quiet ever since we left your brother-in-law’s territory? What happen? Say something, I am bored.”

His heart not being able to quiet down, Lin Xiao Bei finally was unable to bear it any longer. He started his casual talk mode to ease his emotions.

“Nothing much. Master, I felt that my Brother-in-law’s worrying was very strange.”

Chris frowned.

White Silver Wolf King Lupus was unlike the tyrannical Shadow, it inherited the pride and courage of Black Fang Silver Wolf, it would absolutely not reveal a cowardly expression.

However, before she left, Chris was able to detect a distinct sense of frustration from Lupus. In addition, there was also a sense of unease and fatigue coming from it as well, making it very strange.

“Indeed, that big tail wolf did not get his injured pack members to rest and instead sent a team to follow you. It even wanted you to return with them to the territory when you located Shadow Cave. Little She-Wolf, is Shadow that powerful? To make your brother-in-law so afraid?”

Lin Xiao Bei recalled the nagging look of Lupus before they left and could not hold back his laughter, maybe the Wolf King has a mouth like an old woman?

“Master, brother-in-law is much stronger than Shadow. Rather than fearing Shadow, I felt like it was more afraid of me coming in contact with Shadow instead.”

The Loli explained.

She remembered the times when Lupus and Shadow’s relationship was amicable, during those days, Lupus would often bring her and her sister through the Shadow Cave to play in the east region.

However, ever since her sister died, Lupus and Shadow fall apart. She was also restricted from going to the Shadow Cave since then.

‘Are you suspecting that your sister’s death is related to Shadow? That was why Lupus forbids you from contacting Shadow?”

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Hearing the Loli’s explanation, Lin Xiao Bei also pondered.

Could this be some love triangle soap opera, the brothers turned into enemies for a woman? This kind of crap that would cause any scriptwriter to write it to be begging on the streets.

However, the plot might be old, the gossips could not be stopped.

Lin Xiao Bei nosy spirit instantly was ignited, he checked his cold and empty surroundings before asking.

“Little She-Wolf. Tell me, did Shadow have a crush on your sister? The incident was exposed, that was why he fought with Lupus?”

“Master, what are you talking about? Shadow is only older than me by two years, we are both brought up by my sister. Shadow respects my sister as a mother, how could it develop such feelings for my sister.”

The Loli was unhappy, this damn Master dared to tarnish her sister’s reputation.

However, Lin Xiao Bei was already in his own world and automatically filtered some of the Loli’s explanation, his imagination expanded even more.

“Mother-con! Holy s***, this African Mummy’s Boy Wolf is truly something. They raised him up yet he tried to steal away the bride, no wonder Lupus was so angry whenever Shadow’s name was brought up! What an immoral bastard!”

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“How is that possible, Shadow’s father is also the blood-related elder brother of both me and my sister. How could Shadow develop such thoughts for her!”

The Loli turned around and angrily stared at Lin Xiao Bei.

This Master, his shamelessness had reached an entirely new realm, no wonder Lupus calls him a douchebag.


The more the Loli tried to explain, the more Lin Xiao Bei’s eyes flashed.

“Wait a minute. Your information is too overpowering. Lupus married the younger sister of his stepfather, that means it married its step-aunt! Based on this logic, isn’t it natural for Shadow to have ideas for his blood-related aunt as well? Holy s***, even dramas will not dare to write it like this!”

The bloody imaginative Lin Xiao Bei felt his entire sense of reason turning upside down.

At the same time, seeing how Lin Xiao Bei did not stop his random thought and even went further with his skewed theories. The Loli could no longer remain calm, she waved a claw towards Lin Xiao Bei.

“Master, another word and I, I will have it out with you!”

“For? Let me ask you a couple more questions, tell me, what was Shadow doing when your sister died?”

“How would I know what it was doing? Eight years ago, sister failed to return after visiting our family at the Blood Wolf Tribe. Lupus told me that she contracted the Wolf Plague and died on the road, hmmm… wait a minute!”

As she spoke till here, the Loli’s eyes opened wide, she seemed to have recalled something.

“What did you remember?”

“That year, I also contracted the Wolf Plague and Lupus took care of me. Shadow was the one that accompanied my sister back to the Blood Wolf Tribe. In the end, Shadow did not even bring back my sister’s body when it returned, that was why I hated it! Can it be…”

Bingo flashed across Lin Xiao Bei’s face.

“Ah… Woo….”

An angry howl pierced through skies.

Lin Xiao Bei and the Loli both turned their heads at the same time.

The sound came for a dark cave.

At that moment, a pair of black flaming eyes opened within the cave.

It was the Black Fang Wolf King, Shadow.

It spoke in human.

“Chris, that human guessed correctly, your sister’s death was indeed closely related to me. If you want to know the truth about your sister’s death then follow me!”

After he spoke, Shadow threw a human-tall Blood Red Blade and disappeared.

“Blood Shatter Fang! It is my sister’s Blood Shatter Fang!”

“What is the Blood Shatter Fang!”

“Shadow! You beast! I will kill you!”

When the Blood Red Blade appeared, it deeply shook the heart of the Loli. She ignored Lin Xiao Bei’s question and charged into the cave after picking up the blade, Lin Xiao Bei nearly fell when he tried to grab her.

“Dammit! Is there a need to be so hurried!”

Not being able to hold that person back, Lin Xiao Bei quickly ran into the cave as well.

His surroundings instantly turned dark.

When suddenly.

Within the dark cave that he could not even see his fingers in, a pair of red eyes glowed. Closely after a second pair glowed, followed by a dozen, a hundred pairs.

“Ah… Woo…”

Along with the ear-numbing howls, Lin Xiao Bei heard a voice.

“Human, I will be stripping Chris of her Blood Massacre Scar Inheritance, you have an hour if you want to save her. Come find me and stop me! Only then will she be able to live!”

“Shadow, don’t you dare take it too far!”

As he spoke, dark flames started to appear around Lin Xiao Bei’s body, instantly brightening up the entire tunnel.

He saw Shadow in human form, he was currently carrying an unconscious Chris.

However, Lin Xiao Bei did not notice the trace of sorrow in Shadow’s eyes when he turned and left.

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