Chapter 166: 4 Million

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character had always been sitting there, watching Wu Yi Ren’s smiling face. The eyes past his glasses were anticipatory and fervent, but there was a sense of complete fear that lurked underneath them.

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At this time, seeing him push the card over, Su Ke didn’t say anything either, just stared at him.

The atmosphere became awkward at that moment.


The air-conditioning was moderate in the restaurant, but Wu Yi Ren still took out a napkin to wipe the sweat off his forehead. At this time, the waiters served the food, breaking through the air of awkwardness.

Once they left, Wu Yu Ren stood up with his coke in hand and poured him a glass before exclaiming, “Brother Su, come, let’s eat!”

After that, he arranged a pair of chopsticks in front of Su Ke. His service could be said to be impeccable.


Once Wu Yi Ren saw that Su Ke wasn’t moving, he could only continue speaking, “This, this! Brother Su, just speak up if you have any thoughts. Us brothers can talk about anything, there’s no need to beat around the bush!”

Su Ke rubbed his nose after hearing his words. He found it interesting to watch Wu Yi Ren enact a one-man show.

Only then did he finally open his mouth, “Chief Wu, I flipped through it a bit yesterday; I hope you don’t mind!”

Wu Yi Ren packed on a smile as he waved his hand, “Ha ha, why are you being such a stranger? It’s fine, it’s fine!”


“4 million!” Su Ke suddenly said.

“En?” Wu Yi Ren just picked up a dish when his hand unconsciously paused, looking at Su Ke in confusion. However, he recovered quickly, “What did you say?”

Su Ke could see that Wu Yi Ren went from a warm and gentle expression to furrowed eyebrows. Looking at the fierceness in his eyes, with the experience of being an assistant bureau chief of many years, he had let his aura become more severe.

However, his arrogance should be backed up by skill before it could really shine.

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Unfortunately, Su Ke didn’t buy his behavior as he shrugged and repeated, “4 million!”


Wu Yi Ren placed the chopstick to one side as he silently glared at Su Ke.

Su Ke just uncaringly grabbed some food, drank his coke, and then looked up at Wu Yi Ren. Don’t look at him hiding his anger; the sweat on his forehead had already betrayed him.

“Chief Wu, the diary I have is from this year. If I didn’t count wrong, it would still be at least worth 2 million, right!? 4 million to make sure that your status is stable, it’s quite worth it!”

After Su Ke finished speaking, he continued to eat.


After around 10 minutes, Su Ke was completely ignoring Wu Yi Ren, focusing on filling his stomach. Indeed, Su Ke didn’t sleep well last night; he kept thinking about how to deal with this diary.


The simplest would be to directly expose it by anonymously reporting it or handing it over to Hong Chen. This would reveal Wu Yi Ren’s corruption.

However, if he did this, besides throwing Wu Yi Ren into jail and stripping him of his position, Su Ke himself wouldn’t get very many benefits.

The diary was fairly clear. Each sum of money was dancing vividly in front of him.

His own parents worked for half of their life and were still worried about his university school fees; Su Ke wouldn’t be unmoved.

This is why he gave Wu Yi Ren that phone call.


Wu Yi Ren could clearly feel his heart pounding irregularly. His fists were clenched together tightly as he looked at the Su Ke who was eating and drinking happily.

He actually looked like a demon with moving wings.

In order to calm himself down, he took a few deep breaths.

Only then did Wu Yi Ren open his mouth and say, “Brother Su, don’t you think that what you’re doing is unreasonable!?”

“4 million is too much!”

Su Ke spoke as he picked up a napkin, wiped his mouth, then stood up.

“He he, Chief Wu, 4 million is just a courtesy. You also know your priorities. I don’t want a check nor a bank card, as it’s easy for something to happen to them. Just directly give me cash. I’ve had my fill, so I’ll head off first!”

“Brother Su, don’t be so hasty to leave!”

How could Wu Yi Ren dare let Su Ke leave just like this?

As he spoke, he wanted to go pull Su Ke’s arm.

However, it was clear to Su Ke that he had to grasp the initiative, so he bypassed Wu Yi Ren before he turned to speak.

“Chief Wu, you need to slowly consider our phone call!”

Su Ke then made a phone with his fingers before directly leaving the store, leaving Wu Yi Ren alone and dazed in the restaurant.


During the afternoon, Su Ke was somewhat absent-minded. Even though he knew that Wu Yi Ren would definitely admit defeat, if he did get this sum of money, how was he going to spend it!?

After all, if he suddenly had millions of dollar, his parents would worry about picking the money up without returning it. If they knew that he had such a huge sum, wouldn’t it provoke them?

Until school ended, Su Ke was still thinking about the perfect plan.

When he finally looked up, he realized that Wei Lan had packed her bags and left.

Su Ke finally reached the bicycle racks to find Wei Lan, “Ai! Why are you so eager to leave today?”

Wei Lan glanced at Su Ke, but directly pushed her bicycle out without saying a word.

Because of the morning incident, Su Ke was feeling apologetic towards Wei Lan.

Seeing that she treated him like air, he caught up with her and said, “What is it? Are you in a bad mood? Is your big aunt(1) here?”


Wei Lan’s gaze finally had a reaction as she glared at Su Ke before pushing her bicycle out of school.

“Wei!” Su Ke helplessly kept up and squeezed out a smile, “Before, when accompanying people to watch the moon, I called them ‘little sweet’. Now that there’s a newcomer, even Lady Niu is not called anymore. Are you ignoring people?”


After Wei Lan heard that, her face tightened, finally looking like her mood was better.

She saw that Su Ke’s gaze held an unclear bitterness as he said, “Go find your Li Fei Fei! You’re the one with a newcomer!”


After Su Ke heard this, he confirmed his guess.

As expected, it was because of this morning’s incident.

He couldn’t explain what had happened at this moment, so the only way out was to bluff his way through.

“Hai, this! I thought that it was because you saw my grades. That’s right, you still haven’t looked at the marks, Study Committee Member!” Su Ke acted silly and diverted the topic to the exam scores. As expected, this move worked.

Since Wei Lan was a member of the committee, she would often go to the teacher’s office, so there was an opportunity to look at it early.


“This concerns my reward for the bet!”

“You!” Wei Lan’s face was flushed as she glared hatefully at him.

However, her mood seemed to have improved, even her voice was a bit smug as she said, “What are you so anxious for? You’ll know the results on Monday!”

“That’s right, but I don’t know if someone would honor their promise on Monday!”

1. Slang for menstruation

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